Hello everyone,

I’ve been back at work a week now and I’m already exhausted! The days have flown by but we are now back to normal. I was really busy on Friday trying to get displays up for this terms work. Sooner I get them up, the less time I have to spend on them later. I’ve put all the borders up and laminated most of the stuff I want on there. I’ve chosen a large section on fractions, one on childrens entertainment during WW1 and one on sound for their Science topic.

I was having a look at what my resolutions are for this year and to see if I have covered any.

  • Have at least ten baby items sewn, aging from newborn to age 2/3.

Nope. None. Zilch. Disappointing really. Don’t think I have even sewn any nappy (diaper) covers. I plan on sewing some more of these in various sizes. I would love to make some mini shirts and I’ve some sewing patterns for a romper suit or two.

  • At least ten baby items knitted, aging from newborn to 2/3.

Yes! I have knitted a mini hat, booties and mitten set, and also a little blue jacket.

  • At least ten baby items crocheted, aging from newborn to 2/3. (Can you see the links here??)

A baby rattle (my very first tutorial on Ravelry!), two baby bibs and I also finished the crochet cot blanket.

  • To get every single fleece in the shed and porch washed and carded into gorgeous, soft, fluffy batts.

Hmm… I got a few bits of fleeces washed. I think I rushed the Ryeland and Whitefaced Woodland because they still feel greasy to the touch. I’ll stick them back in the wash with some more super hot water. The Mule one is absolutely fine and needs to go into the bag with the other washed one.

  • To spin up ten batts/tops/rovings that I have in my spinning box.

I also don’t think I’ve done much spinning. Well, I have dyed some plain white roving to make some yarn for my pin loom. Ooh, that reminds me, I found a load of Cheviot rovings in the cupboard. I also have spun up some of the Mule fleece.

  • To spin up an entire fleece.

I’m working on this! Can’t remember the name of the fleece again, grrr. It is a mule one.

  • To knit/crochet/weave something using the handspun yarn under my bed.

Yep! Most of this is gone already on the weaving loom.

  • To learn to weave on my weaving loom.

Yes!! In the last few days I have had my loom out and using some cotton have made a long scarf like piece of fabric. I plan on cutting this into sections and making small flannels and hand towels. I need to work out how to thread the loom to make larger hand towels. When I have cut these out I plan on crocheting around the edges using nice, bright cottons.

  • To weave on a pin loom and create a blanket from the squares using my handspun wool.

I have a pin loom, well, three now. They are really easy to make! I haven’t enough squares to make a blanket yet. When I have some more free time I will dye some more rovings. I think I must have about twenty squares now. I plan on getting some foam or something so I can block them all. Some have crumpled up so much.

  • To not buy any yarn/wool until I have used up as much as possible from the cabinet. (See how long this one lasts!)

Yeah… this didn’t last long. But to be fair, this is the first lot I have bought this year! Lovely set from Wool Warehouse. Have you seen their Drops Love You 5 range cottons? 80p a ball! I bought two of almost each colour.

  • To lose at least two stone.

Hrmph. I weighed myself last Monday and today. Apparently I have lost two pounds. It’s a start I ‘spose.

  • To reborn at least three reborn doll kits.

I started painting one kit the other day, but I wasn’t really into it so haven’t got much done. I’m not enjoying the new paints either. I’ve got onto the blushing but not sure how it is looking just yet. I don’t really want to buy any more of these as they take up an awful lot of space.

  • To go back to Germany at least once.

I literally won’t have time this year. Unless I go in the October holidays? I dunno. I’m saving up  at the moment, so I’m not sure what will happen here. I would love to go back to Cologne.

  • To have something I have wanted since I was little. 

We shall see what happens in August!

  • To make a baby blanket.

I finished one! Does that count? Not sure I fancy making another one at the moment, but I might feel like it later. I would probably crochet it, rather than knit it.

Hmm, I’m not doing terribly well, but it is only the first quarter of the year. I’ve done my planning for this week so I am going to relax, take a look at taking the weaving from the loom, take a bath and browse Ravelry for a while until something catches my eye.

Have a great evening!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. It’s a big list and you’ve gotten quite a bit done already. I should make a list as well as I’m at the stage where some of the quilting projects are nearing an end and I should make out a list to try and determine what I should work on next. Most intriguing thing on your list is of course the have something you’ve wanted since you were little, going to have to keep an eye on that one 🙂

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