Hello everyone, been quite a while since I last posted but never mind. Been a busy few weeks here really, with school and Christmas, etc. I have however found a few (!) odd moments to do some more crafty things in! Mostly to do with wool of course.

As you saw from a few posts back, I had knitted, or was knitting, a baby blanket. I eventually cast off, thinking there was more on the needles than there appeared to be when I cast off. I followed the pattern exactly, but I think it is a little small. However, it shall do nicely for a small cot blanket, so I’m not too fussed. Here it is pre-blocking.


And here it is ready to be blocked. Well… blocking actually.


Bit annoyed that it didn’t block as well as I’d hoped. I know it’s mostly acrylic, but there is some wool in there too. Oh well. The edges are a bit wonky but no matter.

I also had a go at spinning some of my dyed silk hankies.


I couldn’t find my large drop spindle that I normally use so I used one I had made myself. Only problem with it is that it doesn’t hold as much spinning as I would like. I spun the silk up fairly slowly, and it seemed a bit of a chore to be honest. I didn’t enjoy spinning it as much as I usually do.


I then plied them both together using the Andean ply technique. Took aggggges!


Sorry for the poor photo quality, but here is the finished silk skein. I need to weigh it and measure the length.


This is what Freddy was like the other night. He couldn’t get enough fuss! The poor dog was pretty sick last night. With almost no warning he just threw up on my bed. Not nice. So, I got up out of bed (urgh), took the covers off, got him outside and got a drink, and went back to bed. He lay on the bottom of the bed just quietly. He later cuddled up to much and this time gave a few seconds before throwing up again. So, repeat. Blankets off, water and outside, new blankets and towels. Back to bed. Uh no… TWICE more. I’m sure a lot of people would wonder why I didn’t put him in the kitchen, but I’d far rather clean up the mess in here than leave him alone in the kitchen. He got a bit shaky and upset afterwards so I got him back on the bed on an old blanket and instead of going back to the top of the bed like I usually do, I bought my pillows to the side of the bed and lay down next to him. I think he appreciated it. 🙂 He slept soundly until the morning anyway. I hate it when my sweetheart isn’t well. But he seems ok now 🙂 ❤

Now, I’ve managed to get in quite a bit of spinning! I managed to spin up six batts of Dorset Horn and I’m quite pleased with it. It felt slightly greasy once spun up, so maybe I need to give the fluff a bit more of a thorough wash. But regardless, it’s still perfectly find to work with. Here are the two bobbins, ready to ply together.


One filled bobbin ready to remove the wool from. I had to take the wool off this bobbin three or four times! I ended up with almost 500g of spun DK wool by the end. I was very, very pleased. I could do with some more bobbins, but I managed ok with the three I have. I’m not too sure what I plan on doing with this wool. Maybe making a few squares with it to start off an heirloom blanket? We shall see. Something will jump out at me one day!


Remember the big pile of magazines and patterns I received the other day? Here is one of the patterns I chose to do. As it is garter stitch I thought it would be a quick and easy knit.


I got quite far on the first night!


And here is the finished garment. I sewed it up yesterday, but added on the neck edge, buttons, and sewed in all the ends this evening. I’m really pleased with it. Will try it out on one of the Smoby dolls later as it’s far too big for Baby Doll. I thought it was smaller like it looked in the photo, but this seems pretty huge! I actually knitted most of one sleeve in the dark, on a car ride the other night. I thought, why not get some knitting done whilst sitting doing nothing in the car??


I have a good few other photos to show actually, and some more to write, but I am afraid that will be a job for another day. It’s getting pretty late now, so I should start thinking about going to sleeeeeeeep!

Have a great night everyone,

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. Good to hear from you! Your blanket looks great! So does your silk (love the color) and wool spinning. Do you prefer spinning silk on a drop spindle? And that baby sweater!!! So darling! I’m so glad Freddie got better quickly… poor puppy. My lab always used to get into things she shouldn’t and have bouts of vomiting… they will eat anything!

    • Yeah, it’s been a while since I last posted! I’m glad you liked the blanket and sweater, I’m working on another one as well with only the sleeves left. It’s the one I’ve been timing myself on. (4 and a half hours to do the back and two fronts!).
      Yes, Freddy is much better now, I’m so glad! He slept well last night so he probably ate just far too fast. I always panic when it comes to Freddy being sick because that was how I knew our other Labrador was seriously ill. Poor Ben had swallowed something and it pierced his stomach and by the time he had it operated it was too late. I miss him every day. That’s why I’m so, so involved with Freddy, if you know what I mean?
      Anyway, on a lighter note, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! x

  2. The baby blanket looks wonderful, I really do like that pattern and the yarn you used. I hear you on blocking acrylic but usually blocking is better than no blocking. You could try lightly steaming it but be careful because the steam can make the yarn limp and flat if you use too much. Probably better to leave it come to think of it.

    The silk looks good but I really like the Dorset it looks yummy and should knit up really nicely. It reminds me of the Polwarth I spun and knit into a cowl, nicest thing I’ve knit for myself in a while and so simple. The baby jacket is lovely as well. Hope Freddy is feeling better, you have a lot of love and patience when dealing with him.

    • Thank you for commenting! Yeah, I remember steaming a baby top I made once and I must have got it too near the stitches because it squashed them flat. Was very disappointed. Blocking is such a chore, but it is far better than not blocking for most items, you’re right.

      I’ve never tried the Polwarth before. A lot of people have mentioned how nice it is. Maybe I should try and grab myself some to try it out. You know, I’ve never knit a cowl before! I think that will have to be something I try in the New Year. I’m glad you liked the baby jacket, I can’t wait for it to go on a real baby one day!
      Yes, Freddy is much, much better now, poor thing. I treat him like my own child, I just love him so much. x

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