Hello everyone!!

I’ve been busy at school this past week so it’s been lovely having a couple of days off. Got a few photos off my displays which I thought you might like to see.


Rainbow handprints! They basically cut out handprints and coloured them in rainbow colours. They then had to put these into order. They did really well. The sunset picture is one I did to show them how to do a sunset picture. (Not very good, but they got the idea and theirs were beautiful).


I LOVE this picture 😀 Whenever the kids draw me something I always put it on this wall, behind my desk. Some of these are from Christmas, as you can tell from the left hand side, but some of them are from last week. There are a couple of unicorns and a Commonwealth ticket 😀 Haha, I love kids imaginations.

I had a sudden urge to do a bit of work on my crochet a long blanket so settled down in the morning with the two boys. Well, when they had finally settled down and stopped trying to eat each others faces I got quite a bit done.


Lots and lots and lots of these!!! 😦 Instead of threading the needle one strand at a time, I threaded ten at a time, then sewed them in, and then another ten. I found it went a lot quicker than doing it one at a time.


However, this was ‘helped’ by Alfie, falling asleep like this . . .


Whereas my sweetheart Freddy lay on the floor patiently with his teddy.


I thought it would be nice to go into town today and look into the local wool shop. I was desperate for some more Merino Superwash I had made those little cardigans into previously, but the prices were a bit too steep for me to justify paying them. Bit upset but I found something else to cheer me up 😀


The six at the bottom are a 45% acrylic, 55% cotton mix, and I think the colours are gorgeous! The three are the back are a mix of cashmere, silk and merino. Gorgeous!! AND on sale at only £2 each. I already have patterns picked out for the bottom yarn, but not too sure of what to do with the top stuff.

Green and blue – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-coffee-bean-cardigan

Grey – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kanoko-pants

We are currently in the process of changing my room around. The large green sofa is being given to the charity furniture shop and I am having the chinchillas in my room. I need to buy Evie a new cage and myself some ear plugs! They are so noisy at night time!!  I am also going to have a table in my room, which I can’t wait for. It will be awesome to have a desk to work at, instead of lying on my bed to do work. My room looks a disgusting tip at the moment, but that will change soon!

When changing my room around I found the cross stitch Egyptian Queen my Mum had done a while ago. Isn’t it beautiful?


I love the beading and tassels. 😀

Anyway, better go to bed now, got plenty of work to do from home tomorrow. Lesson planning never ends! Hope everyone has a good night.

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. Your idea for sewing in ten ends is brilliant – will give it a try next time that tedious task comes round. Love the rainbow hands too.

  2. I love the handprints they look just like the roving I dyed, all rainbow colours. You can crochet in the tails as you go, it’s what I do but I guess it depends on what the stitch is as to how noticable the tails look. Make the loop of the new colour and then attach it to the first stitch of the last row. Take the tails and lay it/them on top of the last row and as you crochet the next stitch make sure that you keep the tail inbetween the old stitch and the yarn as you’re making the new stitch. If you go to Google and type in “Crocheting in yarn tails”, hit the images link and you’ll see a picture of what I’m talking about. Basically you’re surrounding the tail/tails with the new yarn. This works well if you’re crocheting every stitch but if you’re doing a type of stitch where you skip a few holes then the tail becomes more noticable and for those I usually use the needle and weave the tail in.

    Hope this makes sense, it’s very easy to do. I’m not sure how many years I crocheted before it occurred to me to use this trick.

    Love the blanket, it looks quite colourful and good score on the yarn.

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