Hello everyone,

An awfully long time since I last posted. Gosh, I feel like I hardly have any time at all these past few months! Not that I am complaining though – I LOVE my job. Currently I am on a two weeks holiday, which boy, do I need! The first lie in I had was amaaaazing.

I’m currently at A’s at the moment and we are having great fun. Except perhaps for the fridge fiasco. It’s taken the landlady months and months to finally get us a new fridge. Apparently, one is being delivered tomorrow, so we have taken the freezer stuff out and put it in the sink to allow this fridge to be left unplugged for 24 hours before being taken away. We thought filling the sink with lots of ice would help, but it hasn’t really. A couple of things have had to be thrown away but a few bits are ok. We shall see tomorrow anyway, we will probably have to eat it all. Good thing there isn’t a lot but I hate waste, especially food waste.

I’m hoping that when I am back home I will be able to sort of my sewing/craft table and try and get some sewing done. I have been getting bits of knitting done when I am at home as it is something I can relax with in bed after working all day. I got some bits from Blackpool the other day, including three new sweater drying frames. These will be used for drying washed fleece in the summer.

I ordered some more bits from eBay this afternoon. Some new double pointed knitting needles because some certain animals (I’m looking at you Aya and Miko!) decided it was a good idea to chew the ends of some of them! It hasn’t ruined them much, but I think some new pairs will be in order. Anyway, £3 for eleven new pairs of bamboo needles is a great price, even though I do have to wait three weeks for them to arrive.

So, what have I been up to crafty wise?


This is the edging of a baby hat I found on Ravelry. It was a fairly simple knit, but I think I did most of the decreasing on my own.


I finished it fairly quickly. I think the colour matches nicely.


Being modelled on the head of one of my reborn doll kits!

I’m desperate to get started on another kit, but again, just trying to get the time to get them done.

I started on a pair of baby trousers. In the instructions it says to knit them leg up, one at a time. I decided to use the magic loop method (go me!) and do both legs at the same time. I did a couple of inches, but really wasn’t feeling it with this project. I’ve abandoned it in favour of other things.


I found the cutest little hat and mittens and booties patterns on Ravelry too. It says in the pattern to make it on straight needles and then sew it up, but I’ve adapted it and changed it a little to use double pointed needles.


I thought I had some photos of what I have done so far, but apparently not. I will put some up next time.

I ordered some wool from the Wool Warehouse Wednesday or Thursday last week so waiting for that to arrive. It is a Bank Holiday tomorrow so there is no postal service. I will put a photo up when I get it.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. We had a great Easter dinner here, I hope yours was good as well. It’s nice you have the two weeks off so you can catch up on some needed rest. Love the leaf pattern on the baby hat and smiled at using the sweater frames for drying fleece as I’ve done the same myself. There is a yarn and fleece show coming up on April 25th I’m hoping to go to but I will have to see if the car/husband is free that day to take me as I’m a coward to drive into Toronto myself. Reading about you washing fleece made me remember the show. Take care.


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