Hello everyone.

So, what’s been happening? I’ve got some crochet done, a teeny bit more spinning, lots more lovely dyeing and some shopping!

I’ll start with the dyeing first.

In my previous post I showed you that I had been dyeing some Wensleydale X locks. I washed another load of them in the big tubs and it took a good while for them to dry due to the cool weather outside. (Leaving them outside all night probably wasn’t a good idea either… )


I decided that I wanted to have another go dyeing since I have most of the fleece left in the shed anyway and colouring a few of the locks won’t hurt. I haven’t that much of an experience with dyes other than kool-aid, so I’m learning all the time. I wanted some nice deep, bold colours with the first batch of dyes and then I was going to dye more locks in the dye that was left, just topping it with a bit more water if needed.

I am so thrilled with the beautiful colours.


I wanted to make an nice orange and a deep blue. Again, I only used minimal amounts of dyes, but a touch more than last time. I wanted another green too, and I realised towards the end of my dyeing, that I hadn’t actually dyed any yellows!


I LOVE the colour of this green! I was very, very surprised by the colour of the locks when they came out however…


A lovely summery yellow in the water, but almost neon when they came out! What was even weirder however, is when I put the second lot of locks in the water, they were dark green!


Just a few of the locks I dyed. The yellow ones at the bottom look kinda yucky now, but I’m sure when they are dry and fluffy they will look fine.

I’ve been doing some more crochet on those little baby booties. I bought the pattern a few days ago and didn’t I have problems with it! I think I was just not reading the instructions properly and rushing ahead, which I’m very prone to doing. I managed it in the end but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I will try again using some thinner yarn which isn’t fluffy.


I made a little baby all in one diaper cover which was a very quick crochet. The first time I tried it, it was tiny! I undid it and then went up from a 5mm to a 6.5mm. It did not make too much difference and the final result was still so small. It wouldn’t fit a normal size baby, but a premature one. I loved making it though, but would just love one that is bigger. Maybe I will have to adapt the pattern for that.


I helped out in the charity shop again yesterday. The first thing I saw when I went in there was a doll. Ok, ok, I like my dolls, what can I say? I have a few but five are in the cupboard and only two are out… purely because there is no room in the cupboard! Well, I made a beeline for this doll and I couldn’t believe the weight when I picked it up. It was heavy, and the head rolled, just like a real baby.


It smelled gorgeous, a bit like the cabbage patch doll heads. Sweet smelling, like babies. I looked at the back of the doll and was thrilled by what I saw –


It was one of the dolls that they give out in social education classes in schools! You know, the kind they give to girls to teach them what it is like to have a real baby for a week. It cries whenever it needs attention, feeding, burped, changed, etc. I had to have it – I always wanted to try one! It didn’t have a charger but I had an adapter at home that fitted.

When I looked at the instructions for it online, it looked like I couldn’t try it without a controller. I was disappointed but had a go at charging it anyway. I found more instructions online which stated that it could be used if it was charged and a pin inserted into the reset button within thirty seconds of the charge being taken off. It chimed six times, and the baby cooed. It said not to place the baby on its tummy or it would cry. So, to see what it was like, I placed it on its tummy. BIG MISTAKE. The crying was horrendous. Is that really how loud they are?? Just wow. So, I have this baby screaming the place down, the dogs are scratching at me wondering what it is and I’m holding the doll. What do you do to placate a crying baby? You rock it. So, I was rocking it and it started to calm down. I stopped and the crying restarted. I rocked it again until it stopped and held it for a few minutes. I’m glad I only charged it for a few minutes because it wasn’t able to cry after that…. phew!


Here she is with some new clothes 😀 Her name is now Abigail.

Last things… I got my hair trimmed. Mind you, you couldn’t really tell. Here is it after a slight trimming, with a bit on the right left to show you how long it was before.


Anyway, got to go, picking A up from the station. I’m going to be later, grrr!!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello everyone,

It’s been a fairly busy morning this morning. I had a whole list of things to do in my head and I’ve achieved most of them.

  • Hang the washing out
  • Washing up
  • Clean out the chickens (incl. disinfecting the yard)
  • Sort out Wensleydale fleece
  • Try out some dyed fleece
  • A little bit of spinning done
  • Carding the dried fleece
  • Crochet booties from the pattern I bought last night

I got the big bag of Wensleydale X out of the shed again and had another look at it. I let the chickens have a wander round the garden when I was doing it.


I took out 4-6 clumps of fleece, carefully separating the locks so they wouldn’t mix up. I then painstakingly separated each lock on its own and placed it in a little pile. I filled up two large tubs with hot, hot water and shampoo and submerged each pile. They took two shampoo washes and a single rinse wash.

After I had rinsed away the water I gave each clump a teeny squeeze and again, took each clump out and placed it very carefully, lock by lock, on the sweater racks I had bought a couple of months ago. I finally got to use them!


I also took some of the fleece that I had worked on last night and dyed it. I bought a dye kit from ColourCraft at Woolfest this year and still hadn’t tried it. Today was the day! I’d never used dyes on the stove before either so that was new too. I used Scarlet and Aquamarine. I didn’t use the stated dye dose on the label, but only used a few dye crystals of each. I more wanted to see how it worked than anything. I used an old camping saucepan, filled it with hot water, dyed crystals and then heated it to a low simmer for fifteen, twenty minutes. Then I rinsed them and took them outside to dry in the sun. I then repeated it for the blue.


I like the way they are darker at the tips. The white locks are there because they did not fit on the other rack. The other half of the dried locks were upstairs so I decided to do something with them. I combed them out lock by lock until they were white masses of fluffy clouds.


That whole bundle there is about 20-22g.

I used a simple black comb to tease out the tangles. It worked for a good long while until the bristles went soft on it.


Very fluffy!


Here is one lock fully opened out. You can still see the crimpy parts.

Here is the process, from start to finish –


Here is a photo of some yarn spun from it. I’m pleased with its softness and think that it would make a lovely lace shawl. This yarn is a simple spun, 2ply yarn.

WP_20140916_015 (2)

Apart from the little bit of fleece spun into the yarn, the entire batch of that big fluff cloud has fitted into this teeny tiny bag!

I had a very long night last night. I don’t think that I went to bed until about 2am. I just couldn’t sleep. I didn’t fancy doing any knitting, I tried combing a bit of fleece, and then browsed the internet for ages. In the end I decided to do some crochet and fancied doing some baby booties. I searched for ages and ages looking for a nice pattern and in the end I decided on the crocodile stitch baby booties.


I settled on these in the end. I generally only go for free patterns but there were none similar to this that I liked. It’s actually a very difficult pattern! I like to increase my skill levels so here goes! I only managed to do the sole last night, which is a little different to how I thought it would be but that’s ok.

Anyway, I think I’d better go now. I need to go check on the fleece outside. These two were guarding it for me before 😀


I hope that the fleece has mostly dried by now so I can bring it in. I’m going to let the chinchillas have a good wander round later this evening, so need to barricade some boxes around the bottom of my bed otherwise the cheeky so and so’s sit under there for hours!

Have a great day!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello everyone.

It’s a funny day here. Sun trying to come out through the clouds, lots of threats of rain and clammy weather. When the sun does come out it’s very, very bright!

So, what’s been happening? I mentioned in my last post that A was getting a flat in Ayr. It doesn’t look the prettiest from the outside but inside it’s wonderful! It’s big and airy and the rooms are a fantastic size. This flat has EVERYTHING in it that he could ever need, including (very pretty!) plates, cutlery, cleaning products, all kitchen equipment, furniture, etc. When I first saw it the only things that concerned me were that the fire alarm did not work (so we got a new one straight away), the fridge wasn’t quite right and the hot water was non-existent. We soon discovered that the water was heated by a Merser heater so once we got that figured out it was all ok. Oh, and the electric key did not work which meant trips to two different Spar shops to get the right one done. But when it was done, we could relax…


This is one of my favourite pictures of the flat… can you guess why?! I pretty much finished the blanket! I’ve managed to do two and a half rounds on the border which is great so next time I’m there I’ll try and get some more done. But for now, it’s a useable, bright blanket which cheers me up when I see it. A was very pleased when he saw it as I’d been promising him for ages that I would get the blanket done for when he gets a flat. When I saw the bed for the first time I waited until A was in the kitchen before I quickly put the blanket on, ready to surprise him when he walked back in. Big smiles!


The kitchen is lovely too, wooden cupboards with a teeny dining set of two chairs in there. I’ll have to put a photo up later.

I had an hours wait in Kilmarnock before I got to Ayr which I was a bit fed up about really – who wants to wait an hour for a connecting train with just a sit in a waiting room? However, when I got there the really nice station guard offered to let me keep my suitcase in the station office so I could go for a wander. (The suitcase was huge!) I was very pleased to do so and thanked him a lot. I then took a little wander into the town, which isn’t even two minutes away and into a Wetherspoons. It was a lovely day so I ordered a cup of tea and went to sit in the sheltered outside bit. It was lovely with the sun shining and barely a breeze. I continued working on A’s blanket for about thirty minutes, listening to horror stories on my phone.


Idyllic really.

I got to Ayr about half elevenish and took a leisurely stroll to his new flat. He was already there, helping the removals van man take all the stuff upstairs so I was quite happy to get there myself. This is a view from one of the bridges I passed.


Just behind this bridge is another footpath bridge into the town, directly opp. the set of flats.

I gave him a card my Mum had been busy working on the night before – she had made him an amazing Minecraft card! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the card because it was great and you should have seen it 😀


So, what else have I been up to then, craft wise?


This was just a quick Minnie Mouse crochet hat. It didn’t take too long to make at all. I think it is a six month plus size. I didn’t have a clue how to tie the ties on properly but I have an idea now. Oh well, just a trial run!

I also finished this little hat, and here it is blocking on a towel. I really like how the cables turned out.


It is made with a cotton/linen blend. I’d make another few, definitely. I have another ball and three quarters of this left. I think perhaps some cabled leg warmers might make a nice match? And some mittens too.

I’ve started on another little cardigan too. I can’t resist baby cardigans! This one has lots of different cables and it’s a bit different for me because it’s using a chart. I’m finding it is actually working ok and I haven’t gotten into any trouble with it yet. I’m using 100% acrylic yarn and it’s lovely and soft.


What do you think?


Let’s see how this one works out.

I was looking at my little (!) fleece stash and saw my Wensleydale X sack. I grabbed a good handful of wool and have decided to give it a wash and perhaps dye some. I’ve never worked with long curly fibre like this before so it shall be an interesting experience.


One of the fleece inspectors having a good look!


Look at the lovely, crimpy locks! Bet these are heavenly to spin.


Longer than my hand! Granted I don’t have very big hands, but wow!


And here they all are, ready for their bath.

They have just had their second soak now, using shampoo and hot, hot, hot water. I’d better take them out as the water will probably have cooled more than I wanted it too. It keeps threatening to rain so I’m not sure they will be dried today as I would have liked. I shall let you know how I get on with these.

Have a great day everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello everyone. 

I’ve just spent the last few days going over my room and giving it a massive clear out. I have so much craft stuff it’s overflowing! I managed to sort out all of my new bits and pieces into plastic boxes which makes it so much easier to see what I have! 

I’ve really gotten into my sewing, which I adore! I bought some simple lunch box type plastic tubs a week ago – 5 for £4. I bought some more yesterday too as they are so useful. I did have all of my sewing stuff on the table and in boxes and bits, all jumbled up. Not helpful when you want to lay your hands on something quickly. I’ve got a couple of extra tubs too. 


Excuse the socks and cups! 

Bottom up first column. 

1 – Lace, ric rac and ribbons. 

2. Scraps and fat quarters. 

3. Paper pattern pieces. 

4. The essentials – needles, rotary cutter, scissors, tape measure, chalk, etc. 

5. Elastic reel, alphabet buttons, large beads and teddy bear items. 

6. The little dress and shoes I am working on now. (Pictures further down). 

Bottom up back column. 

7. Christmas patches ready to sew. 

8. Teddy bear pieces. 

9. WIP little hat. 

10. Bias binding and velcro. 

11. Mini rabbit pattern pieces all ready to sew. (Been months now!) 

12. Tub of elastics. 

13. (Behind) Bra and skirt fastening type things, press studs, etc. 

You can see next to all the tubs a spice rack. I’ve had this for a long time and instead of spices I use them for other little bits, like needles, buttons, rose pieces, pins, etc. It’s really useful. I’ve also sorted out some of my fabrics to fit nicely under the table.


It took me ages to find wadding anywhere at a decent price. I know I can’t get everything for cheap, cheap, cheap, but some places take the mickey. I went to HobbyCraft (about 10-12 miles away) but the wadding was £6+ a metre! Nooo thanks! I’d need several metres and there was no way I was going to spend £12 on two metres of wadding. When I was next in Glasgow I went to an amazing place called ‘Remnant Kings.’ It sells the remnants of fabric on rolls as well as other pieces. Ribbons, bias bindings, buttons, etc. Some pieces are very expensive obviously, but others not so much. There are some beautiful cotton prints there. I wonder if they do half metres…? Anyway, I found the wadding and it was £3.50 a metre for the thick stuff. Perfect. I only got one metre and I’m regretting it now…. why did I only get one metre?! No matter, next time I’m there I’ll get 2/3 metres more. It’s just storing it that is the problem. Maybe a vaccuum bag would be a great purchase. 

I’ve worked on the next little dress for a week or so, on and off. I’ve made the nappy cover to match, and made it without sleeves. I think sleeves would not have looked right on it. What do you think? 


I didn’t buy fabric like that – I was at a car boot sale a good few months ago and they were selling packs of fabric for a pound. There was a piece the size of a bath sheet in there of all these squares someone had sewn together. I imagine someone had been trying to make a quilt. Well, I didn’t want it as a quilt so I thought it would be really sweet fabric to make a little girls dress/top out of. I found some bias binding that matched it perfectly (from my trip to the Sew and Sew!) I sewed the majority of this by hand on the train and at A’s house. (I am sooo (sew :p) going to get a sewing machine at his house. I have turned the bias binding up at the bottom and at the sleeves so it is not so sticking out. I’ll need to get a photo for you. I’m really pleased with it. (Please excuse the tissues at the side – did NOT notice that when taking the photo, grrr). 


As I mentioned before, my local haberdashery is closing down and when I last went in it was 60% off. I was very good and only picked up these two items. I was charged £1.40 for the lot! One whole metre of cotton in red and white stripes that will make a nice romper suit and some gorgeous black and white cotton flower fabric which I have used before. I used it to line a knitting cable pencil case. I don’t know what to make with it yet.  


When I was in Blackpool I bought some fabric panels and fabric books to make up. Each panel was £2.50! EACH! Usually they’re about £8+ so I got a real bargain. Two books which look sooo cute! The rest are all going to be baby quilts. 

I started on one the other night. The only thing is, I had to pin down the sides quite a bit because the wadding was just too small. It would not fold in half so I ended it being fairly thin wadding, but it can be a thin cover blanket. I got some old childrens curtains from a charity shop yesterday and the back of them had the most perfect backing for this new quilt. 


I really like it. I haven’t sewn up one side as I needed to turn it inside out. I’ve seen some amazing quilts where they have been sewn around different patterns on the quilt itself. It made a nice effect on the back of the quilt. I’ve tried doing it with the machine and by hand but it just isn’t working for me. It looks good on the front – 


– But not on the back… I’m going to unpick it and see what else I can do. I’ve found a large cross stitch hoop which will stretch the fabric out at the back so it does not bunch up as it is currently doing. Either that or I’m going to take the back off again, sew around the different pieces (adding a thin piece of cotton on the back so I’m not sewing up the wadding as it will muck up my machine) and then sew the backing back on. We shall see. 


For anyone who is interested, here is the book I’ve been using to do my baby tops. I got the pants tutorial from online – 


Here are some more examples of my WIPs. 


I’m still, STILL working on this blanket! I love it though. A is getting a flat in a few days (Thursdayy!!!!!!) and I promised him that one day this blanket will go on our bed. I doubt very, very much that this will be finished by Thursday but I will try my best. I’ve added two inches since this photo was taken. I plan on creating another half metre or less, then a border of sc’s, hdc’s, two granny stitches, and then a wavy border. Excited! I’m so excited for him getting this new flat. I won’t be living there but I’ll be going over there lots and lots! He is going to Uni to do film and media and it’s like ten minutes from his flat. I haven’t seen it yet, but A says it’s amazing and will be perfect for us…. we shall see on Thursday. I shall cast my eye over it and see the possibilities 😀 

I bought the best ever pillow cases at a car boot sale today – soooo true! 


A while ago I mentioned on one of my posts that I had bought a reborn doll kit. I realised that although I finished it a good while ago I’ve not put any photos up of it at all. I know a lot of people don’t like them but I’ve had fun doing this one, and would do it again. Just a shame at the £100 + price for the kits! 

Well, her she is – I’ve called her Christina. 


You can’t really see any of the paint on her face which is a shame. I’ve coloured her cheeks and lips and where her eyes are so it looks shaded and blushed. She has little veins too. I was using my phone camera to take photos so there isn’t any decent close up unfortunately. 


I love her little hands. The feet are cute too. The dress she is wearing is a knitting and crocheted dress I made a long, long time ago – when I was in my post tonsil pain! Made with King Cole Riot yarn. Beautiful stuff! The doll is weighted so it feels like a real baby. Hmm, well, I think she is a little too heavy – everyone says she is very heavy for a baby doll. The head is weighted so it flops back, as are the bottom, the arms and legs. 

I can’t wait until I have kids! Don’t worry, I’m not one of these strange people who treat it like a baby. It’s a doll. A doll for trying on the baby clothes I knit to see how they look, and then it goes back in the cupboard! 


This is the finished doll. The next photo shows the rooting of the hair. This took a good, long while and I ran out of hair and needles! I did find a few of my own felting needles but they were far too big for the dolls head and rooted like ten hairs at a time, which did make a big difference. The poor doll looks baldy at the back! 


Grr, this photos shows none of the colouring! It looks like how I got it out of the box. How annoying, oh well. 


Found this old WIP languishing in some bags of wool earlier. I don’t like the yarn I’m using. I think it’s a linen blend and it’s very soft but I just don’t like the floppy way it knits up. The cardigan looks good, so I should finish it really. Only the sleeves and the button band at the front. This the main part I dislike – 


This is where you have to do a YO to create the sleeves. Oh well. 

Right, I’d better go now. Find something to do! I might do some more sewing. I sit in front of my bedroom window looking outside whilst I sew. It’s a beautiful view over a river at the back. You can see England from my window right at the back. 


Have a great night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Wow, such a long time since I have posted. Over two months. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of months. And I have to say I have loved so, so, so much of it. I’ve been working as a TEFL teacher at a summer camp in Worcester, UK. It was almost five weeks of very hard work, planning, fun and amazing experiences. I did things I never thought I would do and you know what, I’m so proud of myself. 

I didn’t even think I’d do something like this. I was at home one evening, pretty bored, still sad at the fact my teaching job would be finishing at the end of June. I randomly typed in ‘summer teaching jobs.’ The one I applied to was the first one on the list. It seemed perfect. Great pay rates, it was twenty minutes from a relatives house and it was in beautiful countryside. It also did not need a full CELTA or TRINITY English as an Foreign Language Certificate and allowed online ones as I also had a teaching degree. I got an interview for the following Wednesday. I was on the phone for an hour and a half, just chatting away. They said that they would get back to me very soon but that I should have no worries. Fifteen minutes later I got an email asking me to take the position. WOW. Terrifying but so amazing. I was a little upset at the fact I wouldn’t see my family for so long but it turned out to be completely fine. I didn’t have the chance to miss anyone I was so busy! I won’t say much more about the time I had – it’s all in my head. Here are a few photos – 




A view on my bedroom wall. 


Holding beautiful Peaches the snake. 


My first time EVER wall-climbing. I fell off shortly after this… 


Meeting the irresistable, beautiful, amazing Bruce. I miss the bird so much already. He would take food from my hand and wait outside for me to feed him. I never got to stroke him, but we did go for a walk together. He sort of led me to where he had left loads of feathers. I must have taken about 16 home with me. I miss him very much. 


Beautiful, huh? 


This is the car that picked me up when I had to leave. My last few minutes at the Hall in this photo. Beautiful open top sports car belonging to my Uncle. It’s not cold in an open sports car and the wind doesn’t blast you in your face like I thought. Perfect end to a perfect summer. 

I was with Nanny a few days and we visited my Uncles house (the one with the car!) Here are just two of their beautiful dogs. Look at the size of them! 


My Nanny is only small, but these dogs are HUGE. Gina is on the left and Brad is on the right. There are another two dogs in the house, but only smaller ones. They also have some chickens and a cock too. The next photo makes me smile so much. This was the first time I ever met Gina. Doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile and such a happy face? 🙂 


When I got home I had a few days of rest before going straight to Blackpool for a week. It was A’s birthday so we had a mini buffet tea. (It was me, my Mum, my youngest brother and A that had gone). We did the usual, up the tower (WOW), Madame Tussauds, Sea Life and the beautiful, beautiful ballroom. 


An amazing view. 


We also went to the Tower Circus and it was great fun. I met the two main stars, Mooky and Mr Boo. They were lovely and their show was very funny. It’s the second one of theirs I’ve seen and worth every minute. The acrobatics were amazing and certainly exciting. 

I spent another week at home before going to A’s house. It’s been two months since I’d been there. When I got back it was like I’d never left. I love being with him. We spent quite a bit of time looking for flats near his University. He is going to be living closer and I’ll be able to stay with him sometimes. I can’t wait 😀 We are going to look at some more tomorrow. We viewed one yesterday and it was beautiful. The only thing that was wrong with it was that there was a load of kids bikes and pushchairs outside the door opposite ours. The sound of kids screaming, young kids screaming and playing really puts me off. Ah well, we shall see what happens! 

So, where has the time been for me to get some crafting done?? It’s been hard but not too bad. I’ve managed to get some fleece carded as I had washed one as soon as I got back and had washed a couple before I left. 


Some Jacobs, some Badger Faced one and a Woodland one I think. That’s it, I’m not sure. I did some dyeing before I left too. Some Shetland fleece I think, dyed in batts and clean uncarded fleece, with kool-aid. Here is my other little helper 🙂   



Here I am sorting out some alpaca that I had bought from Woolfest. I didn’t have any boxes and didn’t want to sort it on the floor. I found a roll of plain wallpaper lining and made some quick boxes from it. It worked really well. It is now sorted into 40g bags ready for use. 

I have found a new hobby! Ok, I know that I’ve tried it before but this time I really got into it. On the last day of Blackpool I found a great book called Sewing For Baby – Clothes for 0-3 year olds. I found some scraps of material and some old pillowcases left over from my quilting projects. I really wanted to try sewing clothes properly. This was my first attempt. 


It was plain at first and then I added on the bias binding. I think it really makes the different colours stand out. I’m really, really pleased with it. I tried it again with another fabric and this time added some little pants to match. 


Please give me your thoughts, what do you think?? Would you dress a little girl in this? I know the elastic is not up to much on the pants, but hey, first attempt! Not a fan of the way the sleeves are set but it looks good so I’m fine with that. I then had a look again at this little set and thought, hmm, what is missing? Shoes! 


This was the third time of trying to make shoes! The first two I wanted to make did not work out. I tried the other two with stiff fusible interfacing. It made it hard to turn inside out. The second one did not sew like it should have and looked dreadful. Then I found another pattern and it worked! I was so pleased. Want to see the entire outfit together? 


😀 So happy! I plan on putting some teeny velcro strips on the sides of the shoes so that they stick down. 

Our local haberdashery is closing down and had 50% off everything. I can’t wait to go get some more stuff later. I spent quite a bit a few days ago and bought some great bits and pieces. 


Lovely, lovely sight! 

I had another go at making some pants, or diaper/nappy covers. These are 0-3 month old sizes and I love them, they are so cute! I made one pair and then another straight after! 


I think one thing I would like to work on would be neatening the inside of my sewn items. With the shoes I plan on making fusible interfacing soles to slip inside to cover up the mess. 

Anyway! I think I’m going to go and do some knitting, I haven’t done any in quite a while now. I’ve done a teeny bit on my crochet blanket. I probably should work on that actually, I am desperate to get it finished in time for A moving into his new flat. I promised it would go on our bed one day. And if that day is in two weeks then jeez, hurry, hurry! It means adding another half metre onto the size already, and then several rows all around the blanket to create a border. Fun fun! 

Have a great evening everyone. 

xXx Love Kais xXx