Well, that’s it for another year. Woolfest has been and gone. I had a great time and I’m sure so did everyone else who went there.

For those who don’t know – Woolfest is an annual event held just outside Cockermouth (don’t laugh!) in Cumbria. I think this is the eleventh year it has been run, but don’t quote me on that. It is held in a giant auction mart and there are so many stalls there, selling all sorts of things, from clothes, to animals, to fibre, to wheels, to tools, to anything woolly you can think of.


I really enjoy seeing the animals here. I now desperately want an angora rabbit, especially an orangy, beige one.


The sheep are a definte bonus too! Here are some Herdwicks, some sheared, some not. (First time I haven’t bought a Herdwick fleece this year, but I have one in the shed ready to be washed).


I think this gorgeous guy is an Exmoor Horn ram. He had a sign on the pen saying ‘I am a lovely boy, but sometimes I can get grumpy, so please don’t put your  hands in the pen!’


My favourite – North Ronaldsay. It’s a fairly coarse fleece but I like it for the history and unusual eating habits of the sheep. They graze on the beaches and eat seaweed. We used to have some when I was little so they make me feel all nostalgic when I use the fleece.


Some photos of inside –

This stall had a lot of X fleeces, including Merino X Shetlands. Quite expensive, so I didn’t buy anything from this stall. It was here when I was looking through a pile of fleece packs that I helped a German lady with understanding the prices here. It was the highlight of my day helping her, in GERMAN. (I love the German language and would LOVE to chat to people in German, but no-one around here speaks it!)


Look at the size of this drum carder!


I was fascinated by this huge loom.


Joe’s Toes – A stall specialising in making slippers out of felt. You could buy the seperate pieces to sew together.




It doesn’t look very busy here, but at some points it was very crowded.


I love the little fat sheep at the bottom of this picture.


So, what did I get?

I think I was maybe a bit more restrained than last year… no… no, I wasn’t. I just spent less at Wingham Wools as I have a massive box filled to the brim full of fibre! I spent a lot less on raw fleece but still seemed to come back with as many huge sacks.


I bought (what I can remember, the fleeces are now in the shed) –

  • North Ronaldsay grey/brown fleece
  • Black badger fleece
  • Shetland X Hebridean fleece
  • Hebridean fleece
  • Soay fleece – (£1!!!!)
  • Jacobs fleece

I think there was another but I can’t recall what it is. I also got loads of bits which you can just about see in the picture.


I’ll explain these soon when I finish this post.

xXx Love Kais xXx



Hello everyone!!

I’ve been busy at school this past week so it’s been lovely having a couple of days off. Got a few photos off my displays which I thought you might like to see.


Rainbow handprints! They basically cut out handprints and coloured them in rainbow colours. They then had to put these into order. They did really well. The sunset picture is one I did to show them how to do a sunset picture. (Not very good, but they got the idea and theirs were beautiful).


I LOVE this picture 😀 Whenever the kids draw me something I always put it on this wall, behind my desk. Some of these are from Christmas, as you can tell from the left hand side, but some of them are from last week. There are a couple of unicorns and a Commonwealth ticket 😀 Haha, I love kids imaginations.

I had a sudden urge to do a bit of work on my crochet a long blanket so settled down in the morning with the two boys. Well, when they had finally settled down and stopped trying to eat each others faces I got quite a bit done.


Lots and lots and lots of these!!! 😦 Instead of threading the needle one strand at a time, I threaded ten at a time, then sewed them in, and then another ten. I found it went a lot quicker than doing it one at a time.


However, this was ‘helped’ by Alfie, falling asleep like this . . .


Whereas my sweetheart Freddy lay on the floor patiently with his teddy.


I thought it would be nice to go into town today and look into the local wool shop. I was desperate for some more Merino Superwash I had made those little cardigans into previously, but the prices were a bit too steep for me to justify paying them. Bit upset but I found something else to cheer me up 😀


The six at the bottom are a 45% acrylic, 55% cotton mix, and I think the colours are gorgeous! The three are the back are a mix of cashmere, silk and merino. Gorgeous!! AND on sale at only £2 each. I already have patterns picked out for the bottom yarn, but not too sure of what to do with the top stuff.

Green and blue – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-coffee-bean-cardigan

Grey – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kanoko-pants

We are currently in the process of changing my room around. The large green sofa is being given to the charity furniture shop and I am having the chinchillas in my room. I need to buy Evie a new cage and myself some ear plugs! They are so noisy at night time!!  I am also going to have a table in my room, which I can’t wait for. It will be awesome to have a desk to work at, instead of lying on my bed to do work. My room looks a disgusting tip at the moment, but that will change soon!

When changing my room around I found the cross stitch Egyptian Queen my Mum had done a while ago. Isn’t it beautiful?


I love the beading and tassels. 😀

Anyway, better go to bed now, got plenty of work to do from home tomorrow. Lesson planning never ends! Hope everyone has a good night.

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello again, just a quick blog post whilst I have some time. Thought you might like to see how my cot blanket is getting on. 

I think last time you saw it, it was two repeats long. I’ve just started on my fourth one, and am still loving it! It was easy to calculate the amount of stitches in it too, which turn out to be 6400 stitches! 


I think the pattern said something like 12 repeats, but I’m not sure if that will suit the needle size I’m working with. I don’t want one looong rectangular blanket. I think I will just play it by sight, but the way it is going, I think I am aiming for nine repeats, with the seed stitch border. I’m still pondering over whether to add a border to it or not. 

I still plan on blocking it when I have finished. Probably in the front room or something which isn’t used too often at the moment. I’ve been using normal dressmaker pins to block things (which isn’t often!) but I’ve seen t-shaped pins which look pretty good too. Anyone else used those before? Are they better than normal pins? 

What else? Not a lot craft wise unfortunately. I really want to get onto dyeing these silk hankies but I just have no time at all. Knitting this blanket is the only thing I seem to grab a spare few minutes to do. Good thing it’s in a fairly chunky yarn which means it knits up quickly. 

Well, I’ve been working on the displays in my classroom, and I’ve been super late in putting them up. I just seem to constantly have things to do, and displays were the least of my worries. Well, this week I’ve decided to put up some new ones. 

Here is an example of what you can do with acrostics poems. 


The children (lower KS1) wrote acrostics poems using the word ‘home.’ They then wrote this on a house template, and decorated it. I thought it would make a lovely display to show their houses in a street. This isn’t the best display in the world, but I’m super pleased with it. I’m working on a ‘plants’ display as well. Unfortunately, standing back from it, I can see that it’s pretty squint, which hopefully won’t annoy me too much! I’ll try and get a quick photo of it as soon as possible. I need to draw and cut out a giant flower, and label all the insides of it. I can’t find any decent plant label cards online, except ones with very simple vocabulary, which is not what I need. No matter, I’ll just go onto Microsoft Word and type them out myself. It’s just the laminating that takes so long unfortunately. 

Oh, I was looking in my cupboard for something yesterday and found some items I bought a while ago, but never blogged about! Does anyone know what these are? 


These are Russian Support Spindles and I have wanted to try them in soooo long! I think you can tell which one is my favourite! I enjoy spinning with them, but they are a lot more difficult and more time consuming than a normal drop spindle. They are a lot longer than I thought too, I thought they were just small things, maybe a little longer than six inches? These are about ten inches longer I would say. I got these in a big box stuffed with the most amazing fibres – cashmere and silk mix, merino and silk mix, dehaired camel, llama, adult mohair, oh, some lovely things! I spun the llama up a few weeks ago. I did a post on it too. 

Anyway, I ‘spose I’d better get going. Not very sleepy at the moment, would much rather do something crafty, but I’m afraid my eyes won’t let me! (That will teach me to not try and do everything in one day. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I do, there always seems to be so much more waiting. I’ve even taken home two lots of A4 jotters and another classes worksheets to try and mark, but it’s never ending). That’s what being a teachers all about! 


Right, have a great night everyone, I’m off to snuggle up to my sweetheart – If he moves up that is! ❤ 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Hello again, another blog post! My eighty first! I wonder if I shall get to one hundred before the end of the year? We shall see.

Can hear the fireworks going off at the moment and they are driving me nuts! Terrified they will upset Freddy. But no, I’ve got up to have a look at the fireworks with Mum, and he sits by the window to watch them too! Does anyone elses pets do that?


So, today I tidied up my room… (well, sort of quick tidy up so nothing is on the floor…) and decided to do some spinning. I found out some of my luxury fibres and decided to spin 100g of superfine llama top. Very soft, very hairy, very floaty.


I tried to predraft this as much as possible. But due to it being so super fine it was very floaty, and didn’t draft as well as I’d hoped. I pulled it into the smallest strips I could managed, and simply drafted from them.


It looks like I’ve yanked out someones hair!

Here is my first attempt at spinning it. Very smooth, and easy to spin. It took a good few minutes to get the brake band to the correct grip for some reason. I have changed it to fishing line wire, and I don’t think I’ve attached it properly. I’ll have to have a good look at that.


Fairly thick singles again, but they look fairly even I think. Here it is plyed…


And here is the whole thing, skeined up and ready to use.


I never know how long the wool actually is. I only ever know the weight, because I’m too lazy to actually figure out the yardage/ meterage, etc. It never bothers me anyway.

I’ve got some cashmere that I need to try out next. Vuchickens (sorry, not sure how to link!!) has been spinning some gorgeous stuff, and I’ve been super jealous :p So, I found out some stuff I had been given and thought I would have a little go.

I’m going to now go and watch ‘Nighty Night’ on DVD, listen to fireworks (yawn) and do a bit more knitting.

Night night everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx