Well, I can hardly believe it, but I have had a blog for almost a full year. 94 blog posts over 12 months. I’m amazed at the fact I’ve kept going with it, and I haven’t given up. Often, I’ll log on just to read over what I’ve done through the year, just to see what I’ve actually achieved. I used to write diaries a long time ago, but I’d fallen out of that habit when I started University. Having this blog has been amazing and I’ve met some awesome people through it. This last blog post for the year will just be looking at what I’ve achieved through the year and the sort of things I have done.

Thanks for looking, and have a very, very Happy New Year!

Things I have achieved.

  • I can spin
  • I have two spinning wheels
  • I have a drum carder
  • I had a stall selling woollen wares
  • I can create silk hankies
  • I can prep straight from a raw fleece
  • I’ve made lots of baby items
  • I’ve had people asking me for advice for their spinning/knitting/carding/crocheting, etc
  • I’ve taught my crafts in schools.
  • I have a teaching job
  • I have some rescue animals
  • I can now quilt
  • I have a TEFL certificate
  • I can dye using a variety of dyes
  • And lots, lots more!

Things I would like to try/ achieve in 2014.

  • Learn long draw
  • Dye using proper dyes
  • Learn entrelac
  • Crochet a baby garment
  • Knit another pair of socks
  • Get as many of my kits done as possible
  • Finish CAL blanket
  • Do something with Tunisian crochet
  • Sew up my dpn holder
  • Sew the Christmas advent calendar
  • Create my own knitting pattern
  • Make some felt kits
  • Get lots of more sheep fleece prepped
  • Do the following patterns –

Patterns for 2014

These are from the pattern books I received. The socks I will be making LOADS of!

The following photos are sorted into examples from each month and show things that I have been proud of or learnt. Thank you for looking. xXx












June 1

June 2


July 1

July 2


August 1

August 2




October 1

October 2




December 1

December 2


xXx Love Kais xXx


6 thoughts on “

  1. Wow! What a great year in review post! You should be very proud of yourself and all your accomplishments, and I for one am very grateful for your blog and all the things I’ve learned from you! I’m trying to learn to long draw right now too… I’m finding it a bit tricky, but very fun, and I think I’m going to love the results… so light and soft and airy!

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I started this post the other night with all the photo collages, haha. I’m glad my blog has helped you and others, I really am. I thought at first it would just be a little private thing where I blog now and again but I’m amazed that I’ve managed to keep it up all the way to 94 posts!
      Long draw is pretty tricky. I need to properly sit down and work at it with a few YouTube videos going. Good luck with everything for 2014 and Happy New Year, keep up the great blog!

  2. You are an inspiration. Very best wishes for 2014 and achieving all your new goals.I hope to use some of my stash to knit for our local charity shop and finally get round to spinning some yak. Meanwhile it’s Hogmanay in the Highlands!

    • Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say! 😀 Oooh, yak fibre looks very interesting to spin. Never tried it though. Tried camel before, I found it fairly nice to spin, but very rough and scratchy once all finished; a bit like sack cloth. I don’t knit for our charity shops, but I do help out in our local dog rescue shop.
      I wish you the very, very best wishes for 2014 and hope it is a fantastic year for you!
      I’m just at the borders of Scotland, so Hogmanay here too! 😀

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