Hello everyone,

Nice to have a day off, but it never feels like it! Mum and I took Nanny to the bus station as she had to go home today. ūüė¶ We had a bit of a wander round town and then successfully found our way to a little yarn shop neither of us had been in before. It was small and a little difficult to find, but cute. I didn’t see any acrylics! But I saw lots of beautiful wool, like mmmmmalibrigo! and silk, cashmere, etc. I also some some beautifully dyed fibers too. I thought it was a little bigger but it was only a small room. There was a spinning wheel on the floor and Mum challenged me to guess what the name of it was. And I did! It was a folding Ashford Joy – very pretty!

It was nice chatting to the woman who owns it as we had spoken a couple of times on Ravelry, so it’s nice to put a face to the name. She told me about the different type of dyes she is hoping to stock. It might be worth branching out into different dyes as she said dyeing with kool-aid was a very expensive way to dye! The thing is, I adore using it. It’s quick, simple, easy and I don’t need loads of bits and pieces to do it. Bit of cling film, an old plate and a microwave. Done! Hmm, we shall see. We had a nice chat there, and if I’m in that part of town again, we might pop in again.

We also went to the tip today (I know, how fun!) to get rid of the stuff cluttering up the garden. Sooo much better! Oh, and I’ve STILL not got my wool order yet! Grrrr! Still coming up as shipped (after I emailed AGAIN and complained) but still nothing. Yeah, they put my order as shipped half an hour after I emailed, even thought they couldn’t possibly have shipped it. (It was past 4pm). Need my wool soon!

What else? Oh yes, the best thing?! I got my fleece today, yes! And it is amazing. I ordered three fleeces from a farm in Dorset. The guy I emailed was very friendly, very accommodating, and very helpful. He managed to get three fleeces in the box he had sent. I have no idea how, it was very crammed and vacuum packed! There was no way I could have put the fleeces back in after checking them! Here is where I got them from –


Please have a look, I highly recommend them. The fleece was sent on Monday, and I got it today, Wednesday, early afternoon. Couldn’t believe it!

Now, I apologise for the photo-heavy post, but I couldn’t resist.

This is the first fleece РA Dorset Down Shearling (£7.50)


Every fleece had a laminated piece of A5 paper in it which said the name of the fleece, the address of the farm and a little bit about a competition.


Yep, that is a chicken having a look! The fleece is lovely and thick, but it isn’t spread out completely on the plastic. It is so clean and white (I know it doesn’t look it in the photo, but it’s honestly wonderful!) and not as much grease as others I have used.


Such a lovely crimp! The crimpiest fleece I’ve ever had!

This next one is a Poll Dorset Ewe (£5)


It’s massive! This one was quite heavy, but still just as soft as the others.


There were two different kinds of staple on this fleece. This is the thicker one, and this next on is a smaller, tighter type of curl.


This is it spread out as much as possible on the plastic.


The last fleece is an Exmoor Horn Ewe (£6)


This one was huge and took me ages to unravel out. I sort of managed, but not quite, so it still looked like a huge pile!


And the last photo of the fleece today. . .


Well, I think I had better go now. I need to make a start on a few more booties I have been making. I found a simple pattern online for the soles, and everything else of it is my own design. I do love them, and have had some very good feedback about them. I make them with Patons Smoothie (as mentioned in other posts). It’s a stunning yarn and I could do with some more. Just not quite willing to pay almost ¬£50 for the set. We shall see.

Anyway, off to go crochet. Have a great evening!

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS ( I bought the Patons Smoothie yarn almost straight after this post. I have no willpower. I sadden myself sometimes, haha).


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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