Hello everyone,

It’s been a fairly busy morning this morning. I had a whole list of things to do in my head and I’ve achieved most of them.

  • Hang the washing out
  • Washing up
  • Clean out the chickens (incl. disinfecting the yard)
  • Sort out Wensleydale fleece
  • Try out some dyed fleece
  • A little bit of spinning done
  • Carding the dried fleece
  • Crochet booties from the pattern I bought last night

I got the big bag of Wensleydale X out of the shed again and had another look at it. I let the chickens have a wander round the garden when I was doing it.


I took out 4-6 clumps of fleece, carefully separating the locks so they wouldn’t mix up. I then painstakingly separated each lock on its own and placed it in a little pile. I filled up two large tubs with hot, hot water and shampoo and submerged each pile. They took two shampoo washes and a single rinse wash.

After I had rinsed away the water I gave each clump a teeny squeeze and again, took each clump out and placed it very carefully, lock by lock, on the sweater racks I had bought a couple of months ago. I finally got to use them!


I also took some of the fleece that I had worked on last night and dyed it. I bought a dye kit from ColourCraft at Woolfest this year and still hadn’t tried it. Today was the day! I’d never used dyes on the stove before either so that was new too. I used Scarlet and Aquamarine. I didn’t use the stated dye dose on the label, but only used a few dye crystals of each. I more wanted to see how it worked than anything. I used an old camping saucepan, filled it with hot water, dyed crystals and then heated it to a low simmer for fifteen, twenty minutes. Then I rinsed them and took them outside to dry in the sun. I then repeated it for the blue.


I like the way they are darker at the tips. The white locks are there because they did not fit on the other rack. The other half of the dried locks were upstairs so I decided to do something with them. I combed them out lock by lock until they were white masses of fluffy clouds.


That whole bundle there is about 20-22g.

I used a simple black comb to tease out the tangles. It worked for a good long while until the bristles went soft on it.


Very fluffy!


Here is one lock fully opened out. You can still see the crimpy parts.

Here is the process, from start to finish –


Here is a photo of some yarn spun from it. I’m pleased with its softness and think that it would make a lovely lace shawl. This yarn is a simple spun, 2ply yarn.

WP_20140916_015 (2)

Apart from the little bit of fleece spun into the yarn, the entire batch of that big fluff cloud has fitted into this teeny tiny bag!

I had a very long night last night. I don’t think that I went to bed until about 2am. I just couldn’t sleep. I didn’t fancy doing any knitting, I tried combing a bit of fleece, and then browsed the internet for ages. In the end I decided to do some crochet and fancied doing some baby booties. I searched for ages and ages looking for a nice pattern and in the end I decided on the crocodile stitch baby booties.


I settled on these in the end. I generally only go for free patterns but there were none similar to this that I liked. It’s actually a very difficult pattern! I like to increase my skill levels so here goes! I only managed to do the sole last night, which is a little different to how I thought it would be but that’s ok.

Anyway, I think I’d better go now. I need to go check on the fleece outside. These two were guarding it for me before πŸ˜€


I hope that the fleece has mostly dried by now so I can bring it in. I’m going to let the chinchillas have a good wander round later this evening, so need to barricade some boxes around the bottom of my bed otherwise the cheeky so and so’s sit under there for hours!

Have a great day!

xXx Love Kais xXx


3 thoughts on “

  1. Your locks look great! Thanks for posting the step by step washing and combing process, that’s really helpful. And the colors turned out lovely! Can’t wait to see what you make from it. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow can’t believe the size of your locks they are gigantic, lovely job on the dyeing and the spinning as well.The chickens look wonderful and the boys as well.

    • Thanks! I did some more dyeing last night and I can’t believe the lovely colours when the locks have dried. They fluff out and look so pretty πŸ˜€ I’ll have more photos up later of them.

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