Hello, probably going to be a short blog post today. I did some dyeing and thought you might like to see some photos of how it went. 

This is the wool I decided to dye. Instead of soaking it in vinegar and water the night before, I left it to soak in warm water and vinegar for half an hour or so before I did the dyeing. 


This is Dorset Horn above. And below, this is it about to be soaked. 


Whilst this was soaking, I took the wool that had been soaking in the food colouring dye for the past week and rinsed it out. 


Not that you can tell from these pictures, the one on the left is supposed to be hot pink, but with other colours mixed in. The one on the right is red. 

I rinsed these out in warm water until the water ran clear. I then just hung them above the sink to dry whilst I worked on the other dyes. 


I think the hot pink is on the right. *SHOCK, HORROR* I can’t remember which is which… 

I then lay out some more cling film for the dyes, made them up, and then got to work. I then wrapped up the wool again. I made sure I did a mini dyeing piece to practice on to see what the original big one may look like. 


The mini one is right in the middle. That went into the microwave for two minutes, rested, and then in for one more minute until the wool looked like it had puffed up and swelled a bit. Then it got laid to the side to cool. 

I got a bit carried away doing the dyeing, but shame the colours were so similar! I tried doing them in as many different ways as I could. 


I then realised afterwards that I had some blue dylon that I had found in some stuff my brother gave us to sell on the car boot. I quickly mixed it up with some warm water and vinegar and it hissed! Bit weird, haha. I took one of the wool pieces and mixed it with some blue and reds, then microwaved it, etc, etc. With the rest of the blues, I mixed it in a large LEGO tub and simply dropped in some smaller pieces, tied up some of the other pieces, and tie-dyed knotted one of the other pieces. Sadly, none of these seemed to make a difference and it came out with a quite pale blue. It’s a nice blue, but not the deep ocean blue I was expecting. Looks like a gorgeous colour in the tub… 


Anyway, here is a photo of the finished wool roving, drying outside. 


It was quite windy outside, but amazingly only the dark ‘hot pink’ one went off the table. Surprised really! It was all still soggy when I brought it in, so I’ve hung it over the clothes horse in the kitchen with a towel to catch the drips – it is STILL dripping! It feels dryish on the outside, but soggy with the drips running down the middle of it. The first tea towel I put under there got drenched and was soaking the floor. I hope that it dries by the morning, I want to test the little ones out! 

Right, I’m off to bed now – have a great night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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