Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? Monday again!

It was nice being back in school today. I miss my classroom when I’m not in it! I decided to have a change around of the tables after school which will make the kids go ‘omg!’ when they come in in the morning. Instead of some great big tables I’ve halfed them to make smaller ones. It also leaves so much more space for the children to see the board. Oh no… that means more carpet spaces to make! Ah well, good thing I LOVE my job. I have RICCT tomorrow, which means an hour and a half planning time which leaves me a decent amount of time to get books marked and the rest of the week sorted with paperwork and so on.

I’ve decided to create a new group on Facebook, so anyone who wants to join is soooo welcome to do so! I’ve called it

Empress Spinning 


It is NOT just about spinning. It can be any craft you desire. So… spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, tapestry, cross-stitch, papercraft, painting, anything you want at all. You are more than welcome to post photos, add tips, ask questions, add links, etc. I have some tutorials for spinning and knitting, etc that I can add to help anyone who needs it.

So, feel free to join. Everyone is so welcome and I look forward to new members joining.

I haven’t done much crafty this evening, but here are a couple of photos of what I have done…


Gorgeous crochet blanket in progress. I LOVE the colours in this. It is going to be a simple blanket for a baby cot. I don’t think it needs to be much bigger really. I’ll try it out on one of the reborn dolls for size. I then plan on adding a border round it, any ideas for which colour to use?


And here is the white pin loom with a sketch of what I would like to be painted on it. I have some fine paintbrushes and some paints in my Fathers shed which I will find out. Looking much better already!

Anyway, work again tomorrow, must get some sleep. Have a great night everyone,

xXx Love Kais xXx


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