Hello again,

Not been too much happening here to be honest. I’ve worked every day for the last two weeks which has been really good. Some only half days but still, I love it. I was observed today during an art lesson and it went really, really well. Well, I think it went well. I kept in mind the points I had to work on from my last observation and I think I covered them all. I had a younger class and we all made Easter cards πŸ˜€ They had an egg on the front which you had to carefully cut to look like it had cracked. Inside was a chick and their notes to whomever they were giving it to. Some were amazing! Some were…. interesting! Such as… ‘To such and such, Happy Easter, see you on the xBox!’ I love working in a school πŸ˜€

Hmm, A was down here last weekend which was nice. We watched Hells Kitchen and a film called ‘The Amityville Mental Asylum’ or something to that effect. Utter nonsense and drivel. That should teach me not to choose such rubbish to watch. Or not…. Mum and I went to see some friends after we dropped A off at the station. The daughter was telling me about the exercise programme she had been doing called the ’30 Day Squat Challenge.’ Mum and I immediately decided to take part, and we are both on the 70 squats at the moment. I’ve been doing the same number of stomach crunches too. Let’s see how this goes!

She has some rats, don’t look at this picture if you are squeamish! (Please ignore how terrible I look in this photo!!!)



I can’t remember the rats name but she was so sweet and friendly πŸ˜€ I adore rats.

Craft wise I’ve not done too much. I’ve done another couple of inches on my CAL blanket, and am loving the bright colours. It’s at the size now where no matter how much you seem to do to it, it never gets any bigger! I could do with measuring it. I’ve added some sides to my star quilt.


I wasn’t too sure about the browns but I think they go together quite well. I’ve stopped there with it, and put on a brown patterned back, with the wadding from a quilt. The backing is very tight on two of the edges and doesn’t look too good. That’s rushing it for you :/ When I get back into it it might be a bit easier. I can see it with fresh eyes instead of late at night.


I got a nice quilting book from Mum the other week and in it they had a bit on scrappy squares. I found the coloured cotton squares I had tucked away after the cotton square quilt and decided to use those. It took quite a bit of time making it up, and then agggges quilting it up. I wanted to use plastic thread for it but the sewing machine was just not having it. It would sew a few stitches then jam up. I changed it to white thread and voila! Working normal again.


I quite like it, but I don’t think it’s something I will continue to do. Takes a very, very long time. I did three altogether.


Can you guess what I made out of this little lot? Don’t laugh when you see…


Pants! I saw this amazing tutorial about making your own pants and I thought, I want to try that!


You had to cut apart one of your own pairs to get the pattern, and then I used the elastic from them to complete mine. (I have no stretch lace elastic  😦 ). I couldn’t believe how BIG the pieces of material were! Honestly, whatever size you are when they are complete is nothing compared to what you are when the material is laid out flat! I haven’t got a picture of the finished pants yet, but I am very pleased with them. Apart from the one leg elastic, every single bit was hand sewn, which I’m proud of. You won’t catch me doing that again though! It took far too long and was very messy, haha. When I sewed it on the machine I was really pleased with it. And the best thing? They looked like proper underwear! Haha.

I’ve done a bit of spinning too. I found some luxury fibres in the cupboard so thought I would have a go spinning them.


I’ve spun up the bottom left which I think is camel and silk, and I’ve done half of the camel on the bottom right. Gotta say, I didn’t actually like spinning it that much… I prefer sheeps wool to this. I love the feel of the luxury stuff, but I found drafting this quite a bit harder. Can’t wait until I can get some sheeps wool to spin.

I bought some seeds from eBay on the weekend. I bought some cotton seeds! I got some lovely looking basil seeds free which was very nice of the seller.


Tonight I planted them. I think I planted 24 cotton seeds and a pinch of the basil seeds. I’m going to leave them on my windowsill as it has good sunlight there during the day. Also, cotton seeds don’t need too much water which is good for me because I tend to forget!


Right, I’d better go now. I’m shattered and I’ve got work again tomorrow. Nighty night everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx


Hello, it’s been a while!

Been pretty busy the last few weeks as you can imagine with school, etc. But anyway, on with the post!

What do you think of this beautiful butterfly?


This cheeky chap was in my bedroom when I came home the other day. He crawled across my school books, and onto the laptop. I managed to pick him up and take this beautiful close up photo. You can see the powder on his wings and the vibrant colours, and every single tiny hair. Just makes me smile. I’m tempted to get a big version of this and pin it up in my classroom.

A couple of weeks ago Mother and I went to the SECC Creative Stitches and HobbyCraft show in Glasgow! πŸ˜€ It was soooooooooo much fun. We were there from about 11am ish, and didn’t leave until well after 3pm. It was huge! I was a teeny bit disappointed that there was only one stall on spinning, but it’s not a massive ‘thing’ over here so I’m not really surprised. There was loads of fabric stalls, cross stitching stalls and lots and lots of wool! I remember a lot of the same stalls from last year and a lot of the same faces too. In the HobbyCraft section of the show was lots of fabric and more card-making stalls. And some interesting bits and pieces in between.

What we found amazing was the whole of the knitted and crocheted displays. These were just stunning. I took so many photos but I’m not able to put them all up here. Our favourite was the Craftwell Village.

Craftwell Village

Aren’t all of these so sweet!

These three below are some of my particular favourites.


I’m sure you can see why. There were also displays on seasons, and other things, e.g. dragons, fantasy creatures, withces and wizards, etc.


The Autumn scene looks so beautiful!

This one is another favourite of mine. A completely knitted Mother and Child. Idyllic.

Mother and Baby

You can see a mini leprechaun behind the chair :p Quite apt for St Patricks Day today!

I bought a few things at the craft show and Mum bought some bits and pieces for my birthday. (I’m 24 next week!)

What else has been happening then?


Chickens are doing fine, cheeky and naughty as usual! We have given them some extra space, but for some reason they escape even more! The amount of times I have to go hunting for them in the garden. (Especially Donna, the one on the right!)

I’m sure you’re wanting to know how the puppy is doing!! Freddy and him are getting on very, very well now, if Freddy being a little whingy when Alfie gets too bitey, but you can’t blame him for that really. He is getting naughty however (Freddy) for trying to jump on my lap whenever Alfie tries to bite him! Very naughty when I’m sewing or holding a cup of tea!


Oh, I had such a drama with Freddy last week! I came home at lunch time (just a quick visit to let them out before I went back to work) and he started choking and couldn’t breathe. He sounded like he was being sick, but even worse than normal. He looked pretty distressed and I was hysterical. He stopped after a minute of me trying to calm him down, but everytime he seemed to ‘get back to normal’ he started this choking again. I phoned the vets frantically saying that my dog is choking, what do I do?! They told me to get him to the vets straight away, but thankfully when I got there he had stopped coughing mostly. They gave him a good check over and found out that he had a bit of a throat infection which had caused him to have the hideous choking sounds. He also had a rather uncomfortable temperature check (!) and an injection, as well as being given antibiotics to take home. He has been fine since. One cough the day after and that’s it. He didn’t half scare me though I can tell you. I was panicking. I was on my own too so I had to shove Alfie back in his cage and leave him to take Freddy out. I ended up missing the rest of school but they were very understanding about it and I will make up the time a bit later on.


I made a LEGO house whilst at my brothers and A made a LEGO heart to put on top πŸ˜€ How sweet!

I love these carders on the right. Mum picked them up from a car boot sale for Β£2. Β£2!!! They are a bit rusty but absolutely fine apart from that. Someone on Ravelry suggested cleaning them with very fine wire wool, and then waste fleece and that should clean them up a bit. I never see anything to do with spinning when out and about and this month I have seen or heard of three pairs of carders! One pair that I have, one very old, very poor condition set in the ‘The Barras’ Β in Glasgow, and one in the auction. Anyone ever been to the Barras? Very… interesting place, let’s put it that way. Not somewhere I would go on my own, that’s for sure…

I’ve been working on my quilt a little, and put a large border around the wavy lines. The colours don’t quite match but I like them.


The photo on the left shows what I got from the stitch show. Apart from the mini blue bolt one. A bought me that when we went to HobbyCraft a month or so ago. That’s what I used to border the zig zag blanket.

I saw someone online had made a fabulous star quilt. I really wanted to have a go at making one too, so I cut some squares out of old pillow cases I had found in a charity shop. I think it makes quite a pleasing design! I’m not sure what fabric the blue is, but it seems to go fairly well, and I love the green corners matching the brightest star points. Now I need to figure out what to put around the rest of it. Same with the other quilt. I will use the three co-ordinating fabrics in the left picture to make another quilt too, but I’m not too sure yet what it will be like. I do love the look of square quilts, but maybe I should be a little more adventurous…?

The Cath Kidston look alike fabrics at the bottom of the left are made up of lots of little squares. I’m thinking about just sticking them onto some wadding and a backing fabric and simply stitching around each square to make them puff out a little. We shall see! I’m not too have them until my birthday anyway so I have to wait, haha. I ADORE the chicken fabric! Noooooo idea what to make with this though! I also bought a rotary cutter which I sliced my left index finger with almost straight away. Ouchies! Mum bought me a couple of quilting books from the car boot too which I’m going to look at in a minute with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Mmm.

What has everyone else been up?

Anyway, I’d better go just now. It’s almost half past eight and I fancy getting into bed with those books and a cuddle up with Freddy.

xXx Love Kais xXx