Hello everyone, 

Going to have a few photos in this post – I’ve been working hard to try and get stuff ready for my stall. I haven’t done as many batts as I should yet, but I have been working on other things. 

I managed to get out a couple of the fleeces underneath the stairs, and decided on the spot to wash them. I grabbed one of the ‘free’ ones I got (it was supposed to be Hebridean, but it certainly wasn’t) and spread it outside to have a good look at. 


It was a lot better than the Hebridean fleece which I was really pleased about. It seemed to be huge, and the chickens were enthralled by it. I don’t know what it is though!


Very crimpy! 


I quickly skirted off all the bad bits, and made it into good hand-sized pieces. I then ran the bath with hot water and a little bit of shampoo (the good stuff!) and left it to soak for a little while. 

This is the water I was left with after the FIRST rinse… 


Looks like manky hot chocolate! Well, I managed to get the fleece cleaned (after four rinses) and it is still hanging up over the clothes horse in the hall. I then quickly did some Jacobs today, and the other half of the fleece. The Jacobs is nice and soft, and the mystery fleece is beautiful! So soft and silky. I think it’s going to be stunning when it is finished and carded. 

Right, for my Ashford spinning I have started on camel tops – lovely! 


It is quite nice to spin with, but very itchy on bare skin! 

I have also had a bit of an experiment with more dyeing with kool-aid! I LOVE using these beautiful colours and can’t believe the UK do not have this type of thing here! Why on Earth they are not in the UK supermarkets I do not know (as it would make it so much easier for me, haha). Shocked to see them for sale in Americandy in Glasgow for £1.29 a packet! Anyway, I set everything up for the dyeing – warm soaked wool, kool-aid packets, warm water, teaspoons and mini-jars for the dyes. 


Isn’t that such a lovely sight? I got out eight of the packets and was stunned with the brightness of the colours. 


The three at the back are single shot packets, but the colours are just beautiful. My Mother and I got straight into the dyeing. 


We did the colours of the rainbow! I never imagined the beautiful way these colours would merge when the roving was opened out again. We also did this… 


And this is what has just come out of the microwave (one at a time!) and is cooling down waiting for us to rinse. 


In between this cooling down, Mum and I pressure-washed the yard. It always looks so much bigger when it has been cleaned, and we need to clean every couple of weeks due to the chickens being there. They adore their big yard/garden space, but make so much mess! They got put into their house with the door closed so we could pressure-wash the run, but when I let them out again, I let them out the door at the side, rather than opening the door at the top of the ramp (this is how they get to bed at night). I was very surprised and a little upset that when I went out at night to close the doors properly (the main run door had been shut so they couldn’t get out the run and in the garden) only Donna was in the nest box. I was panicking about where Rose and Sarah-Jane had gone, when I noticed they were both huddling underneath the nest box, in the cold, rather than going to bed. They seemed scared of something, but I don’t know what! I pulled both of them out from under the box, and put Rose beside me whilst I got out Sarah-Jane too. Rose just stood and shivered next to me. I bolted the door so Donna stayed in bed, and picked up the girls, who were both freezing! I bought them into the kitchen and sat them on my lap cuddling them them to warm them up. They loved it, and Sarah-Jane went as far as falling asleep on my lap, with her head tucked under her feathers. I eventually put them back in their nest boxes where they went straight to bed. Beautiful girls. 

Ooh, here is the finished wool dyed, just after being rinsed. 


The top colours are sort of sea colours, the next is a gorgeous rainbow colour which was interesting to do. The one on the bottom right is a very interesting one indeed. First we put some dye at the bottom of the bowl, and put the first part of the wool in it, then poured another colour on top, put the wool in, etc, and pushed it down. I thought that eventually that this would just result in a big murky mess of colour. But the effect is stunning. The colours had blended beautifully and had such bright colours in between the darker ones.

And this… 


The one on the top is a sign coloured wool, e.g. orange at top, red in middle and yellow at bottom (I know what I mean!) and the bottom one was my attempt at Hallowe’en colours. I’m very pleased with these. I also managed to quickly make another effect wool roving set, and was very pleased with the results. 

Here it is all drying. I did put it on the clothes horse, and then when I needed the space, I put it over my curtain rail. 


You can see some of the spindles at the side of the curtains… .

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with these. Can’t wait for them to dry so I can braid them and put them into bags ready to sell, all with my beautiful business cards. 

What else have I been doing? 

I have been making some more spindles today. Managed to get some wood for the supports, some toy wheels, and some little hooks. Wasn’t long before I had this lovely pile sitting on my bed… 


It took me a little while to choose my colours and paint them all. I coloured in two of each in one of the colours. They were then hung up on my curtain rail above my bed (hanging on some yarn I sort of blanket stitched onto the curtain rail) ready to dry. Also put some on Isa’s cage to dry, and on the other curtain rail. 


Tomorrow I will get them down, varnish them and put them up again. They will take ages to dry once varnished. 

Oh, a sad thing happened this week. My beautiful, beautiful Isa died. I hadn’t heard her the previous night (sometimes she doesn’t come out until after you are asleep) so the next day I opened up her cage to see her. I found her in her bed, looking like she had died in her sleep. I miss her very much and I buried her in the front garden, next to Jack, Victor and Rik. I’ll always remember the day I got her, and how special she is. Image

Anyway, I must go to bed now, I have work in the morning. Sorry for the photo heavy post! 

Good night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


I’ll see you again one day Isa Maggs. I love you xXx 


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  1. Beautiful job on the dying and roving! And your chickens sound so sweet! Were they cold because they still have bare patches on their bodies? Have you considered a heat lamp in their coop? So sorry about the loss of Isa. 😦 Losing pets is always so hard!

    • I think the coop is too small and compact to have a heat lamp in there really. I think when it comes to the much colder weather I will pack in a lot more hay for them. Thinking of also sticking a fleece lining underneath the hay too for them, just for that extra bit of warmth. (Constant washing coming up!) I do love them 😛

      • That sounds like a good plan. Mine is too small for a heat lamp too. Last Winter I covered it with a tarp (we mostly get a lot of rain, not very much snow here) and I think that helped them stay warmer also.

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