Hello everyone.

So, what’s been happening? I’ve got some crochet done, a teeny bit more spinning, lots more lovely dyeing and some shopping!

I’ll start with the dyeing first.

In my previous post I showed you that I had been dyeing some Wensleydale X locks. I washed another load of them in the big tubs and it took a good while for them to dry due to the cool weather outside. (Leaving them outside all night probably wasn’t a good idea either… )


I decided that I wanted to have another go dyeing since I have most of the fleece left in the shed anyway and colouring a few of the locks won’t hurt. I haven’t that much of an experience with dyes other than kool-aid, so I’m learning all the time. I wanted some nice deep, bold colours with the first batch of dyes and then I was going to dye more locks in the dye that was left, just topping it with a bit more water if needed.

I am so thrilled with the beautiful colours.


I wanted to make an nice orange and a deep blue. Again, I only used minimal amounts of dyes, but a touch more than last time. I wanted another green too, and I realised towards the end of my dyeing, that I hadn’t actually dyed any yellows!


I LOVE the colour of this green! I was very, very surprised by the colour of the locks when they came out however…


A lovely summery yellow in the water, but almost neon when they came out! What was even weirder however, is when I put the second lot of locks in the water, they were dark green!


Just a few of the locks I dyed. The yellow ones at the bottom look kinda yucky now, but I’m sure when they are dry and fluffy they will look fine.

I’ve been doing some more crochet on those little baby booties. I bought the pattern a few days ago and didn’t I have problems with it! I think I was just not reading the instructions properly and rushing ahead, which I’m very prone to doing. I managed it in the end but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I will try again using some thinner yarn which isn’t fluffy.


I made a little baby all in one diaper cover which was a very quick crochet. The first time I tried it, it was tiny! I undid it and then went up from a 5mm to a 6.5mm. It did not make too much difference and the final result was still so small. It wouldn’t fit a normal size baby, but a premature one. I loved making it though, but would just love one that is bigger. Maybe I will have to adapt the pattern for that.


I helped out in the charity shop again yesterday. The first thing I saw when I went in there was a doll. Ok, ok, I like my dolls, what can I say? I have a few but five are in the cupboard and only two are out… purely because there is no room in the cupboard! Well, I made a beeline for this doll and I couldn’t believe the weight when I picked it up. It was heavy, and the head rolled, just like a real baby.


It smelled gorgeous, a bit like the cabbage patch doll heads. Sweet smelling, like babies. I looked at the back of the doll and was thrilled by what I saw –


It was one of the dolls that they give out in social education classes in schools! You know, the kind they give to girls to teach them what it is like to have a real baby for a week. It cries whenever it needs attention, feeding, burped, changed, etc. I had to have it – I always wanted to try one! It didn’t have a charger but I had an adapter at home that fitted.

When I looked at the instructions for it online, it looked like I couldn’t try it without a controller. I was disappointed but had a go at charging it anyway. I found more instructions online which stated that it could be used if it was charged and a pin inserted into the reset button within thirty seconds of the charge being taken off. It chimed six times, and the baby cooed. It said not to place the baby on its tummy or it would cry. So, to see what it was like, I placed it on its tummy. BIG MISTAKE. The crying was horrendous. Is that really how loud they are?? Just wow. So, I have this baby screaming the place down, the dogs are scratching at me wondering what it is and I’m holding the doll. What do you do to placate a crying baby? You rock it. So, I was rocking it and it started to calm down. I stopped and the crying restarted. I rocked it again until it stopped and held it for a few minutes. I’m glad I only charged it for a few minutes because it wasn’t able to cry after that…. phew!


Here she is with some new clothes 😀 Her name is now Abigail.

Last things… I got my hair trimmed. Mind you, you couldn’t really tell. Here is it after a slight trimming, with a bit on the right left to show you how long it was before.


Anyway, got to go, picking A up from the station. I’m going to be later, grrr!!

xXx Love Kais xXx


2 thoughts on “

  1. Looking at your long lovely hair I immediately thought of spinning locks, lol. Nice score on the baby she looks really neat all dolled up in her clothes that you made. Nice to see all your dyed wensleydale X locks. I should be doing something wooly but I’m still working on the fabric organizing so it’s nice to see what you’ve been doing with your wool instead.

  2. Pretty dye colors! I actually like that lighter variegated green. I think it would look nice with an accent color, like pink or purple, or even blue. Cute doll, too. Better that you didn’t charge it fully, though. I don’t think I could stand taking care of one of those for very long. It’s hard enough with real babies, who eventually give you some positive feedback. 😉 But now she’ll be a nice quiet model for you!

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