Hello everyone,

How are you all? This will be one of my last blog posts of the year. Can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It only feels a short while ago before I was compiling my list of what I wanted to achieve in the year. I have achieved some of them, but not all. And I have achieved more things than I thought I would, e.g. sewing.

So, to all, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great time, visiting friends and family. We always have a very quiet family Christmas and I love it. This time it was Alfies first Christmas and he had a fantastic time. We always buy the dogs loads of presents and they go mad opening them. It’s fantastic to watch.

WP_20141225_017 (2)

They had this toy (Bob the Builder) for at least ten whole minutes before this happened. At least they had fun! Alfie hates not being on the sofa if everyone else is on it, well, if Freddy is on it and he isn’t. This is how Alfie lay on Freddy the other night. Yeah…

WP_20141224_020 (2)

So, did everyone get everything they wanted for Christmas? This is one of my favourite presents that my little brother got me –

WP_20141226_003 (2)

I LOVE this story. The book is out of print so it was very, very hard to find a copy that was cheap enough to buy. I have seen one copy at £250! Ridiculous prices. It took months of searching and D finally found me a copy. I’m very grateful and I’ve read it already. I plan on reading it to my classes. The story is simply, exciting and very, very different to anything I have ever read before.

WP_20141225_018 (2)

I got loads more loom bands for Christmas! I got a small box full and then another box using the loom bands as padding round another present, haha. I have so many now. I just adore sorting them all out. It’s a very simple, repetitive thing to do. I think the fad for these has gone very quickly (only seemed to last a few months here) so they are being sold dirt cheap. One shop near me was giving them away free! The local pound shop was giving them at sale for 10 for a £1!

WP_20141226_005 (2)

Mum got me and A this gorgeous clock for our flat. Isn’t it sweet?! The paperclips around are so we can swap and change different photos. It will look great in the front room.

Me and A had our Christmas dinner a little early this year so we could be together. We decorated the flat and made dinner. It was really lovely. We dressed up smartly. We were only in our flat but thought we would make the effort. 635547801290649073 (2)

Now, look at these gorgeous two! Aren’t they beautiful? Andrew and I (mostly Andrew) now have two cats! Well, two kittens. The tabby on the left is called Aya and the black and white on the right is called Miko.

WP_20141218_016 (2)

Both are very, very sweet. They are either tearing around the flat like crazy or cuddled up with each other on the duvet we have in the front room.

635547801290649073 (2)3

I have so much more to write, but so little time right now. I hope to write more later. Have a great evening!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. It sounds like you had a good Christmas. I love the picture of you and Andrew. I didn’t realize you had moved in together and wondered if you’d miss your pets and then I scrolled down and saw the adorable kittens. The clock is a cute idea with the paperclips to hold pictures. I think the loom bands are still popular here as the local craft store still seems to be pushing them but I can see where the idea would fade fast. I hope you both have a great New Year.


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