Just a short blog post tonight. 

I’ve been working at my new job for two days now and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s a bit weird working in an open plan classroom, as I’ve always been in an closed room classroom. It’s a little bit annoying when I’m trying to get quiet and other children in other classes are chattering away. Ah well. I worked through most of my lessons today, and yesterday and it went well. I have started to put up some displays, and look forward to completing them. 

I am working on some new fibres for a competition on Ravelry, in the Ashford UK group. My challenge was to spin some alpaca tops, some alpaca fleece and some camel tops. I completed the alpaca tops today and I love the yarn produced. I am very pleased with how it turned out. 


This is 100g of dyed alpaca tops. £2.02. 

I completed 50g on one bobbin last night, and the other half this evening. 


I’m pretty pleased with it, the singles are all roughly the same size, very few (if any) slubby bits. Yay! The sharp eyed among you will see that Prisoner Cell Block: H is on the laptop behind – those of you who have watched it will see it is Meg Jackson and Vera Bennett too. (I love Prisoner, just adore it!). 

I then plied the wool together on the Ashford. I think I need to screw in the flyer holder a bit tighter, it seems to be coming very loose and letting the bobbin just fall off. Irritating. I managed to finish the plying eventually, but it is tough to treadle. I would like, one day, to have a good going over the wheel, dusting and polishing it (and the lazy Kate), and perhaps tightening the screws too. 

Anyway! Here is the finished yarn. What do you think? 


So soft and squishy! 


Don’t know what to do with it though. Maybe something small, or join the wool in with other colours. I have more alpaca to spin up (think it needs washing first – pretty dusty!) so the colours might look nice together. 

I’ve also been working on fluffing and preparing some more fleece, ready for the drum-carding when I get round to doing it. This is Jacobs mix fleece. Washed fleece on left, prepped fleece in middle, right. 


Right, I’m off to bed, school again in the morning, this time doing supply for the morning in P7. Should be good. The kids are starting to know me, and this morning, half the kids were like, ‘Hiiiiii Miss Maggs!’ 

I’ll leave you with some gorgeous photos of Freddy. 


(This is what I generally see when it’s time for our bedtime! He gets shoved over eventually. Anyone else feel bad when they have to move their sleeping pets?!). 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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