Hello everyone. What a busy day it has been! I managed to get all my work done (I hope) lesson planning wise. I still need to get lots done for displays and what nots too. Talking of displays, here is the start of my ‘Plants’ one. 


I know, I know, not very impressive! And it’s dreadfully squint too, you can tell by the table at the bottom! Bit annoyed, but it took me long enough to put it up there so I’m not moving it again. I also ran out of yellow wavy border so had to make do with plain yellow at the bottom. I have printed out some labels to label a plant (which I still need to make!!) and some pictures showing how a bean seed develops. I want to see if I can get hold of some sycamore seeds and do a mini tree, with the sycamore seeds scattered by it. We shall see. 

I’ve done a little bit more on the blanket, but only about ten rows so not worth putting up another picture I think. I also started making a little bag. I saw my handspun singles wool and thought yeah, why not? No pattern I’m following, just making up the pattern as I go along. I want it to be predominantly grey/silver Corriedale, with brown and white striped across it. It feels lovely so far, and I’ve been using something like 7mm needles. I think! I cast on 60 sts, knitted and purled about four rows, and then joined it in the round. It’s knitting up pretty quickly and I can see that I am going to need some more wool very soon. Oh no, ANOTHER trip to ‘World Of Wool.’ *tries to hide excitement!!* 

Mum and I went to Hobbycraft today and we picked up a number of things to try out. There were quite a few sales on but I only bought a few things. There were some stunning cross stitch kits; one was a bear cartoon type one which was gorgeous, but the one I really liked was The Last Supper. The threads were so bulky there were that many! It was only £10, but I just couldn’t justify buying it as I knew it would never get done. So beautiful though, and will give someone a great project! I did pick up some mini cross stitch kits though! 


Thought I might do these when I have a spare few minutes and can put them onto Christmas cards. So pretty! 

I have seen the following kits a few times when I have been in HobbyCraft. They were £2 each, and today I felt like trying something new, so got some. These are all a doll kit, but each has different hair/clothes, etc. 


My Mum and I completed the little kit on the bottom right. Don’t tell the others, but I think shes the cutest! We got quite a bit in the kit, everything we needed really, except a thin needle for sewing on the buttons and eyes. 


So, I started on the body and Mum started on the clothes. 


I really enjoyed sewing this up. Simple and easy, but still challenging. I like trying out new things. 


Here is the finished dolly… 


Isn’t she dainty?? And here she is with her new clothes on. 


I think she is so pretty. She now sits on the shelf of the fireplace in my room, looking at everything. Can’t wait to make her friends to join her. She isn’t perfect but I’m happy with what she looks like. 

Here is how Fred was lying on the sofa as we worked. No-one else was allowed on! 


Comfy, huh? 😀 

Right, I better get going to bed then I think! Off shopping again tomorrow, somewhere else this time. Let’s see if I get more than ONE Christmas present, grrr! 

Night night everyone, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. Your plant display is very sweet… I’m sure your kids won’t notice the imperfections. 😉 And those dolls are adorable! I wonder if I could knit something similar… I’m a big fan of simple faces in dolls… leaves more for the imagination.

    • I’m sure you could knit the dolls, they are very basic shapes. Yeah, these literally just have some eyes and that’s it! I completed another one the other night and still need to sew on all the buttons and eyes. I thought these were excellent kits at only £2 each. I might buy some more and trace round the pieces to make my own, both in felt and material.
      Aww thank you, I quite like making the displays, but they do take a heck of a time to do! 😀

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