Here are a few more sewing projects I have been getting on with, bit by bit, slowly, slowly.

Anyone ever made a jelly roll quilt? I saw a YouTube video of someone using one to make a quilt top and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew Moda fabrics sold them but I can’t afford or want to pay the crazy prices that their fabrics go for. I found a nice rainbow cotton set of 44 strips on eBay and I loved it! SOoooo bright and cheerful.


I can see teeny tiny baby feet in the corner!

The cotton was nice and smooth and felt good, not cheap nasty cotton you can sometimes get. To make a jelly roll quilt you sew all the strips together end to end. Then fold them in half and sew them together down the long edge. It is a bit complicated to explain but it’s the easiest way to make a quilt, ever! But it is pretty tedious.


I really like the effect when done though. This is going to be a quilt for my youngest brother. I gave a quilt to my Dad in March this year and a MASSIVE blanket to my Mother at last Christmas, so it is his turn now. We shall see what blanket I make for my other brother next!


It’s pretty big. I am going to put in 4oz wadding. Well, we shall see. It is about six inches too small at the side. I can of course just sew some more wadding onto it but I don’t want any bumps left. I have bought a single duvet in the sale for £3 and I’m hoping that it will serve well as wadding… if it fits! There were no doubles or I would have bought one of those instead. I have a duvet that I bought for fabric a year or so ago. It has tiny rainbow dots on the back of it, which I thought would be perfect for this! I’ll be folding the edges over to make the binding instead of attaching separate bias binding. I shall have to give this blanket a really good iron first though!

I made Eliza a dress using a McCalls pattern. It is far too big for her which is perfect, she has dresses for when she is bigger! This is the smallest size in the pattern which means I have a few more years of use out of the pattern, so good value for money. The fabric was 99p a metre from Oh Sew Crafty in Kidderminster. The lining is from pillowcases. I really took my time on this and am so pleased with the result. I hand-sewed in the zip, like I do with all zips.


I added the lace on the bottom to give it a bit extra, rather than completely red.


The zip is almost invisible, yay!


She wasn’t too pleased with this, she was a bit tired and cranky! As you can see, it is far too big for her, so plenty of room to grow into it!

The last thing I have made recently is something you either love the idea of, are on the fence, or are completely ‘urgh, no way!’ I make my own sanitary cloth pads. It is no joke when I say that since using these my periods are lighter, less painful and over quicker. The pads I make have no chemicals inside them and do not rub me in ways that disposables do.

I use scraps of cotton for the tops, jersey for the bottoms and either towels or nappy inserts in the middle as the core.


I am addicted to the Luna Wolf pattern which you can find on Google. It is so simple and effective and best of all, FREE! I sewed around the cores (on the right) to make them sit inside neatly and to keep the cores all in one place, rather than sliding all over the place.


These are the best I’ve made so far. And really, they only use scraps so I have a good use for the bits of fabric I have left lying around. And they are not bulky so cannot be seen. Here is eight of them, one on top of the other.


I think I have about twenty reusable pads now. To wash them, simply rinse and then put in the wash along with the normal washing load, and dry the same way as the clothes. No different to reusable nappies. But each to their own!

Right, must go now, it’s time for little ones bedtime!

xXx Love Kais xXx


English Paper Piecing – a tutorial

Hello everyone, As most of you who read my blog know, I’m mainly into my wool crafts. But recently, I’ve really been getting into something called English Paper Piecing, or EPP for short. It basically involves putting fabric over paper … Continue reading

Hello, it’s been a while!

Been pretty busy the last few weeks as you can imagine with school, etc. But anyway, on with the post!

What do you think of this beautiful butterfly?


This cheeky chap was in my bedroom when I came home the other day. He crawled across my school books, and onto the laptop. I managed to pick him up and take this beautiful close up photo. You can see the powder on his wings and the vibrant colours, and every single tiny hair. Just makes me smile. I’m tempted to get a big version of this and pin it up in my classroom.

A couple of weeks ago Mother and I went to the SECC Creative Stitches and HobbyCraft show in Glasgow! 😀 It was soooooooooo much fun. We were there from about 11am ish, and didn’t leave until well after 3pm. It was huge! I was a teeny bit disappointed that there was only one stall on spinning, but it’s not a massive ‘thing’ over here so I’m not really surprised. There was loads of fabric stalls, cross stitching stalls and lots and lots of wool! I remember a lot of the same stalls from last year and a lot of the same faces too. In the HobbyCraft section of the show was lots of fabric and more card-making stalls. And some interesting bits and pieces in between.

What we found amazing was the whole of the knitted and crocheted displays. These were just stunning. I took so many photos but I’m not able to put them all up here. Our favourite was the Craftwell Village.

Craftwell Village

Aren’t all of these so sweet!

These three below are some of my particular favourites.


I’m sure you can see why. There were also displays on seasons, and other things, e.g. dragons, fantasy creatures, withces and wizards, etc.


The Autumn scene looks so beautiful!

This one is another favourite of mine. A completely knitted Mother and Child. Idyllic.

Mother and Baby

You can see a mini leprechaun behind the chair :p Quite apt for St Patricks Day today!

I bought a few things at the craft show and Mum bought some bits and pieces for my birthday. (I’m 24 next week!)

What else has been happening then?


Chickens are doing fine, cheeky and naughty as usual! We have given them some extra space, but for some reason they escape even more! The amount of times I have to go hunting for them in the garden. (Especially Donna, the one on the right!)

I’m sure you’re wanting to know how the puppy is doing!! Freddy and him are getting on very, very well now, if Freddy being a little whingy when Alfie gets too bitey, but you can’t blame him for that really. He is getting naughty however (Freddy) for trying to jump on my lap whenever Alfie tries to bite him! Very naughty when I’m sewing or holding a cup of tea!


Oh, I had such a drama with Freddy last week! I came home at lunch time (just a quick visit to let them out before I went back to work) and he started choking and couldn’t breathe. He sounded like he was being sick, but even worse than normal. He looked pretty distressed and I was hysterical. He stopped after a minute of me trying to calm him down, but everytime he seemed to ‘get back to normal’ he started this choking again. I phoned the vets frantically saying that my dog is choking, what do I do?! They told me to get him to the vets straight away, but thankfully when I got there he had stopped coughing mostly. They gave him a good check over and found out that he had a bit of a throat infection which had caused him to have the hideous choking sounds. He also had a rather uncomfortable temperature check (!) and an injection, as well as being given antibiotics to take home. He has been fine since. One cough the day after and that’s it. He didn’t half scare me though I can tell you. I was panicking. I was on my own too so I had to shove Alfie back in his cage and leave him to take Freddy out. I ended up missing the rest of school but they were very understanding about it and I will make up the time a bit later on.


I made a LEGO house whilst at my brothers and A made a LEGO heart to put on top 😀 How sweet!

I love these carders on the right. Mum picked them up from a car boot sale for £2. £2!!! They are a bit rusty but absolutely fine apart from that. Someone on Ravelry suggested cleaning them with very fine wire wool, and then waste fleece and that should clean them up a bit. I never see anything to do with spinning when out and about and this month I have seen or heard of three pairs of carders! One pair that I have, one very old, very poor condition set in the ‘The Barras’  in Glasgow, and one in the auction. Anyone ever been to the Barras? Very… interesting place, let’s put it that way. Not somewhere I would go on my own, that’s for sure…

I’ve been working on my quilt a little, and put a large border around the wavy lines. The colours don’t quite match but I like them.


The photo on the left shows what I got from the stitch show. Apart from the mini blue bolt one. A bought me that when we went to HobbyCraft a month or so ago. That’s what I used to border the zig zag blanket.

I saw someone online had made a fabulous star quilt. I really wanted to have a go at making one too, so I cut some squares out of old pillow cases I had found in a charity shop. I think it makes quite a pleasing design! I’m not sure what fabric the blue is, but it seems to go fairly well, and I love the green corners matching the brightest star points. Now I need to figure out what to put around the rest of it. Same with the other quilt. I will use the three co-ordinating fabrics in the left picture to make another quilt too, but I’m not too sure yet what it will be like. I do love the look of square quilts, but maybe I should be a little more adventurous…?

The Cath Kidston look alike fabrics at the bottom of the left are made up of lots of little squares. I’m thinking about just sticking them onto some wadding and a backing fabric and simply stitching around each square to make them puff out a little. We shall see! I’m not too have them until my birthday anyway so I have to wait, haha. I ADORE the chicken fabric! Noooooo idea what to make with this though! I also bought a rotary cutter which I sliced my left index finger with almost straight away. Ouchies! Mum bought me a couple of quilting books from the car boot too which I’m going to look at in a minute with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Mmm.

What has everyone else been up?

Anyway, I’d better go just now. It’s almost half past eight and I fancy getting into bed with those books and a cuddle up with Freddy.

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello again! 

It’s been such a long time since I posted. Just want to apologise to those who have commented on my posts, I’m very sorry for not replying, it’s very unlike me. Also, for those whos blogs I regularly comment on too, I apologise, I’m not ignoring anyone, I just haven’t been on here for a while. It’s been a hectic month for me, and the past few weeks have been quite stressful. I hope to resume normal service soon! 

Well, first things first. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been asked to take my spinning with me to various places 😀 One is to my Mums work, to show them how spinning works, as part of an ‘alternative art’ session. The guys and girls there absolutely loved it and everyone tried their best. I started off with some examples of what I had for them to try, and started off people using the spinning wheel. I used my Bliss. Instead of allowing them to try with sheep fleece to spin, I simply threaded it with some red acrylic yarn, so they could understand the feeling of spinning, without the hassle of concentrating on holding it properly. Some were very good and got hold of the motion of the wheel straight away. Others had me pushing the wheel for them whilst they felt the treadle go up and down. 

My Mum assisted them with the drum carder whilst I supported the spinning wheel. Some of the clients loved the carder and were fascinated by blending the merino colours together. 


I spun up one batt of wool that one of them had blended. 


All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon. I was due to go to a school the next day, and being the lazy person I am, I left the spinning equipment in the car overnight. I’m sooo glad I did! I asked the Head of this school if I were allowed to give a lesson on spinning and let them have a go, and she said yes! 

The kids LOVED it. They all got their iPads out (the school gives all the pupils iPads) and were filming each other spinning, like awesome reporters. I was very impressed. 

To start off with, I put all the different kinds of fibres I had in the middle of the table and had the children sit/stand around it. (Only 12 in the class that day). We discussed the various types of fibres and how each is prepared. They looked at plastic, silk cocoons and hankies, llama, alpaca and wool.


Later on, we all made felted soaps. 


I love the one in the top right hand corner, the white one with purple felted bits on top. I was very impressed with that. They all seemed to have great fun and all participated very eagerly. 

What else has been going on? Oh, I came back the other night from a party, and Mum gave me three huge bags of wool that someone had given her from work. I LOVE rummaging in wool bags, you never know what you might find! 


Freddy very kindly helped me bring it all upstairs. His contribution is the wool on the top of the bags 😀 There was a massive amount. Most of it was acrylic, old acrylic, with some wool blends, all in different thicknesses. Plenty of new balls there, which is awesome. Two huge new balls of Aran wool. There was also loads of mohair too; I LOVE the bright pinks. 


Acrylics in top left, (going to be awesome just right for my blanket and some the same kind as I buy anyway), chunky yarns at top right, Aran at bottom left, and mohair at bottom right. 

Oooh, and something else amazing at the bottom of the last bag…? 


A whole set of bamboo needles! I haven’t used straight bamboo needles before, preferring to use metal ones. I shall have a go with bamboo ones next time I think. (I use bamboo ones for knitting in the round though… weird!) 

I also got my next order from Wingham Wools. 100g of silk hankies (YAY! Can’t wait to dye these. Just need to buy some more Kool-Aid now), 100g of mushroom alpaca tops, 100g of aubergine alpaca tops, 100g of jute tops, 100g of trilobal nylon sparkly stuff, and a small book on the history of spinning. Thought it might be useful next time I teach spinning and stuff. 


Oh, went to the same school again that I taught spinning at, and this time we tried some lollypop stick weaving. They loved it! Some got the hang of it straight away, others needed a little more help. But they all made an average of three sets each. Don’t you think this is wonderful? I plan on trying to make it into a big hanging when I have some more time. 


I think I may do this with one of my own classes if we have time. 

Here are some photos which made me smile this past couple of weeks.. . 


And of course, my sweetheart. 


That’s all for now. I hope to come back with some more knitting/crochet projects later on, kinda lost my mojo at the moment 😦 Sucks when that happens. I kinda feel like spinning, but at the moment that would mean getting out of bed which I’m not prepared to do right now, haha. 

Have a great evening everyone. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Isn’t this the most gorgeous sight to see when you come back to your room after getting a cup of tea? Makes my heart melt every time 🙂



Well, the blue items he is sitting next to were perhaps the first thing that I made this year. They are a pair of simple, fingerless mittens, made out of acrylic. What amazes me is the warmth of them! I have been using them for all sorts. They are brilliant when out shopping because I am sick of whipping my gloves on and off. Keeps the majority of my hands warm, and I just curl my fingers inside to keep cosy when outside.


You may also have noticed the white blob of work also next to my beautiful Freddy. This was meant to be a wedding veil, or a shawl. I started this, I think a couple of years ago, but as you can see I never got far with it. I am pretty damn pleased with what I did get done, but it is just sitting in the cupboard doing nothing. 576 stitches are still on the needles! I am going to cast it off, block it, and then… try and find a use for it! I have never blocked anything before, so this should be interesting. This was my first VERY big dpn project.



I am looking forward to seeing how big it is when I finally cast off… that is what I will be doing when I leave the post for tonight I think. I shall try and put up the photos tomorrow of the before and after blocking. There is a website link to the whole of the shawl in case anyone would like to see it. It was a very simple shawl to make, and grew very quickly. Unfortunately I just lost where I was in the shawl due to constant pick up, put down moments, and I know for a fact it just won’t get finished. I shall save the yarn for something else, and perhaps try again on something different. It is called the Firmaments Lace Shawl. Beautiful.




Here is a close up of the diamond stitches. These look almost like spades from a pack of cards.



I was so glad I didn’t make any mistakes in this part! These are the diamond stitches, and are so effective. Just a simple knit and yo stitch and voila!



This is what it was knitted out of. I bought two balls of the yarn, because the pattern said it needed to, but I hardly seemed to get anyway through the first ball! I cannot remember the price…something calls out £4 something, but I can’t be sure. I got it from our local Haberdashery market. I love that place… but they could do with some more sales stuff!

Anyway, am going to start on the mammoth task of casting off… let’s see how this turns out!

xXx Love Kais xXx