I thought that I might do a quick blog post looking at the sorts of fleece I have been prepping over the several years I have had this blog. I just love fleece!

Seeing all this fleece makes me want to just dive in and start sorting. I know I was complaining about how hot the weather was before but I’m now sorry for doing that and wanting it to be hot again! I could get soo much lovely fleece washed and dried.

What is your favourite fleece?

xXx Love Kais xXx

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  1. Which is my favourite? That’s a really hard question as they all look good but I’d have to say probably the chocolate that’s spread out on the patio with the pot of greenery followed by the white fleece with lots of lanolin that is two below and off to the right. Mind you the true favourite fleece is probably the one that is easiest to process, spin and give a nice yarn.

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