Hello everyone.

It’s a funny day here. Sun trying to come out through the clouds, lots of threats of rain and clammy weather. When the sun does come out it’s very, very bright!

So, what’s been happening? I mentioned in my last post that A was getting a flat in Ayr. It doesn’t look the prettiest from the outside but inside it’s wonderful! It’s big and airy and the rooms are a fantastic size. This flat has EVERYTHING in it that he could ever need, including (very pretty!) plates, cutlery, cleaning products, all kitchen equipment, furniture, etc. When I first saw it the only things that concerned me were that the fire alarm did not work (so we got a new one straight away), the fridge wasn’t quite right and the hot water was non-existent. We soon discovered that the water was heated by a Merser heater so once we got that figured out it was all ok. Oh, and the electric key did not work which meant trips to two different Spar shops to get the right one done. But when it was done, we could relax…


This is one of my favourite pictures of the flat… can you guess why?! I pretty much finished the blanket! I’ve managed to do two and a half rounds on the border which is great so next time I’m there I’ll try and get some more done. But for now, it’s a useable, bright blanket which cheers me up when I see it. A was very pleased when he saw it as I’d been promising him for ages that I would get the blanket done for when he gets a flat. When I saw the bed for the first time I waited until A was in the kitchen before I quickly put the blanket on, ready to surprise him when he walked back in. Big smiles!


The kitchen is lovely too, wooden cupboards with a teeny dining set of two chairs in there. I’ll have to put a photo up later.

I had an hours wait in Kilmarnock before I got to Ayr which I was a bit fed up about really – who wants to wait an hour for a connecting train with just a sit in a waiting room? However, when I got there the really nice station guard offered to let me keep my suitcase in the station office so I could go for a wander. (The suitcase was huge!) I was very pleased to do so and thanked him a lot. I then took a little wander into the town, which isn’t even two minutes away and into a Wetherspoons. It was a lovely day so I ordered a cup of tea and went to sit in the sheltered outside bit. It was lovely with the sun shining and barely a breeze. I continued working on A’s blanket for about thirty minutes, listening to horror stories on my phone.


Idyllic really.

I got to Ayr about half elevenish and took a leisurely stroll to his new flat. He was already there, helping the removals van man take all the stuff upstairs so I was quite happy to get there myself. This is a view from one of the bridges I passed.


Just behind this bridge is another footpath bridge into the town, directly opp. the set of flats.

I gave him a card my Mum had been busy working on the night before – she had made him an amazing Minecraft card! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the card because it was great and you should have seen it πŸ˜€


So, what else have I been up to then, craft wise?


This was just a quick Minnie Mouse crochet hat. It didn’t take too long to make at all. I think it is a six month plus size. I didn’t have a clue how to tie the ties on properly but I have an idea now. Oh well, just a trial run!

I also finished this little hat, and here it is blocking on a towel. I really like how the cables turned out.


It is made with a cotton/linen blend. I’d make another few, definitely. I have another ball and three quarters of this left. I think perhaps some cabled leg warmers might make a nice match? And some mittens too.

I’ve started on another little cardigan too. I can’t resist baby cardigans! This one has lots of different cables and it’s a bit different for me because it’s using a chart. I’m finding it is actually working ok and I haven’t gotten into any trouble with it yet. I’m using 100% acrylic yarn and it’s lovely and soft.


What do you think?


Let’s see how this one works out.

I was looking at my little (!) fleece stash and saw my Wensleydale X sack. I grabbed a good handful of wool and have decided to give it a wash and perhaps dye some. I’ve never worked with long curly fibre like this before so it shall be an interesting experience.


One of the fleece inspectors having a good look!


Look at the lovely, crimpy locks! Bet these are heavenly to spin.


Longer than my hand! Granted I don’t have very big hands, but wow!


And here they all are, ready for their bath.

They have just had their second soak now, using shampoo and hot, hot, hot water. I’d better take them out as the water will probably have cooled more than I wanted it too. It keeps threatening to rain so I’m not sure they will be dried today as I would have liked. I shall let you know how I get on with these.

Have a great day everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx

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  1. Your blanket looks great! That was quite a labor of love. πŸ™‚ And your baby hats and cables look great too! I love cables. πŸ™‚ Question about your fleece: Where and how do you wash it? I’m trying to decide how to wash my 2 fleeces I was gifted. I’ve had to set work on them aside as I’ve had my free time almost completely consumed by chickens the last couple of months… but I hope to get back to work on them soon!

    • I’m a bit naughty and wash mine in the bath. It does no harm really, but it looks dreadful when you go to the bathroom unawares, haha. Just fill the bath or tub with very hot water, good dash of shampoo and submerge your fleece. Repeat again with the shampoo and then again with plain hot water to rinse out the shampoo. If it still needs another wash, just repeat. I then spin mine to get the water out and hang it on a clothes drier, or flat outside on towels, or even sweater racks. Just remember to break the fleece into large handfuls because it’s very difficult to get a whole fleece out of the water when it’s soaked. And not to swish it in the water or even handle it too much as it will felt.
      You could always do a practice with a good handle of your fleece. I’ve simply put my handful into a large tub of hot water and shampoo, etc. And it will be dried on a sweater rack. I’m hoping it’s dry by tomorrow so I can see what can be done with it, and then attempt the rest of the fleece large scale!
      It’s great fun, very therapeutic I think, and seeing the mass of fluff drying just makes me feel happy! I’d love to see how yours turns out. If you need any advice or more tips, just let me know and I’d be happy to help and put up more photos, etc. What kind of fleeces are they? Colours? Love to your chickens! :p

      • Thank you so much! They are romney lamb fleeces (first shearing!) and I have one black and one white. Like you’ve suggested, I’ve been experimenting with little bits of washing techniques (before I got distracted by chickens) and tried some in hot water with soap, and some soaked in just cold water because I wanted to try spinning it “in the grease”. I can’t decide which I like better, I might still do one of each. But washing a huge amount at once feels intimidating, so that’s why I asked. Do you find that multiple washes helps remove more vegetable matter? I haven’t been able to remove it all until I comb or card it, so I’ve also been experimenting with combing it out a bit first.

      • They sound lovely! I haven’t tried the cold water one before. I’ve spun in the grease but must say I didn’t like it. But it’s great to try out loads of new techniques. Instead of doing a full fleece, do half at a time. I just do full ones because then I can do the carding all at once rather than doing it bit by bit. Multiple washes help clean it a bit more, that’s all. The VM tends to drop out during carding and spinning. The fleece always looks dirty at the tips even when it’s been washed several times but once they are done and carded they are sparkling! So yeah, don’t worry about dirty tips or anything on the fleece, that drops out later. πŸ™‚

  2. Love your blanket Kais it turned out really nice you did a great job on it A should be well pleased with having it, nice photo of you and the blanket as well. The hats are cute, the Minnie Mouse one reminded me of my granddaughter who also has a similar hat. The sweaters are going to turn out really nice, I love cables as well especially on the baby sweaters. Looking at your fleece makes me want to wash some more but I’ve gone and washed all of mine up. I daren’t buy any more until I get this lot spun up, I have so much already.

    • Thanks πŸ˜€ A told me that last night he was watching telly on his own in the flat, got a bit lonely, so cuddled up in our blanket to make himself feel better πŸ˜€ Poor guy!
      I’d never normally do anything Disney but I wanted a super quick crochet pattern and this looked cute! It would shock you and everyone else how few Disney films I have actually seen!
      If you have fleece washing withdrawal I invite you to come round and wash some of mine!!! I got a shock when looking in the shed and under the stairs yesterday. I have four in the shed, and at least six under the stairs :/ Oh well, I can’t wait for my Bliss to come back so I can start spinning it up. I know I have my Ashford but the Bliss is so much easier and doesn’t ‘walk away’ as I treadle, grr. Thanks for commenting πŸ˜€

  3. It’s deceptive because I have bits and pieces and then I have roving, kilograms of the stuff that I ordered from J&S so I sort of regard that as the equivalent of having a fleece. I have officially one whole fleece but that was around 7 lbs then I have a partial about 3 pounds then there are the little 1 pound bits here or there so probably about 1-2 pounds worth. The roving from J&S is about 3 kilograms but I’ve used some up already so say around 5 pounds of roving. Sooooo…hard to know for sure because I didn’t weigh the fleeces after I washed them oh and I just remembered that I have 2 bags of ashford mill ends I must have between 10 – 15 pounds of fibre.

    When I said I felt a bit better about knowing you had 10 fleeces it was more knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had lots of fleece that made me feel good. Umm wouldn’t want to be know that I’m a hoarder or anything…cough, cough. (Don’t ask me how much material I have)

    • Haha, I’m totally a fleece and wool and fabric and craft and everything hoarder! I need a single room for all my craft stuff, that would be a dream! I would loooooooove to have that much roving :p I haven’t ordered fromWorld of Wool for a while now, but that’s probably wise not to! Yarndale is round the corner, I’m dreading my spending with that too… oh dear :p

      • We have a fibre fest coming up as well and I’d love to go to it but a big part of me is saying no simply because it doesn’t make sense to travel a couple of hours and not buy anything and I know I shouldn’t be buying anything so I’ll probably give it a miss. We have a big craft festival in Toronto that I’m going to with a friend so that’ll have to do instead. I’ll have to try and remember to take my camera so I can take some photos to post on my blog, I’m bad at remembering to use the camera though.

      • Yeah, Yarndale is two hours from us too, and for two of us, will cost Β£16 just to get in, which is a little annoying really. I LOVE craft festivals too, just wish they were a little cheaper to get in. I use my phone for pictures a lot of the time now, purely for convenience of not having to haul my camera around – that and I can’t find the charger for it!

  4. I just looked up the price of our show and it works out roughly the same admission price as you’re paying. This is for the big show in Toronto. The show itself is hugh and there are vendors that will travel cross Canada and come up from the States to be there. I suppose I could use my phone, I’m not sure the quality of the photos though but I guess they’ll look okay on the Internet.

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