This weather isn’t too good over here is it! Power cut early this morning, high winds, pouring rain. Going to get worse I’ve heard. Thankfully we don’t have any flooding here, but the weather is getting worse. Hopefully it should start to calm down soon.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing lots of crafty things, as usual! My parents and I took a boxing day trip to the local city, and of course, no shopping trip is complete without a trip to HobbyCraft! (We had to go there first of all anyway because a kit I had bought from there brand new, had already been STARTED! I know right, it looked like it had never been opened, but all the contents were open inside the box and the sewing had already started. I couldn’t believe it. We took it back and got it exchanged no bother). Whilst there we took a look at the sewing machines, and out we came with this one below…


It was a good price, and we got with it, a free sewing machine bag, worth £30 on its own. It’s a nice red one, with polka dots. I don’t know why I haven’t got a photo actually.

Here it is all out the box, shiny and new…


Mum and I got it all set up and started on the first bits of the teddy bear. The ears!


Mum managed to do the ear straight away, but me? The first time I tried it I got the teddy bear fluff caught in the bobbin bit at the bottom! Took agges to undo! My second attempt was far better.


Mum let me do the rest of the teddy bits after that, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. Not perfect, but not bad for a first attempt. The soles and paws and nose and snout were the hardest bits. Urgh, doing this tiny circle of a nose was hard! But I managed.

Here are the pieces all sewn together.

1. The Head


2. The body and leg.


3. All the teddy waiting to be sewn up.


It took me a good while to get this far, and my work station was so messy. I don’t know how many times I knocked over the tub of pins at my side.


I’m determined to get Teddy finished by this evening.

Below are some photos of the crafty things I got for Christmas. I love each one!


Some really good knitting and crochet books. ‘The Expectant Knitter’ one I’ve wanted for ages. Really cute baby patterns in there. The ‘Cute Little Gifts to Crochet’ has an awesome Reindeer amigurumi! The ‘Crochet at Play’ book has some beautiful tops in there I am determined to try out very soon. And the ‘Funky Knits’ book is a simple knitting book which I think will help me immensely if I teach knitting at schools again.


The little packet on the left is twelve stamped cross stitch patterns for a quilt. No threads provided, which means I can choose the colours myself! (There are suggestions for colours in the packet). With my new sewing machine, once completed, I can get some nice matching fabric and creating a small cot blanket.

The middle kit is another stamped cross stitch pattern, for a huge cot blanket. I think this is stunning. It’s pretty large which means it will take me a while to do. I love the Noahs Ark theme on it, and the wonderful bright colours. When I finally have a baby of my own, this is going in their cot first. 🙂 What do you think of the colours of the latch hook kit on the right? I adore them. The bird is just so, so, so pretty. I really need to start on my latch hook kits, I have plenty to do! I have one left over from last Christmas I have not done yet. I am going to be a busy, busy girl this upcoming year.

I think I had best be going now. I am unsure of whether I’ll be doing a blog post tonight. Depends if I get Teddy finished or not! Hope everyone has a great day.

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. The teddy bear looks awesome you’re doing a great job on it. Those type of patterns are so fiddly. The sewing machine is great and the rest of your gifts fabulous as well. It’s nice to get crafty gifts for Christmas.

    • Oh thankyou! I managed to finish him today, so you will soon see a finished picture 😀 It was sooo fidddly, I don’t know how people do it for a living, haha. I am determined to be able to sew fairly well by the end of the new year. Hope you got some nice things for Christmas too! 🙂

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