Merry Christmas everyone!  Only eight more hours until it’s Christmas Day here. Who else has been tracking Santas journey online? I use the same web link every year and it’s great fun tracking him. As I type, he is heading towards the Phi Phi Islands, in Thailand. Check this out…

Click on ‘Track Santa.’ You get to watch him go over Google maps and dropping presents off. Currently he has delivered over one and a half BILLION. Kids will love this link.

I went to Glasgow on Wednesday last week to see my brothers. They had already put up their Christmas Tree. I was over the moon to see the awesome ‘fairy’ they had put on the top of the tree.


It’s the knitted Gandalf my Nanny knitted for them a while ago! I love it, and it makes me smile so much when I see this picture. I think next year I shall make one for our tree. I like the look of the Alan Dart knitted advent set too, so I might treat myself and purchase a copy.

Talking of Christmas decorations, my Mum and I decided to make some. I had quite fancied having a go at sequin art ever since I saw a kit in a shop. I managed to get hold of some sequin pins from the town, and sequins and polystyrene balls from HobbyCraft. (I’m a menace when it comes to that shop. I shouldn’t be allowed in!)


There is a faint line that goes right round the ball, which is fortunate as I would have found it very difficult to get around the ball neatly. I chose a nice bright green and just started pinning the sequins around it.


As you can see, I stuck a load of the pin in the top of the ball as it was far easier than picking them up out of the tub all the time. Any marks left were covered by sequins later on. I simply did my bauble in rounds that got smaller the nearer they got to the top. I used a LOT of pins!


Here is the finished bauble! I’m very pleased with it. I’ve simply put it onto the tree and it sits in among the branches, but if I’d wanted to put a ribbon on it, I would have folded a small piece of ribbon and pinned it on with the sequins at the top. That way it would have been hidden underneath, and only the hanging bit would be showing.


Here is the version my Mum did. We both agreed it took far, far longer than we thought! She used the larger sequins in a large mix of colours. I used the medium sized sequins.


I haven’t done too much more knitting lately, except for a mini present, but I can’t show you that just yet! I’ve completed the back and two fronts of the cardigan below. I adore the wool I’m using. Merino superwash. Soooo soft and easy to knit with. Altogether, it’s taken about four and a half hours to knit. I wonder how long the sleeves will take? I’m using my favourite red metal needles. You can tell they are well used as the tips have turned silver from over use!


I had a look through my craft cupboards the other day and pulled out a few kits I should really get a start on. I started this one a long, long time ago. I bought it from a car boot sale. I thought that all the wool was there, but I think a couple of the mini skeins are missing. It doesn’t matter as I’ll be able to pick them up when I go to a wool shop again. This kit is a tapestry replica of the sort of design Mary Queen of Scots did when she was imprisoned. I love the history behind it.


The above picture is the kit when I first took it up again the other night.

The below picture is what I have managed to add to it in a night or two. I did quite a bit last night, and a fair bit this morning too.


I had a lot of ear ache last night due to the right one being very blocked. I’m trying out the ear wax removal drops, but it must be pretty blocked as the drops don’t even seem to be going down! I also lay on a hot water bottle hoping that would sooth it too. It’s not hurting as much now, but I am a bit deaf in my right ear and my left one has been twinging a bit too. Tell you what, I am ALWAYS ill or having something wrong with me when the Dr’s are closed! Grrr! I sort of propped myself up with loads of pillows with the hot water bottle and concentrated on doing the tapestry. It certainly makes me lose all sense of time. Before I knew it, it was midnight.

I bought this kit at a car boot sale too. I had this exact same kit when I was younger, but I have no clue as to what’s happened to it. However, this one was in mint condition and all the wool is there. Cost £4 for a £30 odd kit! Haven’t started this one yet, but I plan on doing so soon! Again, another historical one. This is of Elizabeth 1st. I love the haughty look on her face and the bright colours in her jewels.


My Mum picked up this kit for me and her at a charity shop. It’s a huuuuuuge latch hook kit of the popcorn bear! It’s a rug when it is finished. Again, I’m not too sure if it is all there or not, but it’s worth a try! Thinking about it, I’m not too sure where my latch hooks are… I think I should probably order a few online, that way I’ll always have some handy!


I’m also thinking about trying out some more sewing in the new year. I found these sample fabric squares downstairs, which I think will make a very nice patchwork quilt. Only a small one, but it will be nice practice. I will have to attempt to use the sewing machine again!


Talking of sewing, I bought a metre of teddy bear fur fabric from HobbyCraft too. I bought some old patterns from a charity shop the other day, and there was a teddy bear pattern in it. I also saw some woman making one on the telly and I wanted to try it out too. Perhaps tonight Mum and I shall pin out the teddy bear pieces and cut them out, ready to be made up.

When I get rid of the sofa in my room, I plan on having a large table in my room. It would be great to have my sewing machine all set up and ready to use, as well as my drum carder. I have so many plans for this room!

Anyway, I’m off to go do a bit more of this tapestry and have a cup of tea. And try not to get too excited for tomorrow 😀

Oh, if anyone is interested, Santa is now at Zhangye, China, and has delivered 1.6 billion presents.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. Love the Gandalf tree topper and the sequins balls! Sorry about you earache! I’ve been having some ear issues this year too, and even some debilitating vertigo from fluid in my inner ear. No fun. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas!

    • Thanks! Urgh, ear ache sucks. Sick of it. Last time I had it I was partially deaf for a few weeks. Not nice. I hope that your ear problems sort themselves out soon, I can imagine how horrible that is.
      I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Sorry I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas, I’m not even sure I had the computer on. Anyway hope you had a good one and I’ll wish you a Happy New Year now while I think of it. Love the little sequin ball and amazed at how much you got done in one night with the needlepoint kit.

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