Hello everyone. What a day it has been today! 

I was working in the charity shop again this week, like I do when I’m not working or anything. It wasn’t fantastic for knitting stuff this time, although they did have a few things come in. A couple of folders of knitting patterns for babies, toys and children were there, and I did have a quick flick through, but only a couple of patterns caught my eye. I think you can see why … 


Soooo cute! I really like the look of the cardigan in the bottom right hand corner. I have quite a few of these old grey and silver Patons patterns. But the dress is also so dainty too! Hmm, decisions, decisions! Someone else came in with a big bag of knitting needles too. They were all bright, colourful plastic ones, which would have been PERFECT when I had been teaching my class how to knit a few years ago. But no matter. I didn’t buy any. I personally do not like knitting with plastic needles. Much prefer metal, but my bamboo ones for double pointed needles. How about you? 

I also bought some nice, new clothes too. I will rifle through the racks when I’m there (I am there for three hours) just to see what there is. Here is what I found. . . 


Black leggings with buttons at the ankles, never had any like this before, so it looks nice. These might go well with my gorgeous black shoes! (Oh dear, I mentioned shoes again….) A dark orange top with sort of ruffles on the front with loose shoulder sleeves. This will go perfect for school. A grey top with a sort of cut out back with beading across. And a pink, lace knit jumper which looks like it’s from the eighties! I LOVE it. I haven’t described these very well, but they fit and look better than I’ve described them. (I am terrible for describing things. You should hear me tell jokes…. urgh!) 

Annnnd the best thing? I found this!!! 


Look at the price on it!! £109.90!!! But, no, I didn’t pay anywhere near that, haha. I’ve checked it over and it looks perfectly fine. It even had a set of brand new film with it too. I’ve no idea of the date of the film, but I imagine it is well out of date. However, I was overjoyed to see that there was still film in the camera, which allowed me to have a little go on it. When I finished at the shop, we went over to my Dads shop and he was the first to have a go at trying it out. This is the photo we got… 


Obviously a very different photo to what we would get from a digital camera, but I like it. It’s looks very eighties! This is Mum and I in my Dads shop, holding up a paper supporting the YES! campaign. 


I’m overjoyed to get this, I really am, thought I imagine it will be a struggle to get some films for it. I shall just buy some cheap ones I find online to see what happens. Here is a photo of Freddy that I have just taken. 


Must go now, will edit this or create new post later. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. I remember my parents owning a poleroid camera and the instant film. You actually do get a decent photo out of it. I imagine your’s is pink because it’s out of date film but it does give it an arty look. Glad you scored on the clothes as well. There is nothing like finding a buy that you love in a thrift shop. My favourites are pinwheel crystal and tupperware.

    • Oh, I love this camera, and I do like the way the photos came out. I’m hoping with the full clean pack of photo papers that the colouring will be better. I’m watching some on eBay atm, so if I get hold of them I’ll be able to try out some more photos.
      Charity shops are AWESOME! Got so many clothes from them, knitting stuff, books, magazines, etc. You cannot beat thrift shopping!

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