Hello everyone. 

What’s been happening in my little world then? Well, I’ve just been trying to keep as busy as possible these past few days. It’s been hard, super hard, but I’m trying my best. 

I managed to clean up my room as best as I could, heck, I even hoovered! Haha, you can tell I’m a fiberholic, my room looks like the floor of a shearing shed! Anyway, I tidied up the best I could and I’m loving the neatness. Contrary to what most people see, I do like a nice, neat tidy room. I will have to put some photos up of my fiber/yarn/wooly stuff stash areas. 

Whilst I was tidying up the cupboards I found a piece of clothing; one of the first items of clothing I ever made for myself. I tried it on, and it fitted quite well. A little stretched, but then again, I have put on a little (!) weight since I made it a few years ago. 


It sort of rolls up at the bottom which is super annoying. I have use a rib stitched edging, but obviously not enough. Ah well, it was my first attempt so I’m still happy with it. The one thing I did notice was that was my first time also of making stitches to make the edging on the arm and neck holes. I didn’t add them properly, but sort of stuck my needle under any bit of wool I could get it under, and knitted them off somehow. Of course, I know better now…


I bought the first wool in agges the other day. The local yarn shop was having a small sale and I picked up each ball of wool for £2 eac. I ADORE the colours. 


I really fancy making some cute baby cardigans with them, I think something with a lacy pattern would bring out the colours beautifully. 

I’ve also done some spinning on my gorgeous Bliss.


EmpressFibres hand dyed roving (Kool-Aid) in ‘Juicy Fruits.’ ( 😀 ) 50g. This was turned into… 


Again, this is me trying out fractual spinning.  The long strands are where it has been tied up, and are not part of the finished wool. 

I also had a go at spinning this – 


I called it Pretty Princess, because of the pinks and purples in it, but looking at this picture I should have named it ‘bruise!’ I don’t have a picture of it finished at the moment, but will try and add it later. 

I’d like to process some more of my own fleece and dye it with some more kool-aid. That way I could spin a lot, lot more than just 50g at a time. I mean, I have plenty of plain roving, and I could dye it with the kool-aid, but how awesome would it be if I did my own fleece, from scratch?? 😀 You never know though, I have plenty of kool-aid left over, that could be my fun thing to do tomorrow. 

Yesterday I had a go at making rolags. I have been desperate to do these for ages, and decided to have a go using the Louet Carders that I now own. I found out some of my coloured merino and had a go. 


The lighter fibres next to the carder, near the top right are dyed rovings by me. Not sure what type of roving though. The blue was dyed with Dylon, and the two pink shades are with food colouring. I started off by tearing strips off and putting them onto the carder. I then brushed down the fibre to pack it onto the brushes. 


I did this for a few more layers, and then, using the paintbrush, I rolled them off into a neat cylinder. The first rolag I did wasn’t as neat as I would have liked, but the second one was great. I then did a blue one, and it was… ok. 


I tried spinning with the first rolag, and … yeah… it’s not something I plan on doing again soon. They look great fun, and so pretty, but spinning them isn’t as fun as I thought. It’s probably because I’m more used to spinning the fibers all aligned the same way, but with rolags they are sort of the opposite way – quite a challenge for me! 

Yesterday I found some fat quarters in my cupboard also. Some really, really pretty squares of material I had forgotten I had. I measured one out, and thought about making a knitting needle cover for my bamboo double pointed needles. I am pretty sure I thought about making this at the start of the year (see very much earlier blog posts!) but nothing had been done about it. So, I thought, why not? 



I’ve managed to sew some bias binding onto it – well, some of it. It’s slow going because I’m doing it all by hand. I have got a sewing machine, but I find it a hassle to get it all out and set it up. Ah well, we shall see. I might get it out when I get fed up with sewing by hand. 

Talking of sewing, I’ve found out that I want to start learning to sew properly. It started with working on the needle case, and then looking at some beautiful quilts people have been making. Mum and I went to HobbyCraft today and I found some material there, for an advent calendar. It was £8, but reduced to £6 as the material was apparently cut incorrectly. I had a good look at it and it didn’t seem too bad. I think the material was just trimmed a little too close to the edges of the calendar, but Mum and I thought we could just put some bias binding or something over it to keep it holding together and looking nice. 

What do you think? 


The left side is the calendar and the right side are the pieces that need to be sewn up to make some cute little pockets! I think this would look awesome in time for Christmas – there’s another challenge for me to complete! 

I also bought something else I had been wanting to try for ages – a mini mosaic coaster kit! This cost £2.99 and I thought it was so cute!


It had everything needed inside. 


I thought that it would be more child friendly actually, and have the actual sized pieces for the shaping, but no! All it had were the mini squares so I had to work out how to cut them down. In the end I used a glass nail file and some sharp scissors. There were plenty of squares left over, but not enough to make the same thing again though. 


It worked up slowly, bit by bit. 


Until I was finished! 


It looks a bit of a mess, but I’m pleased with it, and it shall do very well for my cup of tea I inevitably have by my side. I had a tiny packet of grout to go with it, but I’m afraid I mixed it up too watery. The grout just did not thicken up 😦 Ah well. I put it on anyway, wiped it with a cloth, and it’s currently drying. 


It looks really bubbly 😦 I hope it works out! 

Right, I’m off now – got this to look forward to! Mum’s meringue pie – MMMMMMMMMMMMM! 


Have a great night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

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  1. You HAVE been very busy! That sweater vest is gorgeous! I can’t believe that was one of your first knitted items. I love the lace pattern. I also ADORE how the colors spun up from that tri-colored roving you died. I’ve got to try that! I’m excited to see how the “pretty bruised princess” turns out. I’m guessing the yarn will look much “prettier”. 😉 And I’m also excited to see how your own fleece dyeing turns out! What’s the benefit of using a rolag instead of roving? It sounds like you didn’t find much benefit… but what do others say about it? Sewing… hmmm, I bet you’d be great at it! I had a go at learning to sew this year, but I quickly got tired of pricking my fingers and ironing my hands… too dangerous for me. I had my seamstress sister make me one of those knitting needles cases, and I LOVE IT. 😉 But that advent calendar almost makes me want to try sewing myself again… so cute! And speaking of cute, that little coaster is adorable! I bet my kids would like to try making those. Enjoy that meringue pie… it looks fabulous!!!

    • Aww thank you 😀 Rolags seem to be very popular, and they are often small, which means people can spin them little and often. They can be blended on a board, a proper blending board, and people can use so many different fibers and stuff in them. People use them to create a ‘woolen yarn’ which I think means an airy, fluffyish type one? I think this is because the fibers are spun sideways… and not just straight, as you and I do them on a spindle. They do look pretty (when done properly!) but I have to say I didn’t enjoy spinning them. Maybe if I had done a proper sized one, then perhaps, but I’m not quite prepared to spend £110 odd on a blending board. Ah well, maybe if I try it again in a few months I may change my mind!
      Sewing, I’m not great, haha, my stuff generally turns out squint and awful! My brother, now, he is the designer. Younger than I am and just stunning. His sewn pieces are amazing, and so imaginative. ‘Franz Fashion Fascinations’ if you wanted to see. His speciality is corsets and tea dresses. I’m jealous! Haha.
      I need to finish my lesson planning before I can do some fun stuff today 😦 Work always gets in the way, haha). Have a great day and thanks for commenting 😀
      PS ( I did enjoy it, nom nom!)

  2. Everything looks really good. The knit still looks fab on you and I love the wool and the yarn as well. I’ve always wanted to try doing a little mosaic but have never seen one I guess I should try looking in the craft shops…mind you I have so much on the go at the moment maybe not. The calendar looks nice. I’ve always wanted to do one but just never got around to it. The thing is I’m so forgetful I’d never remember to put the different days up. I should keep it in mind for the grandkids one of these years. The pie of course looks delicious, my husband’s favourite!

    • Oh thank you 🙂 I bought the mosaic kit from Hobbycraft, which is think is the equivalent to HobbyLobby? If so, you may find them in there. I doubt very much I will get the calendar started, let alone finished, but we can all dream, haha. I’m bad for forgetting too. I have an advent calendar every year, and every December I usually eat all the chocolates in one go on Christmas Day! Thanks for your comment 😀

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