Urgh,  been so long since I posted. About eleven days or so I’m guessing. I’ve just been so unbelievably tired. Some of you will know I’m a teacher, and that I got my first teaching job several months ago. I love this job, I really do, but boy, am I tired. 

I feel like I do nothing but work. I get to school early, and once I’ve got a cup of tea, I don’t get up from the computer until the bell rings. I work through break, lunch and for about an hour  or more after school. Then I come home and get some more work done. I know that I only work over three days, but wow, it’s exhausting. I’m finding it difficult to get a work:life balance. All the time I’m not working I keep thinking that I’ve got more stuff I could be doing. I have to go over everything several times to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything. And then again. And then again. I panic that I’ve forgotten something. That maybe that won’t work. That I won’t have time to do that. That they won’t get the work finished in time, and I have to take time out of another lesson to get it finished, therefore not leaving time to get their next weeks work done. My head feels like there is a riot going on most of the time. I’m working tomorrow and have not long finished printing off everything that they need for tomorrow. A lot. My filing still needs done. I need to buy some more folders, and some more poly pockets, and then some more stuff for art – pasta, split pins and numerous other little things. 

I’ve got to also get some bicarbonate of soda, some vinegar and red food colouring. To make a volcano. That MIGHT be a fun project to do on a Saturday afternoon when A is here, but we shall see. 

I’ve been going home knackered every evening, sitting in bed doing some more work, and then just not being in the mood for anything else. I have done practically nothing I enjoy for the past few weeks. For example, the following photo is EVERYthing I have knitted in the past two and a half weeks. (Bar a very, very simple wash cloth I gave to a friend). 


Pitiful really 😦 I’ve done no spinning, no crochet, no sewing or anything. I’d love to do some more sewing, but lack of material and time. Oh, I made a dog blanket just before I started back at school. 

Freddy loves it. 


Some old fleece I had in the cupboard, along with some orange blanket type material. He adores it, and even pulls it out of his toy box for when he wants to lie down on the floor in the evenings. 🙂 

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m going to do now. My eyes are aching and I’m feeling like I want nothing more than a cup of tea, a hot water bottle and something good to watch on the telly. (It’s only 7pm 😦 ) I might watch Benidorm again. It was the new series and absolutely hilarious. Anyone else watch that? New episode on tonight, yay! 

Hope everyone has a good evening. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. Love that you are a teacher that cares that much. Hate that you aren’t getting creativity time and winding down time. Hopefully things settle down soon for you but I have to say I am so totally jealous. I so want to learn how to knit but don’t have anyone that can teach me!

    • Not getting creative time sucks. I think I’m sorted for this week though, so that’s good! I’ve actually spent today doing stuff I enjoy and I feel so relaxed. Oh, YouTube videos are AMAZING for learning how to knit, I learnt so much from them. Give them a go, I’d love to see how you get on 🙂

      • Okay so I’m a dork! Didn’t even think about going to youtube lol. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve got so much yarn from when i was crocheting all the time that i need to put to use somehow!

  2. I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been so busy at work, I’ve had very little energy to do the crafty things I really enjoy. I hate it! Your socks are cute, though, and Freddy’s blanket… especially with Freddy on it!

  3. Sorry you are so tired, sounds like you are a caring teacher and the kids are lucky to have you. Love the little socks and the blanket you made Freddy is great. I love the fact that he is smart enough to get it out of his toy box and lie down on it. Our cat wouldn’t have anything to do with stuff like that so I find it cool that Freddy enjoys what’s given him. Take care of yourself and try not to do everything, get some rest and kickback time as well.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Relaxing is sooo hard right now, my mind is constantly thinking that I need to be doing something. I’m working full time practically until the next holiday.
      Freddy is such a sweetheart, he loves that blanket!
      Thanks for commenting, have a great day! x

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