Hello everyone 🙂

This is my hundredth post!!!

Quite a photo heavy post today, but I like looking at other peoples photos, so don’t think anyone would be fussed with me putting loads up! I finished a few things off, and did some more spinning, and just had a relaxing craft time.

First things first – spinning. I used the braid that I was given as part of my Christmas Ashford Spinners Swap. It’s a beautiful Falklands handpainted 100g top, in what I think are very summery happy colours. I love the slight vinegary smell it has showing it has been hand dyed.


I started spinning this as fractual spinning. I tore it in half and spun that on one bobbin. I then split the other half into three pieces. I haven’t started spinning that up yet, but that will be on another bobbin. I can’t wait to spin it altogether.


I’m not too sure what to make with this, I never am. I also spun up some Jacobs fleece – fleece I had prepared myself from a fleece purchased raw at Woolfest. (Not long until Woolfest, less than eighteen weeks!!!)


I’m getting far too lazy when it comes to my skeining. I need to get this wound up properly and the other green wool I spun last week. But this is lovely and soft and warm. Again, no clue what to make with it!

Ok… now onto the knitting and crochet!

I finished the little grey cardigan made from superwash merino and another little cardigan made from recycled alpaca mix yarn. Both were super quick knits. Well… I timed the grey one, and although it seemed to be made quickly it took about 6+ hours! I bought some buttons for both of them yesterday and I think they match pretty well. What do you think?



Please excuse the poor photos, the lighting is not very good in here at the best of times. I love these both, and they are both newborn sizes.

I thought I would get out all the baby stuff that I have knitted in the past few years. I can remember doing each and everyone of these items 😀


14 sweaters and cardigans. 😀 Only the two at the front are crocheted. I’m so pleased with each and everyone of them. One day my future children will be wearing these clothes and I cannot wait for the day I can see these being worn.


One falling leaves baby blanket.


Here are four pairs of baby socks, but I have got more somewhere. I can’t get enough of these! Knitted with Patons Smoothie 100% acrylic yarn. I cannot recommend this enough.


Little diaper/nappy cover!


A variety of wash clothes. Last time I checked in the bathroom there were six more hand knitted ones in there! Yes, you can see the ends peeking out from under the cloths – I hate sewing them in!


And here is the finished pile. I feel a huge sense of pride and a happy feeling inside when I see this. It’s a little hard to think that this was all just a pile of yarn and I’ve used my skills to create something small and useable. I love knitting little cardigans, but from looking at this pile, perhaps I should try something else?? I’m thinking trousers or pants. And a few hats, and of course more socks! And some booties… and mittens… and… and… and… I have quite a few more items on my Smoby dolls too. I have been through Ravelry and queued quite a lot of items that took my fancy. Here are a few links of items I’m considering making.





I love the look of the last one but in a different yarn.

I’ve realised that the last lot of wool and yarn I bought was all the way back in November I think. I just have not bought any for a long time. I changed that today by finding a different colour of Patons Smoothie that I didn’t know existed. It’s a dark brown colour and I’ve never seen it before or it would have been in my last order of Smoothie yarn. It was from the LYS in Carlisle and cost only £2 as it was on sale. It was £2.75 not on sale and I was a bit sad to find they only had two colours of Smoothie anyway, otherwise I would have bought it from them in future and not online.


It’s not the greatest colour in the world, but it’s useful and will look lovely in knitted and crocheted items 😀 Surrounding this lovely yarn is some faux fur that I found at the local market. It is a material stall and had lots of different fabrics. These large offcuts were in a basket for a quick sale. I just loved these fabrics. One is a long pile grey one which feels amazing, and the other three are short pile ones which I just know will make gorgeous teddies! I cannot wait for the summer holidays 😀

This weekend me and A were together and we had an amazing time. I can’t wait to see him again. Anyway, I have work in the morning so I had better start finishing off. I’m going to refill my hot water bottle, get a drink and settle back in bed to snuggle with Freddy and watch some rubbish telly.

Nighty night everyone,

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. Those wee socks are lovely. I’m counting down to Woolfest and trying so hard not to add to my stash of yarn or tops til then. Know where I can buy/borrow willpower? x

  2. What an incredible pile of love and goodness you have there Kais, you’re going to make a wonderful mom some day. Love the spun yarns both of them; I love the colours from the braid but I also like the jacob as well.
    I love photos so don’t stop posting them and make sure you take a lot of pictures at Woolfest. I’ve never been to a fibre festival so I have to get my fix by seeing yours.

    • Thank you 😀 That really made me smile. I can’t wait to have kids 😀
      Oh, this year I will be taking many, many pictures at Woolfest, I loved it so much last year. I am going to get there early to buy the fleeces I need and then take the rest of the time to relax and have a good wander round. It will be a very photo heavy post 😀 I hope you get to go to a few fibre festivals one day.

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