Hello everyone,

Just sat relaxing in bed listening to the heavy rain outside. I love listening to rain, it’s so relaxing. The more wild and loud the better. I love hearing the wind and rain. I do not however, like how it is for my poor chickens! Poor things were drenched when I went to see them in the afternoon. I decided to do them some porridge which they all tucked into happily.

These photos were not from today but I think they are gorgeous.


Grace sitting on my hand in the left picture with cheeky Martha sitting next to me in the right hand picture. I love these two so much, as well as my other two gorgeous girls. I love the way they greet me when I go into their run. They all crowd round and they jump up next to me when I sit on their jumps. I kneeled down to see them the other day and Grace jumped on my arm. I turned to see what they others were doing when Rose leapt up next to her 😀

So, what craft things have I been up to? I decided to get some carding done finally. I chose to do my laundry bag of natural cream Jacobs fleece. It took a good while and I was getting fed up towards the end. The end result is always very pleasing though. I carded each of these batts twice to make them nice and smooth and then they were tied with orange ribbon.


I washed another fleece too. It was so big that it took five dryers to hold it all outside. It is a Whitefaced Woodland sheep. Here it is fully unrolled outside. It was huge!


I think this only had two hot washes and two hot rinses before it was ready to be spun in the washing machine. I might dye some of this later.

Ooh, I’ve finally knitted something else! I seemed to go off knitting for a while (I haven’t touched that baby cable cardigan in aggges) so I am amazed I finished these.


These were knitted Two At A Time using a circular needle and the magic loop method. I LOVED this method and will certainly be doing this again. I’m thinking of buying some specific sock yarn next time – something bright and cheerful. Also, when I made socks before I knitted back and forth and picked stitches up the sides. On these I wrapped stitches and continued knitting in the round. Love them. The yarn is a recycled dress which possibly was blogged about a long while ago. The socks are way nicer than the dress!

I crocheted this little hat too. I think it’s really cute and want to make some more in bigger sizes. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems very open at the back. I love the white trim detail. I also crocheted a top to match. I followed the instructions for a newborn crocheted sweater but as you can see it was ridiculously small for baby doll.


I really want to get another reborn doll. This time one with their eyes open I think.

I thought I’d try out something different yet again. My Mum and I visited a friends house and she had done the most amazing work with loom bands. I instantly wanted to do some too. The friend generously gave me a really good loom. I had left some bands at my Nannys house but wouldn’t be getting those back for ages. We nipped into the shops on the way back and this is what I got –


I haven’t done too much with them as I find you need to have intense concentration and everything seems to be making my eyes ache at the moment. I also find that I always leave one loop left unlooped which wrecks the whole of the item. I managed to do one though – a fish!


I am going to put a keyring on him and attach him to my keys.

Now… as you will have seen I’ve been really getting into my sewing. My sewing machine has been an amazing piece of machinery and I am so grateful for it. I think it was one of the cheapest models I could find but I have absolutely no complaints. Here are some of the things I have made very recently. . .


Dungarees (0-3 months)


Shirt (12 months) I still need to do the button holes for this. I hadn’t actually learnt how to do them at that point but I know now. The collar is definitely not right but it doesn’t matter.


This was already cut out in a kit but all the sewing was done by me. I changed the way it closed a little bit and I really like the end result. I also added in some plastic at the bottom to give it some more depth and structure. I would like to strengthen the buttons on the side a bit more though.


Pants, pants and more pants! (0-3 months) I adore making these. I absolutely love this pattern. Whenever I feel the need to sew something I grab the simple paper pattern and getting pinning. I’m glad I bought so much elastic when it was cheap.


Don’t I look grumpy? This was a mock dress I made to see how a pattern worked. I’ve added in boning and a zip at the back. I’m really proud of how this turned out. It fitted very well and wasn’t in the least bit uncomfortable. The only problem I think was the zip bunching at the back. I intend to remake this dress using a gorgeous silky pink fabric with a black lace overlay. I can imagine the silky material is going to be very hard to cut if it keeps sliding about.


The black lace is simply pinned on the top of the dress as I was seeing how I might like it to go. I like it very much and so does Freddy 😀

As for my future crafty plans?


I’ve started cutting out the pieces for this and plan to start sewing them up tomorrow.


I’ve cut out the pieces for six, yes, SIX, more pants. Told you I can’t get enough of these! I made this little one up very quickly too. I might time myself actually… They all look very dark but some of the colours are nice and bright. The nice blues are not showing.


The party dress on the right in the bottom right corner is how I want my dress to be. I bought this pattern last week along with the one next to it. Can’t wait to do the little sailor outfits 😀 I borrowed the top middle from my brothers sewing pattern collection, the right one he bought for me from a charity shop for 49p (its the wrong size so I shall just trim it down and adapt it) and the one on the right was bought for me by my Mother. Such funny little teddies and toys 🙂

As for knitting and crocheting I am unsure of what to do next. I would like to get on with knitting the cable cardigan but I seem to have such a mental block whenever I pick it up. I’ll find something. I have shelves full of beautiful yarn all wanting to be made into something nice.

Anyway, have a nice night everyone.

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello everyone. I know I’ve been posting a lot recently, but well, things aren’t seemingly going quite well for me at the moment, and it’s a way to escape thinking about things. 😦

I realised that we have had the chickens just over three months now and I thought before and after photos of the chickens would be a nice idea. For those of you who don’t know, I have three chickens and they were given to me as rescue hens. Previously they were battery hens. I’m not going into the ins and outs of batteries, but I hate them with a passion and cannot fathom why such cruel places exist. So, before I got my beautiful girls, their lives were hell on Earth, basically. Now they have a lovely yard to run about and play in, places to dig, places to sun themselves, a lovely large coop with plenty of space, and as much food and drink and treats as they want. They are spoilt rotten and they deserve every bit of it.

We have Donna, Rose and Sarah-jane. All named after Dr Who companions in case you didn’t know. 🙂

Some of the photos might be a bit … urgh, but the photos I will show you are of the first couple of days we had them, all the way up to today.

Well, starting with Donna.


She was the only one without missing feathers when we got her. Donna in Dr Who is a fairly mouthy companion, loud, rude and brash. Likes to get on with things and always first in line. This name suits this Donna perfectly. She was the first one to explore her coop, the first one to go straight for the food… the first one to escape! First one to get into the kitchen, haha. That horrible pink tag on her leg was taken off instantly. She is noisy and likes to walk around you, she isn’t afraid of anything. When Freddy goes near her, like today, she just pecks at him, making the poor dog jump! I think she had been out a month or less when we were given her.

This is here today –


She looks like she has lost a little bit of weight, but I think she doesn’t have her feathers fluffed up as much as the other photo. When she is annoyed she shakes her tail feathers, haha. Gorgeous girl 🙂 So naughty too… she got on top of the shed roof a while ago… 😀

Ok, the next chicken is Rose. Now, Rose had very few feathers when we got her. A very scrawny chicken. These photos aren’t too nice at first, but they get better.



She had very bare wings, no feathers on her chest, or on her bum area. Her head had hardly any feathers at all either. Her tail feathers were just meh too. When we got her she was so shy, so scared and she just stayed in her coop for a little while, just terrified. She had only been taken from the battery place a couple of days before we got her, so she must have been so scared of all the new things happening.

This is only about a month or so later.


Her feathers had taken a little while to start sprouting, but then they all sort of came up at once! Here she is with her new, soft, under feathers. As you can see, she isn’t bothered by Freddy in the slightest. None of them are. They even walk underneath him! Rose was the quiet one, but now she is the one who also gets in trouble for being naughty! She has started jumping up places, and trying to get into the kitchen. She likes being cuddled and will sit on your lap enjoying being stroked. She sort of half closes her eyes and tucks her neck in, like she is roosting. It’s so lovely to see.

And the final transformation? It’s stunning, honestly. Here is Rose, this photo only taken half an hour ago.

SAM_1254 SAM_1242


Complete with all her feathers, looking fat and beautiful. The feathers are soooo soft!

The last but not least chicken is Sarah-Jane. She hasn’t changed tooo much since getting her. Sadly her feathers seem so dry still, and her skin is just quite poor and flaky. If you go into their coop there is loads of tiny white bits on the floor, which I think is her flaky skin coming off! We have tried some various creams, and have poultry spice so hopefully something will work for her.


Bit difficult to see but you get the idea. You can see on her back she is completely bare!


Well, thankfully that has now changed! Sarah-Jane was quite forward at first, even though she had only been out perhaps a couple of days too. I think she was in the same rescue as Rose. She isn’t very shy, and will go up to you, but isn’t as forward as Donna, and now Rose. She likes to watch what is going on, and prefers to see the others try new food before she does. She does like sitting sunning herself and spreads all her wings out to keep warm. She also likes being cuddled, and will half close her eyes in enjoyment. She purrs too!


Here she is today. As you can see, her feathers aren’t as nice as they perhaps could be, but as long as she is warm and happy, I think she will be ok 🙂

Here is a picture of what her back looks like now.


The soft looking brown feathers are her new ones. She seems to have lots of feather bits poking through, but most of these fall out, are pecked out, or are so dry they just don’t last. I doubt very much her tail feathers will ever come up properly either. She has some more feathers growing on her front too which is good, as that was completely bare too.

I love this next picture of Rose and Sarah-Jane.


They look so content! Sarah-Jane actually did sleep for a while, she was so warm and cosy. Donna didn’t want to go in, and was quite happy staying in the coop.

Anyway, I’d better go just now, better make sure they are all behaving themselves! Hope everyone has a great day, and I’d love to know if anyone else has chickens?


xXx Love Kais xXx