Hello everyone, 

Oooh, its been a busy week! Two weeks ago I did five full days, in three different schools. I was SHATTERED by the end of it. Last week was far better at one and a half days, and this week I have a day and a half and an interview on the Thursday. We shall see how that goes. 

Now, onto the woolly things! I have been working my backside off trying to get my fleece prepped and finished. I carded about twenty batts worth of fleece from the last fleece I had (which is a Shetland cross I think). And there is still plenty left! Don’t say you can’t get your moneys worth from a fleece, I can tell you! 

I have one more fleece to wash at the moment – a huge Herdwick. I got it out from under the stairs yesterday to have a look at and I’m glad that I had already skirted it and got out the best bits into manageable clumps. Speaking of which, the bath is free right now, I’d better just go stick it in. (This one needs an extra good wash… for some reason Freddy has peed on this one and the last one… not nice!). Be right back! 

Well, the bath is running just now, so I believe I will just be popping back and forth to check on the fleece. I will have to do perhaps a third to a half at a time, that’s all I can cope with! 


Well, that’s a strange thing… I’ve just put the first bit of the fleece into the water (just over a third) and the water has remained fairly clear… In my experience that isn’t normal, and I am pretty sure that I didn’t wash it before. The fleece is greasy and stinks, so I def. haven’t washed it before. Ah well, I’ll wait another ten minutes and then go rinse and repeat. 

What else have I been up to? 

I completed the spindles I worked on before – all painted and varnished. Beautiful! I bought some more spindle supports (dowelling) and some wheels. HobbyCraft claimed they didn’t have any more toy wheels in stock but I’m sure they were just too damn lazy to check, so had to get my parents to nip in when they were in town today. So, got another 30 wheels, so lots more spindles to do. If only I could find some hooks… The hassle I have had to find some hooks is horrendous! No hook is the correct size, and the ones I did get before are sold out. Mum bought me three packs the other day but can I find them?! Wilkinsons doesn’t stock any where I live which is so frustrating. Going to check on eBay in a little while. Maybe I can get some wholesale. 

What else? Mainly the carding and getting stock ready. I did some mixed batts, but I haven’t got them on camera and they are tucked away in bags, inside boxes ready! 

I am still waiting on my order of 1.2kg’s of Cheviot wool roving. I am getting annoyed and frustrated that it STILL hasn’t been sent yet. I ordered this on Monday night, the money HAS gone out of my PayPal, and it is now Monday night the week after. I emailed the company and they said that they had had a lot of orders to fill. I understand that and all that, but, I’m sorry, that isn’t my problem, and isn’t it lucky that I am not in THAT much of a hurry to use it. I will be using my other main supplier next time. I just hope that the status is changed to SHIPPED by tomorrow afternoon or I will be emailing again. Not happy! 

Anyway, better go now to finish the fleece! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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