Happy New Year everyone!

I finished my quilt! That’s a great way to start off a new year. I’m not too sure how long and wide it is as I haven’t measured it, but it’s a good size for putting over your lap. I’m also thinking it would make a great baby changing mat, or play mat. It’s pretty thick and heavy. I had a bit of a problem with the binding due to the fact that the bias binding I wanted was not wide enough. One inch binding was not thick enough due to the thickness of the wadding. I found some in HobbyCraft a little bit later, but at £2.50 for a couple of metres I wasn’t going to get it. (There is a shop in Glasgow that was selling the SAME product for 20p a pack! I think I’m going to buy soooo much when I’m next there!)In the end I decided that I had JUST enough material around the edges for me to simply fold the edges over the blanket to make a nice edging. And it would suit it perfectly.

Want to see some photos?


I pinned it all around the edges. This was a little bit difficult in places where there was not a lot of material to work with. I even tried sewing it roughly to hold the edges in place, but pins worked just as well. Lots and LOTS of pins. (Talking of pins, I was supposed to get some delivered yesterday, but of course they didn’t arrive).


Here is the back of the quilt. I’m pleased with the squares on the back, they look like a proper quilt should!

And of course, the finished quilt.


(Please excuse the shocking mess in the back of the photo – we are clearing out lots and lots!) The little flowers on the edge of the binding on the back of the blanket is the pattern that was on the white material. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it off. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s a lot better than I thought. I think it would have been quite nice if all the borders had been like that!  (The darkish patch on the middle blue square is where my naughty Freddy jumped up on it after he had been outside in the wet!)


I love the look of it folded up! So thick and warm and comfy!


And the last picture for now. Overall, I’m very, very pleased. For a first quilting project this went amazingly well, and I’m already searching places where I can get nice material from. I just have one major problem though. What happens when I make so many quilts?? And teddies?? Where do I put them all….??

I’m hoping to get a nice new set of box shelves when I’ve sorted my room out.


They are in B and Q, and have a lovely set of coloured material drawers to put in each block. Pink and red and blue and green and yellow and orange and lots of lovely colour. A little expensive, but I’m sure it will be more than worth it. I just think of all the lovely things I can put it them. Sewing material in one, needles and notions in another, WIP’s in another…. so many possibilities!

I have so many things that I have to do in my room. It needs cleared out and I fancy changing my room around completely. I think it could do with a repainting too. I would love to have a wonderful craft room. All of my craft things, and all of my Mums craft items too. She does papercraft and I work with wool. We both like the sewing side of crafts such as cross stitch. (Mums cross stitching is out of this world. I will have to find her Egyptian cross stitch picture).

Anyway, I’m going to go get a cup of tea and watch a few more episodes of ‘Tales of the Unexpected.’ Ever seen it? Wowww…

Have a great night everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (Only 25 weeks and 1 day until Woolfest!)



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  1. I really like how your quilt turned out. It looks great and you did an excellent job on it. I make my own binding out of a complimentary fabric. For straight edges I don’t bother cutting on the bias for the binding just cut across the width of the fabric and sew the strips together so they are joined with an angled seam. I find that cutting out a 2 1/2 ” seam usually gives plenty to fold the binding in half, attach it and then fold it to the back of the quilt to sew in place. There are plenty of youtube videos that will show how. Kind of hard to explain in a quick paragraph but thought to let you know that the 2 1/2″ works well. If the binding needed to be used on a quilt that had curvy edges then I would cut bias strips.

    • I was so happy with this quilt! Thank you for your kind comments. I think I understand what you mean and that is a great idea. The binding will match the quilt perfectly if I do it your way. I am just needing to learn how to sew in a straight line now so my bias doesn’t go all wonky when I sew it on, haha.

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