This is just a short blog post today. As many of you know, I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I’ve been busy trying it out.

What I’ve admired for a good long time is quilts. Hand made quilts. The time and effort put into these stunning quilts is phenomenal. I’ve wanted to make one for ages, but lacked the confidence to ‘just get on and do it.’ Since I had such a great time making the teddies, I thought I would challenge myself further.

There is a stunning tutorial online that I read through in great detail. It has a wonderful step by step guide with explicit guidelines on how to do each part of the quilting process. You can find it here –

I found a thick wad of cotton rectangles that we had bought in Blackpool this year. It was Β£1 for the whole lot and there must have been about 50/60 rectangles in it. It was one of those fabric books, you know, where you flick through the colours and choose which ones you want your curtains/upholstery, etc to be in. I loved the bright colours in it.


I cut out lots and lots of 6″ squares, I wanted the rectangle to fit 4, 4″ squares, but sadly it wouldn’t. I changed it to make them one big 6″ square instead. I made 40 squares. I then laid them out on the floor to check how I wanted the colours to go.


I tried to get the colours going diagonally, if you can see that in the picture? A diagonal line of blue, then reed, then green, etc. It looks like a mixed up colour quilt, with just a teeny bit of co-ordination.

Fred liked it very much!


He kept looking at me, but every time I pointed the camera at him, he turned his head away deliberately. Every time. Naughty boy! Haha. I think it’s his stamp of approval every time he lies on my projects. Does anyone else let their pets do this? I know, I know, I’m too soft!

I then painstakingly pinned all the squares together.


It’s shrunk quite a bit, huh! I had pinned some squares the wrong way before, but only about three, so that was easily fixed. Now, I had to sew it all up! I sewed it with about a 1/4 ” seam allowance, maybe a little less. I followed the little line on my machine, so it was all the same size. It didn’t take me much time at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I had put the pins too close to the top of the material when pinning it for the first time, which meant I had to stop and move the pins down in order to put it through the machine. But I will learn!

I made sure I sewed each strip up carefully, and then sewed one strip to another, long ways.


After sewing up the first couple of rows it got a bit more difficult due to the weight and size. I folded the blanket up on itself and pinned it together to make it easier. It worked.

The back of the sewing looked like this…


Looks like dozens of very flat, tiny boxes. But all the seams were roughly the same length so I was pleased. Wanna see the end result??


Theres a few threads poking through, but that’s fine, they are easily dealt with. It’s also very crumpled, so perhaps I should iron it before I got any further? I’ve decided that instead of making this any bigger, I’m going to leave it this size. I am going to put some wadding at the back and then cover it with a white sheet. My Mum suggested that once all that is sewn on, that I sew diagonally both ways across the quilt, making a simple, but effective pattern. I love the idea, but I think I will create a small padded square to try that out on first! This is going to be a soft baby play mat!

I’m really proud of myself for making this, and I didn’t realise it was so damn easy! Sewing machines used to mystify me and I couldn’t imagine how people seem to use them with such ease. The only thing with quilting is that you need to be slow and accurate with it. But I enjoy it. I am hoping to get the backing done today if I can find an appropriate sheet.

Has anyone else done something this year which changed their attitudes towards something? A new craft perhaps?

I’ll have my last blog post up tomorrow for this year, eeek! Have a great day everyone.

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (Only 25 weeks and 3 days until Woolfest!)


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  1. I also thoroughly enjoyed making my first quilt! Playing with colours is such fun. I do advice that you press the top before you do any quilting because you don’t want to risk creating puckers. Those seam allowances should lay flat. Ideally you press each seam flat after you have sewn it. It depends a bit on what kind of wadding you’re using with how little quilting you can get away. Some waddings need more than others. Good luck on finishing your quilt!

    • Awww thank you! Lol, he has my bed and covers, he doesn’t need a quilt of his own! Glad you like my quilt! Will put pics of finished quilt on this blog when I can. πŸ˜€

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