Well… do you want to know the good news? 


Ok, well, nothing is completely confirmed at the moment, but I can’t keep quiet about it. I went to the school this afternoon and went to the Heads office. I forgot how small it actually is. Neat and tidy though, with pictures of her dog on the walls –  gorgeous thing! 

Well, she sat me down and asked me if I would like to do one and a half days every week to cover the teachers RICCT (PPA) time. (If you are not a teacher, that probably means nothing to you! This is the time that teachers have non-contact class time. Means they can prepare lessons, mark work, etc. It is the law that they have it). I will work in every class over the two days, including nursery. (Nursery scares me the most – small children are scary!!). I am having a trial for a couple of weeks to see how it goes and then I will have a contract drawn up. I cannot wait. I start on Monday next week. 

The Head said that this was her teaching time, but since the council had given them more funding they could afford another teacher to take the teaching time and allow the Head to do her work, and assist if necessary. I am going back in on Thursday to get some ideas from the other teachers about what to teach the classes for the time I am with them. Some classes I am only with for half an hour, some for an hour and a half. I am looking forward to having paperwork again – I’ve missed it! 

I have some supply days with them too, mostly P7, which is great as I really loved being in that class. So, I’m working mainly next week, which is awesome. Know what else is great? I can finally leave job-seekers! They haven’t paid me this week and their excuse? You earned too much. I was like… what?! As I had been paid at the start of the month my wages from supply work two months prior, it had put me only £42 over the threshold of jobseekers, and as such I was put down as earning £100 a week. (I know, confusing, and rubbish). Therefore some moron decided I didn’t need the money and didn’t have the decency to let me know! I phoned them up (after about six times of trying) and they told me this over the phone. I will have to sign on on Thursday, to see if I can get any money as haven’t had anything for a month! If not, I will continue signing on until I get my first pay packet from this school, and then sign off. (I will be working less than 16 hours a week, see). 

Ooh, and another good thing? If I sign off I can open my Etsy shop! I can’t wait!! 

So, yep, I’m pretty happy. Got some lovely pics of then chickens today. I took some pictures of Rose and put them in a ‘before and after’ frame. She has changed a lot in these past few weeks! 


She had a really baldy head too, but as you can see in the last picture (taken in the last hour or so) she has seriously improved. She is such a sweetheart. 

Not forgetting the other two either! Here is a pic of all three. 


Donna looking up at the camera, Rose on my knee, and then Sarah-Jane. The girls loving sitting on my knee in the evening getting stroked. These pictures are the first time the girls have actually settled down on my knee, the other times they preferred to stand up. Both of them started closing their eyes they were so peaceful. I didn’t have Donna on my knee as she usually jumps off straight away. I will try her tomorrow. 

I got my ribbons today, yay! They came about 8am this morning in a small box. There is certainly a lot there, and I hope it is enough to go round all my batts. Even if I can’t card 100g or so at once on the drum carder, maybe I could card three of the same fleece, lay them flat on one another, and then tie it up? That could work too. 

I had better go just now, really need to do some more work on my spinning stock. I haven’t really done much in the past few days, which is annoying. I need to make some more spindles too. 

Here is a photo of my sweetheart. I love my Freddy so. 


Right, better go. Have a good evening everyone, and please leave comments, I love having them! 

xXx Love kais xXx 



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