Hello again,

Another very quick, short blog post, just to show I haven’t forgotten all about my blog.

Work has been going great, and I’ve been enjoying it very much. The children all know me, and I’m slowly getting to know them. (I mean, over 100 children in the school!). I’m even getting used to the nursery, and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. I love my classroom, I love the work, and dare I even say it, I love the kids too! Haha. Wonder if I will be saying that at the end of the term…?

I’ve been busy making up stuff for my stall.


Jacobs fleece, and Scottish Blackface (the white ones).

I have also had a good go at carding some alpaca fleece. This was fleece I got at Woolfest and unfortunately isn’t the greatest quality in the world, but it is still spinnable. Well, I will be very disappointed if it isn’t and will be testing it when I have time. Using my own spindles of course! Here is Freddy checking out the quality for me. 😀


Which reminds me, I now only need to get the hooks and I will be able to make up some more spindles. Ooh, and plastic bags for the kits. I’ve sold three or four more kits on eBay, so they are selling. I’m hoping people will buy them at this Woolgathering, I really do.

Anyway, going to be busy again tomorrow. Got my kool-aid dyes the other day – don’t know why I haven’t taken a photo of them yet – will do that tomorrow. Also got some mini jars from ASDA, they are so cute! This is what the dyes will be in. Again, photos tomorrow!

  • Kool-Aid dye some more wool – 50g each.
  • Prepare some more fleece – lock by lock.
  • Sort out fleeces under stairs.
  • Wash some more fleece.

Right, off to beddy byes not, going to talk to A on the phone until I fall asleep. Here’s a funny photo. Freddy took all his toys out of his toy-box, and put them in a NEAT pile on the floor! I cracked up seeing it.


Yep, that is a Halloween hand! He loves it, and I love it when he gets it out when we have visitors :p


Mmmmmm, alpaca!

Night night everyone, have a great night and a fantastic tomorrow!

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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