I found this on another blog and thought that this would be interesting to put on mine. This is a huge list!

Mark with bold the things you have ever knit, with italics the ones you plan to do sometime, and leave the rest.

    • Afghan (Well, in the UK we call them blankets, and yes, I have done a few! Currently working on two crochet CAL’s, my own design, Attic24 Log Cabin Blanket and Seafoam blanket).
    • I-cord
    • Garter stitch 
    • Knitting with metal wire (I’d like to try this. I’ve seen some lovely jewellery that I would like to try). 
    • Shawl (Scarf/shawl, yes. With Rico Creative Yarn. Shimmery and pretty!)
    • Stockinette stitch
    • Socks: top-down 
    • Socks: toe-up (Working on some now).
    • Knitting with camel yarn (I’ve spun it, just need to knit with it now!)
    • Mittens: Cuff-up
    • Mittens: Tip-down
    • Hat
    • Knitting with silk 
    • Moebius band knitting
    • Participating in a KAL (I’ve participated in a CAL!)
    • Sweater (I take it baby ones are ok too??)
    • Drop stitch patterns (Is this what the seafoam stitch is? If so, yes).
    • Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn (Yep, I have created socks and a baby cardigan from yarn I unraveled from an alpaca dress)
    • Slip stitch patterns
    • Knitting with banana fiber yarn
    • Domino knitting
    • Twisted stitch patterns
    • Knitting with bamboo yarn
    • Two end knitting
    • Charity knitting
    • Knitting with soy yarn
    • Cardigan (So many baby ones!)
    • Toy/doll clothing (Barbie clothes)
    • Knitting with circular needles (ALL the time!)
    • Baby items (I rarely knit much else!)
    • Knitting with your own handspun yarn
    • Slippers 
    • Graffiti knitting – I hate this idea!
    • Continental knitting (I’ve tried this, but not for me).
    • Designing knitted garments
    • Cable stitch patterns (incl. Aran)
    • Lace patterns
    • Publishing a knitting book (I would love to do this!)
    • Scarf
    • Teaching a child to knit (lots of children in a class)
    • American/English knitting
    • Knitting to make money (I refuse to do this! But I wonder how long for…)
    • Buttonholes
    • Knitting with alpaca
    • Fair Isle knitting 
    • Norwegian knitting 
    • Dying with plant colours
    • Knitting items for a wedding
    • Household items
    • Knitting socks (or other small tubular items)on two circulars (I use one circular needle to knit socks).
    • Olympic knitting
    • Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
    • Knitting with dpns (So many baby socks!)
    • Holiday-related knitting 
    • Teaching a male how to knit (Tried teaching Andrew!)
    • Bobbles
    • Knitting for a living
    • Knitting with cotton
    • Knitting smocking
    • Dying yarn
    • Steeks
    • Knitting art
    • Knitting two socks on two circulars simultaneously (I can knit TAAT socks on one circular).
    • Fulling/felting
    • Knitting with wool
    • Textured knitting
    • Kitchener BO (love it)
    • Purses/bags
    • Knitting with beads
    • Swatching (Evil thing, no way! Haha).
    • Long Tail CO
    • Entrelac
    • Knitting and purling backwards 
    • Machine knitting (Yes, wasn’t a fan)
    • Knitting with self patterning/self striping/variegating yarn
    • Stuffed toys 
    • Knitting with cashmere
    • Darning (my hand knitted socks!)
    • Jewellery
    • Knitting with synthetic yarn (I LOVE acrylic yarn)
    • Writing a pattern
    • Gloves
    • Intarsia 
    • Knitting with linen
    • Knitting for preemies
    • Tubular CO
    • Freeform knitting
    • Short rows
    • Cuffs/fingerless mits/armwarmers
    • Pillows
    • Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine
    • Rug
    • Knitting on a loom
    • Thrummed knitting (I knitted a thrummed mittern. Didn’t like the process!)
    • Knitting a gift (I don’t do this a lot. You are very, VERY lucky if I do).
    • Knitting for pets (I’ve sewn for my pets).
    • Shrug/bolero/poncho
    • Knitting with dog/cat hair (I have some of my gorgeous dogs fur that I plan to spin up one day).
    • Hair accessories
    • Knitting in public (I LOVE those long train journeys!)

Wow, this is actually quite long. I’m impressed with some of the things I have tried, other things I have absolutely no interest in at all. I’d like to see what other people have done, so please, feel free to copy and paste this into your blogs. 🙂

xXx Love Kais xXx

I had something wonderful happen on Monday 21st March. I got some more chickens! As some of you know, I have three beautiful rescue hens. They were rescued by an organisation called ‘Homes4Hens’ and they rescue battery chickens every few months. The main chickens they rehome are Isa Browns and Columbian Blacktails. All of mine, bar one, have been Isa Browns.

As a result of research online and looking after my girls I’ve come to the conclusion that I am always going to rehome chickens that have been rescued and to try my hardest to never buy eggs in the supermarket again.

Here are my three newest ladies. Aren’t they gorgeous??


Germaine is on the right. Her feathers look like they have been bitten or pecked at the ends, either by herself or by other chickens. She is very white and fluffy! She is also very nervous even after being with us for over a week now. It is hard to get her to come close to me but she is getting better.

Aretha is on the front left and I think she has the best feathers out of the three. She lets me stroke her and pick her up now and is one of the first to come running when it is treat time! She also chats away to you which is lovely.

Yoko is just behind Aretha and she is very nervous and shy. It is a real struggle to get near her or to even just stroke her. She is quite small with dark feathers, and VERY fast! She particularly does not like going in at night so it always ends with a chase at night!

In fact, I end up trying to shepherd them all in at night time as they just don’t go in yet. My other three do though, they know exactly what to do.

This is their new home, what do you think??

chicken house

This picture is from eBay, but it is exactly the same house. It is actually pretty big with plenty of room for them all. The perches are quite high up but they much prefer to sleep on the floor or in their nestboxes at the moment. My other girls go in and out for a nosy but they still go straight to their own beds at night. I would love to have a whole row of these in different colours.


And here is my beautiful brood altogether. This was within the first few minutes of them meeting each other. It is quite easy to tell (I think) which ones were already there and the new ones. They are getting on better now but there are still quite a few nips and squabbles. Hopefully they will settle down and learn to share.

I absolutely love it when I go down to the bottom of the garden (where they all free-range) and they spot me and all come running down, squawking and hoping I’ve bought food with me!

Have chickens, it’s the best thing ever!

xXx Love Kais xXx


Ok, I have a problem. I’ve never had this problem before. In the fibre community, I think this problem is called ‘Startitis.’

It’s quite scary. Most of my knitting and fibery life I’ve been quite good at working on only one thing at a time, maybe two at a push. This year I don’t know what has been up with me!

What I am working on – 

  • Old Harry’s Game blanket (admittedly, this is barely started, but I have all the designs done and all the wool bought for this). I am so excited to get this blanket started. There are nine designs to go on this blanket (only four shown below). I have some backing fabric to go on too, if I think it needs it. I don’t think I’ve sewn fabric to wool before, so I’ll see how I feel about doing that.


  • Attic24 Log Cabin blanket. I saw this on her blog and thought ‘WOW!’I NEED to make this. I bought the yarn a month or so ago and started straight away. I have made all sixteen of the middles and completed two and a bit squares. It’s quite time-consuming but I’m enjoying it, bit by bit. The squares do look a bit rough but I’m hoping a severe blocking will make it go the way it should.


  • I’ve just started a new knitted blanket with some chunky yarn I bought from Mrs Johnsons Emporium, Blackpool. (Check this place out, it is AMAZING!). I haven’t got a photo yet but the pattern is Breezy Baby Blanket. I am using Autumn colours, orangey ones. I am using Special by Stylecraft with the colours ‘Spice,”Gold,’ and ‘Copper.’ The pattern uses the ‘Seafoam stitch’ which is very interesting. I’ve never tried it before this blanket . I like the way it is knitting up though. I am working it in stripes. I doubled the amount of stitches to make a big blanket but when it came to the seafoam stitches I could see it wasn’t going to work, I had six stitches left over. I sort of threaded them through with spare yarn and left them at the side. When I am finished this HUGE project I will cut it off and sew it properly. So, if you do this, make sure that you leave off six stitches at the end. (246 stitches).The photo below is not mine but it is from free images online. The yarn is very close to what I am using.


  • The Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL. This CAL comes out every two weeks so the next one is out on the 7th April. I have caught up completely with one blanket so have just got half of part five and the whole of part six to complete on the other blanket. I thought that people who had started two or more were mad but I can see they were quite right! The six or so rows work up quickly. By the end of the year I will have two lovely blankets completed.


  • TAAT Socks (Two-At-A-Time). I bought this sock yarn from the Glasgow SECC a few weeks ago. I had been looking for some nice sock yarn for a while now. I’ve always made socks with a DK weight yarn so I’ve been after some ‘proper’ sock yarn for a while – 4ply. I’ve not done too much admittedly, it’s more of a handbag project. Here I am knitting in Wetherspoons in Blackpool the other day. (Check out Blackpool, it’s an awesome place!).


This is the pattern I am using – Basic Socks

I love TAAT socks. I might try using it for baby socks next time. I have my go to pattern i use for baby socks, so I might try it with that.

I think that that is it just for now for projects I am working on. I haven’t counted any sewing projects in with this lot though!

It was my birthday the other day so my Mum took me to Blackpool for a long girly weekend. It was great fun! I bought some more chunky yarn (for the Autumn banket above) from the yarn shop just around the corner from the B and B. I also got some cheap acrylic from the pound shop (2 for 3 on baby yarns). But the best place to get things from?? The Works. Ever heard of this place? In the UK it is a cheapish craft and book shop. You can often buy the same books as Waterstones but at a fraction of the price. (Waterstones is a huge book shop selling books at retail prices. I very rarely buy from there!) I chose some books from there and my Mum and brother bought them from me. I think I got over £100 worth of books for less than £20! I like a good bargain and so do my family!


There are loads of patterns I want to do in the baby knitting and crochet books. The sewing books are also excellent. ‘My Rag Doll’ seems to have mixed reviews online however and it is said that it is not for beginners. I still consider myself a beginner so I will see how it turns out!

Have a great day everyone, it’s beautifully sunny and warm here in Scotland today!

xXx Love Kais xXx