Hello everyone,

Another super hot day today. This heat is quite overwhelming to those who are not used to it! Never have I been in shorts and t-short quite so much.

Well, hot sun means perfect fleece washing weather. So that is what I have been doing. Last night I washed two small bags of Gotland fleece and 350g ish of Hebridean lambs fleece. Both from Woolfest 2016. Simple wash job. Three rinses each, first two washes with 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Then hung on the line inside mesh lingerie bags. They were left out overnight and were over half dry by the morning.

I laid them both out on outside tables to dry in the hot sun. They dried very fast then!

These are the Gotland curls. They were so soft and fluffy. I was impressed with my washing I think!

This is the Hebridean fleece. It filled the camping table. It is very soft with a lovely shine. Only trouble with it is that it seems to have an awful lot of second cuts – a spinners nightmare! Both of these are now in a mesh bag ready to care when I have a bit of spare ‘me time.’

I managed to wash a North Ronaldsay fleece this afternoon. Same wash routine. I never used to be good at getting the grease out of fleeces but my method is working out really well for me.

1. Very hot water, shampoo/conditioner/2in1. Leave for twenty minutes.

2. Come back within 20 minutes so water is still very hot. Use gloves if need be. Repeat step 1.

3. Repeat step 1 but omit shampoo, etc and have it as just a hot water rinse. Give it twenty minutes.

4. Squeeze out and lay flat to dry.

I also finished carding my pink Berrichon fleece. It looks nice and feels very soft!

The pink stuff was great and easy to card. I’d forgotten how time consuming it could be though. Wash, dye, dry, fluff and card twice before even getting to the spinning part! The blue stuff was a bit greasy and I just couldn’t fathom why at first. Then I remembered I had left the wet fleece lying in a bit of its bath water for a few days before I could dye it, so the grease had probably stuck back onto it. I’ll finish carding it and then hopefully when I wash the finished yarn the grease will come out then.

I’ve sorted out some more Berrichon fleece for the wash tomorrow. Maybe I can get three buckets done a day? I had a quick look in my fleece shed today and there is ALOT of fleece in there, desperate to be used. Some needing rewashed. We shall see. Seven weeks is a long time!

Have a great evening everyone,

xXx Love Kais xXx

2 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Kais,
    Those Gotland locks look so lovely I want to run my hands through them. The Hebridean is massive you must have spent quite a while washing it. The fleece does look nice though, what is the fibre like soft? I love carding. Your carder is bigger than mine and if I had to do it a second time around I’d probably get a bigger one. If the blue isn’t that sticky and you can spin with it you could try carding some pink with the blue and get a tweedy purple?


    • I do like the idea of spinning the pink and blue together. It would get washed afterwards so I’d hope the greasiness would go away then.
      The Hebridean wasn’t that big actually! Just looks a lot on the table. But itssooo soft like you wouldn’t believe, same as the Gotland. I’m really looking forward to spinning it!

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