Hello again, just a quick blog post whilst I have some time. Thought you might like to see how my cot blanket is getting on. 

I think last time you saw it, it was two repeats long. I’ve just started on my fourth one, and am still loving it! It was easy to calculate the amount of stitches in it too, which turn out to be 6400 stitches! 


I think the pattern said something like 12 repeats, but I’m not sure if that will suit the needle size I’m working with. I don’t want one looong rectangular blanket. I think I will just play it by sight, but the way it is going, I think I am aiming for nine repeats, with the seed stitch border. I’m still pondering over whether to add a border to it or not. 

I still plan on blocking it when I have finished. Probably in the front room or something which isn’t used too often at the moment. I’ve been using normal dressmaker pins to block things (which isn’t often!) but I’ve seen t-shaped pins which look pretty good too. Anyone else used those before? Are they better than normal pins? 

What else? Not a lot craft wise unfortunately. I really want to get onto dyeing these silk hankies but I just have no time at all. Knitting this blanket is the only thing I seem to grab a spare few minutes to do. Good thing it’s in a fairly chunky yarn which means it knits up quickly. 

Well, I’ve been working on the displays in my classroom, and I’ve been super late in putting them up. I just seem to constantly have things to do, and displays were the least of my worries. Well, this week I’ve decided to put up some new ones. 

Here is an example of what you can do with acrostics poems. 


The children (lower KS1) wrote acrostics poems using the word ‘home.’ They then wrote this on a house template, and decorated it. I thought it would make a lovely display to show their houses in a street. This isn’t the best display in the world, but I’m super pleased with it. I’m working on a ‘plants’ display as well. Unfortunately, standing back from it, I can see that it’s pretty squint, which hopefully won’t annoy me too much! I’ll try and get a quick photo of it as soon as possible. I need to draw and cut out a giant flower, and label all the insides of it. I can’t find any decent plant label cards online, except ones with very simple vocabulary, which is not what I need. No matter, I’ll just go onto Microsoft Word and type them out myself. It’s just the laminating that takes so long unfortunately. 

Oh, I was looking in my cupboard for something yesterday and found some items I bought a while ago, but never blogged about! Does anyone know what these are? 


These are Russian Support Spindles and I have wanted to try them in soooo long! I think you can tell which one is my favourite! I enjoy spinning with them, but they are a lot more difficult and more time consuming than a normal drop spindle. They are a lot longer than I thought too, I thought they were just small things, maybe a little longer than six inches? These are about ten inches longer I would say. I got these in a big box stuffed with the most amazing fibres – cashmere and silk mix, merino and silk mix, dehaired camel, llama, adult mohair, oh, some lovely things! I spun the llama up a few weeks ago. I did a post on it too. 

Anyway, I ‘spose I’d better get going. Not very sleepy at the moment, would much rather do something crafty, but I’m afraid my eyes won’t let me! (That will teach me to not try and do everything in one day. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I do, there always seems to be so much more waiting. I’ve even taken home two lots of A4 jotters and another classes worksheets to try and mark, but it’s never ending). That’s what being a teachers all about! 


Right, have a great night everyone, I’m off to snuggle up to my sweetheart – If he moves up that is! ❤ 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


6 thoughts on “

  1. The blanket really suits that yarn! Those Russian support spindles look lovely, I’ve always wanted to try one! I like the one on the right – it looks like one of those honey dipper things (if you know what I mean!)

  2. Your blanket is coming along very nicely! I’ve used t-pins before for blocking, and they seemed to work pretty well to keep the yarn in place… although I’m very lazy and impatient and hardly ever block if I can help it. 😉 And that home display is so sweet. I love looking at kids creative work. They have so much less inhibition about art and writing than adults do. Those Russian spindles are gorgeous! What is the advantage to working with them? Is it easier to spin finer fibers since they are less likely to drop and break the yarn?

    • Thank you 😀 I think the blanket is now at a stage that it will feel like I’m working on it constantly to feel like it’s not changed an inch! But I shall persevere as it’s a very satisfying project. I don’t block that often either, but I’ve seen some wonderful ‘before and after’ photos of blocking which have slowly started to convince me of the benefits. I’ll have to have a look out for the t-pins.
      Oh, I know, I adore kids art work. Even if they don’t try their best their work always looks great 😀 I’m so looking forward to making Christmas decorations and arty stuff with them.
      Hmm, I wouldn’t say there was much of an advantage using these! I spose’ one is that you don’t need to have a drop for it, and can spin on the table, or in your lap, thus making it easier to travel with. It’s just very slow going, and you do need a lot of practice to get the hang of it. That said, I do enjoy it occasionally, but I don’t think it will beat my other spindles. I find it hard to keep the fiber on the spindle as there isn’t a hook or anything to hold the fiber in place.You need to keep flicking it round with your fingers to keep the momentum going. It’s worth a try if you ever go somewhere where people are using them. Looking forward to seeing what else is happening with your spinning and wheel! 😀

    • Thanks, I’m really enjoying working with it. I hope to get some of it done tonight, but whether that happens remains to be seen.
      The work never stopsssss! Seems like half the day has been spent laminating and cutting out things for displays, urgh! Good thing I love my job, haha. Thanks for commenting 😀

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