Just a quick post tonight. Remember the Shetland X handspun I showed you in the previous post? I used it all up and had to spin some more! 


What do you think? I’m so pleased with it. I feel an immense sense of pride when I realise I took this from the absolute raw fleece – dirty, smelly, stinky raw fleece, washed it, dried it, carded it, and spun it. It looked super white when carded, but when knitted it sort of changed colour into a sort of beigy cream. I don’t mind really, but I love how soft it feels. I have some more wool left over so I’m not sure if I want to knit a little hat to go with it or some booties. Or maybe both? Like a little matinee set. 




(Yep, that is Miss Bliss in the background!) 

I’ve also got out my CAL blanket again, and yesterday did four rows. Not an immense amount, but each row is 196 stitches, so yeah, still more than before! Really enjoying it still. But I do wish I knew where my little notebook is with all my notes on what rows to complete next. I’m having to go back onto the writers blog to find out the next lines. 


I’ve done from the bright orange upwards, which includes the dark peachy orange and the top, but I’ve only done about half of that. It’s star stitch at the moment. I’m thinking that I would like to crochet a baby blanket using simply the star stitch. Maybe a nice whiteish blanket middle with a darker outside? All from hand spun? 

Here is the length of the blanket so far, but it is folded in half lengthways. 


I’m hoping to get it finished by Christmas. Which includes the border – eeeek! 

Right, I’m off. Off to dream about what to do next. Off to browse Ravelry for some simple patterns befitting to the last remnants of my hand spun. Off to go do a couple more rows on my blanket. Off… to have some relaxing time 🙂 

Nighty night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

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  1. Just love the blanket. Not done much with wool this week cos I have been asked to knit a vw campervan. I could only find a cushion pattern, so have had to improvise. Not looking too bad so far. Will post some pics when it’s done. Xx

  2. The baby sweater is simply gorgeous… and it looks SO soft. How amazing that you owned the whole process… I’m hoping that’ll be me someday! It’s fun to see pictures of the yarn on your spinning wheel too! And your blanket looks great! I don’t think I would have the patience for that long of rows. The star stitch looks really cool! Where did you learn it? I think a whole blanket of that would look fabulous!!! 🙂

    • Aww thank you. I did love doing it. Knowing it will one day (One day!!!) go on my own baby makes me love doing it even more.
      The blanket was a crochet a long, and you were suposed to roughly 6-8 rows a week, which broke it up quite a bit, and allowed you to do other things in between. I lagged behind, but she has written up the whole post, with photos of how to do each stitch and everything.
      Here is the link –
      Hers is beautiful. Maybe you could make a mini one? I learnt the star stitch from her too, I’d never seen it before this blanket. Any news on your spinning wheel yet? 😀

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