Hello everyone,

I feel like I’ve had a fairly relaxing week so far, but have tried lots of new things!

Last weekend my Mum, Dad and I went for a short weekend break to Edinburgh. Mum and I went up the Scotts Monument (which was a huge achievement because we are both not good with heights!) It is about 200 metres high and the steps get progressively narrower as you go up. It got pretty scary towards the end and you had to go down backwards from the highest point. It had some amazing views from the top though. Edinburgh is a gorgeous place to be as it is surrounded by hills all around.


I couldn’t get a good photo on my phone as the building was so high! We also visited the cafe where J K Rowling sat and wrote Harry Potter. There is a lovely view from the back, looking at Edinburgh castle. It’s certainly a popular place. The tea was far too strong though! I was pouring another cup out for Mum and all the tea leaves started coming out the spout. It didn’t look too nice, haha. Next time, I think they need only half the amount of leaves.

We also visited Frankensteins Pub  which was amazing! The first time we went the monster didn’t come down from the ceiling which was a shame, but the second time it did. It has a life size model of Frankensteins monster (admittedly a small monster) which comes down from the ceiling with smoke and thunder and bright lights. The monster sits up and looks around, lies down and goes back up again. It was great fun to watch! The second time I went there was because the other pub I went to  (The White Hart, the pub where the infamous Burke and Hare used to frequent) refused to serve me because I didn’t have ID. I wouldn’t have minded if I was ordering alcohol. But I was ordering a COKE, BEFORE 8pm! They refused to serve me at all so I had to leave. Ridiculous!


Oh well, I went back the next day to get a cup of tea and strangely enough, they didn’t ID me for that! In case you didn’t know, Burke and Hare were two infamous characters in Edinburgh in the 1800’s. They were called bodysnatchers. They would dig up the graves of recently buried people and sell them to medical practices for their students to dissect. However, when people got wise to this, graves started to become watched over by security and graves would have metal coverings over them. So Burke and Hare turned to murder. . .

If you want to read more (and it is fascinating) here is a link – Bodysnatchers of Edinburgh

When we got back I had a day at school arranging everything for when I got back. I still don’t feel prepared, but I never do! I went straight up to A’s the next day. We have decided that we want to try and make as many things from scratch as possible and not just keep buying freezer and tinned stuff.

So, we made fresh egg pasta and home-made tomato sauce to go with it. The pasta was a bit thick, but it still tasted . . . like pasta!


It was nice and I would make it again.

Then we fancied something sweet so I made a rich tea biscuit chocolate cake! I would like to attempt making chocolate but I think that is a bit too much work for me!


Nom nom!


It looks messy but it was sooooo good! A could hardly keep his hands off it! Needless to say, it only lasted until the morning. Very simple, easy to make recipe. Nom nom!


Later on, we made pizzas. It was pizza dough mix but still more work than putting in a ready made pizza. I could def. do this each time. I made cheese, tomato, ham, chorizo and mushroom pizza.

A made cheese, tomato, ham, chorizo and balsamic vinegar. MMmmm!


I have also tried something I have never tried before – making jam!

1KG of freshly prepared Scottish strawberries.


Mix them up with a ridiculous amount of sugar.


Boil it all up . . .


And then once it had cooled down enough to put it in jars, we did so.


I don’t it set very well but it still tastes great. I plan on making plum jam next and have all the stuff ready. I might do that tonight.

Well, I just need to go and take this loaf  out of the oven!


Talk soon!

xXx Love Kais xXx