Just a quick post tonight, feeling a bit rough and could do with just sitting in bed resting, listening to ‘Filthy, Rich and Catflap’ again. 

I was at A’s the past couple of days which has been nice. We didn’t do much, but it was just nice being in each others company. I was on the computer watching ‘Paranormal Witness’ and things like that, whilst crocheting. He watched YouTube videos and played the new sensation, ‘GTA V.’ 

We sorted under his bed yesterday (well, he did, I sort of stood and watched, giving the customary not-needed advice, e.g. ‘do you really need that?’ or ‘I don’t think that quite goes there.’ I must have annoyed him eventually…) and he found a small teddy that he had given to his ex. Apparently she had hated it and told him so, which is incredibly rude. Well, I saw it and fell in love because it was such a cutie, squint nose and everything. I felt sorry for it, so decided to change it a little so A wouldn’t think of bad memories when he saw it. I crocheted her a little pink and purple jacket and took the little squishy heart from her, so she looked completely different. Such a difference! I forgot to get a photo, so as soon as A sends one I’ll put it up here. Very pleased. 

I used yarn that I had taken from a cardigan. I found it in the dog charity shop and knew I had to have it. Hand-knitted from a lovely drapey yarn. Not sure what it is, but I knew it was good quality! Here is a photo of it – mostly taken apart, and half unraveled! 



Taking a while to undo, but it’s mindless TV work, so I don’t mind. 

Umm, what else? Oh, at the same shop there was a bag of machine knitting wool, so being me, I had a good look in it. Nothing much interested me, until I got to this… 


I’m hoping very, very much that the label on one of them is correct and that it applies to them all. It says it is made up of wool and mohair. If so, this is perfect, because I want to try out dyeing some yarns on their own, rather than just the fibre first. I will sort this out into 50g pieces, as I think there is about 500g plus here. I will then stick it in some dye then next time I’m doing some dyeing. I’ve had terrible trouble trying to find some actual white or pale wool at a good price and with no acrylic in it. And now hopefully I have! 

When I got home today I had a lovely surprise. Well, I ordered some more of the Patons Smoothie, and it was delivered only yesterday. What a lovely, lovely thing to come home too! 


The dark pink and dark blue I’ve never had before, or that light, light blue. I’m was sure I ordered beige, but perhaps not. Oh well, I’m sure I have it somewhere. I won’t use much of it I imagine, but just nice to have it… just in case… 

I’ve been crocheting the baby bootie soles like mad the past few days. I got six pairs done today. Three or four on the train alone. They don’t take too long to do, so it’s been nice and relaxing. I find it’s better to do the soles on their own first, that way I’m not starting each one off from sole upwards, I can just grab a sole (sounds weird!) and get straight onto the shoe itself. Haven’t got any photos yet, but will have soon. 

Earlier on I managed to fold up all the papers I had printed off for my spindle kits. Took a little while as it wasn’t straight fold in half, then half again. 


Now I need to put the spindles in, along with their wool and leader yarn. ANNNNND I also ordered some more business cards from Vistaprint. Another 500… amazing! So, I will be able to put those in with the kits which is very helpful. 

I had a little go at washing my fleece tonight. I managed to get some small wash bags to put  it in, and I’ve left it soaking in a plastic tub in the bath. I filled a wash bag with the locks of the ‘Dorset Down Shearling’ (L) and another with the ‘Dorset Poll.’ (R) 


Not a lot of dirt came off as they still seemed so clean. I’m so lazy I may leave them into soak all night, and perhaps hang them up in the morning. 


Looking stunning already! Looking forward to sorting this out in the afternoon tomorrow. I may give it a final rinse, then squeeze and rinse, and then dry it very gently with the hair dryer to see how it looks. We shall see. 

Right, I’m off to go finish (or start!) the winding off this wool. Have a great night all. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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