Wow, such a long time since I have posted. Over two months. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of months. And I have to say I have loved so, so, so much of it. I’ve been working as a TEFL teacher at a summer camp in Worcester, UK. It was almost five weeks of very hard work, planning, fun and amazing experiences. I did things I never thought I would do and you know what, I’m so proud of myself. 

I didn’t even think I’d do something like this. I was at home one evening, pretty bored, still sad at the fact my teaching job would be finishing at the end of June. I randomly typed in ‘summer teaching jobs.’ The one I applied to was the first one on the list. It seemed perfect. Great pay rates, it was twenty minutes from a relatives house and it was in beautiful countryside. It also did not need a full CELTA or TRINITY English as an Foreign Language Certificate and allowed online ones as I also had a teaching degree. I got an interview for the following Wednesday. I was on the phone for an hour and a half, just chatting away. They said that they would get back to me very soon but that I should have no worries. Fifteen minutes later I got an email asking me to take the position. WOW. Terrifying but so amazing. I was a little upset at the fact I wouldn’t see my family for so long but it turned out to be completely fine. I didn’t have the chance to miss anyone I was so busy! I won’t say much more about the time I had – it’s all in my head. Here are a few photos – 




A view on my bedroom wall. 


Holding beautiful Peaches the snake. 


My first time EVER wall-climbing. I fell off shortly after this… 


Meeting the irresistable, beautiful, amazing Bruce. I miss the bird so much already. He would take food from my hand and wait outside for me to feed him. I never got to stroke him, but we did go for a walk together. He sort of led me to where he had left loads of feathers. I must have taken about 16 home with me. I miss him very much. 


Beautiful, huh? 


This is the car that picked me up when I had to leave. My last few minutes at the Hall in this photo. Beautiful open top sports car belonging to my Uncle. It’s not cold in an open sports car and the wind doesn’t blast you in your face like I thought. Perfect end to a perfect summer. 

I was with Nanny a few days and we visited my Uncles house (the one with the car!) Here are just two of their beautiful dogs. Look at the size of them! 


My Nanny is only small, but these dogs are HUGE. Gina is on the left and Brad is on the right. There are another two dogs in the house, but only smaller ones. They also have some chickens and a cock too. The next photo makes me smile so much. This was the first time I ever met Gina. Doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile and such a happy face? 🙂 


When I got home I had a few days of rest before going straight to Blackpool for a week. It was A’s birthday so we had a mini buffet tea. (It was me, my Mum, my youngest brother and A that had gone). We did the usual, up the tower (WOW), Madame Tussauds, Sea Life and the beautiful, beautiful ballroom. 


An amazing view. 


We also went to the Tower Circus and it was great fun. I met the two main stars, Mooky and Mr Boo. They were lovely and their show was very funny. It’s the second one of theirs I’ve seen and worth every minute. The acrobatics were amazing and certainly exciting. 

I spent another week at home before going to A’s house. It’s been two months since I’d been there. When I got back it was like I’d never left. I love being with him. We spent quite a bit of time looking for flats near his University. He is going to be living closer and I’ll be able to stay with him sometimes. I can’t wait 😀 We are going to look at some more tomorrow. We viewed one yesterday and it was beautiful. The only thing that was wrong with it was that there was a load of kids bikes and pushchairs outside the door opposite ours. The sound of kids screaming, young kids screaming and playing really puts me off. Ah well, we shall see what happens! 

So, where has the time been for me to get some crafting done?? It’s been hard but not too bad. I’ve managed to get some fleece carded as I had washed one as soon as I got back and had washed a couple before I left. 


Some Jacobs, some Badger Faced one and a Woodland one I think. That’s it, I’m not sure. I did some dyeing before I left too. Some Shetland fleece I think, dyed in batts and clean uncarded fleece, with kool-aid. Here is my other little helper 🙂   



Here I am sorting out some alpaca that I had bought from Woolfest. I didn’t have any boxes and didn’t want to sort it on the floor. I found a roll of plain wallpaper lining and made some quick boxes from it. It worked really well. It is now sorted into 40g bags ready for use. 

I have found a new hobby! Ok, I know that I’ve tried it before but this time I really got into it. On the last day of Blackpool I found a great book called Sewing For Baby – Clothes for 0-3 year olds. I found some scraps of material and some old pillowcases left over from my quilting projects. I really wanted to try sewing clothes properly. This was my first attempt. 


It was plain at first and then I added on the bias binding. I think it really makes the different colours stand out. I’m really, really pleased with it. I tried it again with another fabric and this time added some little pants to match. 


Please give me your thoughts, what do you think?? Would you dress a little girl in this? I know the elastic is not up to much on the pants, but hey, first attempt! Not a fan of the way the sleeves are set but it looks good so I’m fine with that. I then had a look again at this little set and thought, hmm, what is missing? Shoes! 


This was the third time of trying to make shoes! The first two I wanted to make did not work out. I tried the other two with stiff fusible interfacing. It made it hard to turn inside out. The second one did not sew like it should have and looked dreadful. Then I found another pattern and it worked! I was so pleased. Want to see the entire outfit together? 


😀 So happy! I plan on putting some teeny velcro strips on the sides of the shoes so that they stick down. 

Our local haberdashery is closing down and had 50% off everything. I can’t wait to go get some more stuff later. I spent quite a bit a few days ago and bought some great bits and pieces. 


Lovely, lovely sight! 

I had another go at making some pants, or diaper/nappy covers. These are 0-3 month old sizes and I love them, they are so cute! I made one pair and then another straight after! 


I think one thing I would like to work on would be neatening the inside of my sewn items. With the shoes I plan on making fusible interfacing soles to slip inside to cover up the mess. 

Anyway! I think I’m going to go and do some knitting, I haven’t done any in quite a while now. I’ve done a teeny bit on my crochet blanket. I probably should work on that actually, I am desperate to get it finished in time for A moving into his new flat. I promised it would go on our bed one day. And if that day is in two weeks then jeez, hurry, hurry! It means adding another half metre onto the size already, and then several rows all around the blanket to create a border. Fun fun! 

Have a great evening everyone. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 




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  1. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing summer! My daughter would be jealous that you got to play with a snake. 🙂 Those baby clothes are simply lovely. I would definitely have dressed my girl in those when she was small enough! 🙂

  2. So glad to read your new post Kais. The baby clothes look wonderful and as far as the arms are concerned I’ve always thought the arms on baby clothes looked a bit off but I think it’s because their little arms are hard to get in and out of the tops so they make the sleeves bigger. Love looking at the fleece and your pup is getting big, he doesn’t look like a puppy any more. Can’t believe the size of the white dogs they’re huge, what breed are they? Glad that you had a good summer and enjoyed yourself, hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly. Nice photos thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yeah, I agree with that about the arms, they seem so much bigger just under the arms and it looks a little strange when the garment is laying flat. Oh well, I hopefully will see these little clothes being worn one day!
      Alfie is getting huge now! He is so floppy and cute though. He is catching up with gorgeous Freddy very fast. They are both labradors. Oh, the other dogs with my Nan? They are Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. HUGE! Very soft and very gentle though but intimidating when they start barking together! 😀

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