Hello everyone. 

I’ve just spent the last few days going over my room and giving it a massive clear out. I have so much craft stuff it’s overflowing! I managed to sort out all of my new bits and pieces into plastic boxes which makes it so much easier to see what I have! 

I’ve really gotten into my sewing, which I adore! I bought some simple lunch box type plastic tubs a week ago – 5 for £4. I bought some more yesterday too as they are so useful. I did have all of my sewing stuff on the table and in boxes and bits, all jumbled up. Not helpful when you want to lay your hands on something quickly. I’ve got a couple of extra tubs too. 


Excuse the socks and cups! 

Bottom up first column. 

1 – Lace, ric rac and ribbons. 

2. Scraps and fat quarters. 

3. Paper pattern pieces. 

4. The essentials – needles, rotary cutter, scissors, tape measure, chalk, etc. 

5. Elastic reel, alphabet buttons, large beads and teddy bear items. 

6. The little dress and shoes I am working on now. (Pictures further down). 

Bottom up back column. 

7. Christmas patches ready to sew. 

8. Teddy bear pieces. 

9. WIP little hat. 

10. Bias binding and velcro. 

11. Mini rabbit pattern pieces all ready to sew. (Been months now!) 

12. Tub of elastics. 

13. (Behind) Bra and skirt fastening type things, press studs, etc. 

You can see next to all the tubs a spice rack. I’ve had this for a long time and instead of spices I use them for other little bits, like needles, buttons, rose pieces, pins, etc. It’s really useful. I’ve also sorted out some of my fabrics to fit nicely under the table.


It took me ages to find wadding anywhere at a decent price. I know I can’t get everything for cheap, cheap, cheap, but some places take the mickey. I went to HobbyCraft (about 10-12 miles away) but the wadding was £6+ a metre! Nooo thanks! I’d need several metres and there was no way I was going to spend £12 on two metres of wadding. When I was next in Glasgow I went to an amazing place called ‘Remnant Kings.’ It sells the remnants of fabric on rolls as well as other pieces. Ribbons, bias bindings, buttons, etc. Some pieces are very expensive obviously, but others not so much. There are some beautiful cotton prints there. I wonder if they do half metres…? Anyway, I found the wadding and it was £3.50 a metre for the thick stuff. Perfect. I only got one metre and I’m regretting it now…. why did I only get one metre?! No matter, next time I’m there I’ll get 2/3 metres more. It’s just storing it that is the problem. Maybe a vaccuum bag would be a great purchase. 

I’ve worked on the next little dress for a week or so, on and off. I’ve made the nappy cover to match, and made it without sleeves. I think sleeves would not have looked right on it. What do you think? 


I didn’t buy fabric like that – I was at a car boot sale a good few months ago and they were selling packs of fabric for a pound. There was a piece the size of a bath sheet in there of all these squares someone had sewn together. I imagine someone had been trying to make a quilt. Well, I didn’t want it as a quilt so I thought it would be really sweet fabric to make a little girls dress/top out of. I found some bias binding that matched it perfectly (from my trip to the Sew and Sew!) I sewed the majority of this by hand on the train and at A’s house. (I am sooo (sew :p) going to get a sewing machine at his house. I have turned the bias binding up at the bottom and at the sleeves so it is not so sticking out. I’ll need to get a photo for you. I’m really pleased with it. (Please excuse the tissues at the side – did NOT notice that when taking the photo, grrr). 


As I mentioned before, my local haberdashery is closing down and when I last went in it was 60% off. I was very good and only picked up these two items. I was charged £1.40 for the lot! One whole metre of cotton in red and white stripes that will make a nice romper suit and some gorgeous black and white cotton flower fabric which I have used before. I used it to line a knitting cable pencil case. I don’t know what to make with it yet.  


When I was in Blackpool I bought some fabric panels and fabric books to make up. Each panel was £2.50! EACH! Usually they’re about £8+ so I got a real bargain. Two books which look sooo cute! The rest are all going to be baby quilts. 

I started on one the other night. The only thing is, I had to pin down the sides quite a bit because the wadding was just too small. It would not fold in half so I ended it being fairly thin wadding, but it can be a thin cover blanket. I got some old childrens curtains from a charity shop yesterday and the back of them had the most perfect backing for this new quilt. 


I really like it. I haven’t sewn up one side as I needed to turn it inside out. I’ve seen some amazing quilts where they have been sewn around different patterns on the quilt itself. It made a nice effect on the back of the quilt. I’ve tried doing it with the machine and by hand but it just isn’t working for me. It looks good on the front – 


– But not on the back… I’m going to unpick it and see what else I can do. I’ve found a large cross stitch hoop which will stretch the fabric out at the back so it does not bunch up as it is currently doing. Either that or I’m going to take the back off again, sew around the different pieces (adding a thin piece of cotton on the back so I’m not sewing up the wadding as it will muck up my machine) and then sew the backing back on. We shall see. 


For anyone who is interested, here is the book I’ve been using to do my baby tops. I got the pants tutorial from online – 


Here are some more examples of my WIPs. 


I’m still, STILL working on this blanket! I love it though. A is getting a flat in a few days (Thursdayy!!!!!!) and I promised him that one day this blanket will go on our bed. I doubt very, very much that this will be finished by Thursday but I will try my best. I’ve added two inches since this photo was taken. I plan on creating another half metre or less, then a border of sc’s, hdc’s, two granny stitches, and then a wavy border. Excited! I’m so excited for him getting this new flat. I won’t be living there but I’ll be going over there lots and lots! He is going to Uni to do film and media and it’s like ten minutes from his flat. I haven’t seen it yet, but A says it’s amazing and will be perfect for us…. we shall see on Thursday. I shall cast my eye over it and see the possibilities 😀 

I bought the best ever pillow cases at a car boot sale today – soooo true! 


A while ago I mentioned on one of my posts that I had bought a reborn doll kit. I realised that although I finished it a good while ago I’ve not put any photos up of it at all. I know a lot of people don’t like them but I’ve had fun doing this one, and would do it again. Just a shame at the £100 + price for the kits! 

Well, her she is – I’ve called her Christina. 


You can’t really see any of the paint on her face which is a shame. I’ve coloured her cheeks and lips and where her eyes are so it looks shaded and blushed. She has little veins too. I was using my phone camera to take photos so there isn’t any decent close up unfortunately. 


I love her little hands. The feet are cute too. The dress she is wearing is a knitting and crocheted dress I made a long, long time ago – when I was in my post tonsil pain! Made with King Cole Riot yarn. Beautiful stuff! The doll is weighted so it feels like a real baby. Hmm, well, I think she is a little too heavy – everyone says she is very heavy for a baby doll. The head is weighted so it flops back, as are the bottom, the arms and legs. 

I can’t wait until I have kids! Don’t worry, I’m not one of these strange people who treat it like a baby. It’s a doll. A doll for trying on the baby clothes I knit to see how they look, and then it goes back in the cupboard! 


This is the finished doll. The next photo shows the rooting of the hair. This took a good, long while and I ran out of hair and needles! I did find a few of my own felting needles but they were far too big for the dolls head and rooted like ten hairs at a time, which did make a big difference. The poor doll looks baldy at the back! 


Grr, this photos shows none of the colouring! It looks like how I got it out of the box. How annoying, oh well. 


Found this old WIP languishing in some bags of wool earlier. I don’t like the yarn I’m using. I think it’s a linen blend and it’s very soft but I just don’t like the floppy way it knits up. The cardigan looks good, so I should finish it really. Only the sleeves and the button band at the front. This the main part I dislike – 


This is where you have to do a YO to create the sleeves. Oh well. 

Right, I’d better go now. Find something to do! I might do some more sewing. I sit in front of my bedroom window looking outside whilst I sew. It’s a beautiful view over a river at the back. You can see England from my window right at the back. 


Have a great night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


Hello again everyone.

It’s been a busy few months, hence my rather long absence from this blog. I’ve missed writing it but I’ve been rather preoccupied with work and such. From starting out contracted with only a day and a half a week, this past few months I’ve been working almost every day. Sadly, today was my last day. I thought I’d be ok but nope, the tears started flowing. The staff were lovely and bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I’ll have to get a photo of them and show you. Some of the kids made/bought me cards and I got a few chocolates!

Anyway, it just means that I’ll have a bit more time to myself, after the holidays that is.

I got a summer teaching job!

I’ll be teaching foreign children English. I look forward to it very much. It’s going to be for six whole weeks at a residential school, which means six weeks away from home! I’ll be ok, but I bet I’ll be sobbing when I have to go. It’s down in England, in Worcester. It’s a beautiful place and only twenty minutes from my Nans house, meaning I have some family there so I’m not totally alone. There are great school trips the kids go on, lovely evening activities and the teaching will be fun too. I teach three hours of English a day to a class of fifteen children. The first few days there are training days for the staff and then the kids come in. I hope that it is single person accommodation – otherwise some poor person is going to have to suffer with my snoring!

I went to Woolfest the other day 😀 I’d waited 52 weeks for it!! It did not disappoint. The fleece sale was great and it had changed a bit too. Instead of the fleece checking table being behind the payment desk it was at the side meaning it was far easier to check. I didn’t use the checking table last year as it seemed to be too much hassle cramming in past people. I used it plenty of times this time! A few fleeces I would have gone for from first glance in the bag were rejected because the inside of the fleece was poor. I remember seeing one that was a high price for something so awful – badly felted and dirty. I bought eleven fleeces this year. I only bought seven I think last year from Woolfest and I used all of them up, so didn’t feel bad in buying eleven this year. Image

I can’t really remember which ones I got, but I will try my best.

  1. Shetland X
  2. Wensleydale X (shearling)
  3. Black Welsh Mountain
  4. Shetland X (shearling)
  5. Whitefaced Woodland (shearling)
  6. Badger Faced Hogg (or something similar to that!)
  7. Jacob
  8. Herdwick
  9. Ryeland shearling (GORGEOUS!!!)

I cannot remember the other two though. Absolutely gorgeous. One of the Shetland X’s was really badly packed but was only £2.50. I thought, what the heck? I bought it to check it out. It wasn’t anything great by all means, but I will get something out of it.

I was very surprised to see that it had been rolled up (or rather, squished up) and then held together with a cable tie or two!


My Dad is modelling it for you in the picture, ready with the cutters! You can see why I went for it in the first place, with the nice crimpy bits on the front. I won’t lie – most of it was rubbish, but I got some ok bits from it. This is what the fleece looked like all spread out.


Very dirty, very dusty. I haven’t washed it yet, but I have pretty much skirted everything yucky from it.


Some good bits of the fleece.

My ‘get rid of’ pile and ‘keep’ pile.


I got some beautiful Ryeland fleece. This was the most expensive at £20 – most I’ve ever paid for one!


These pictures speak for themselves. Beautifully sheared, so soft and light.

Ryeland 2

The size of it! It swamps little Alfie, haha. The bottom left picture shows the different colours on this one fleece alone!

I will have to put more of the fleece on another post, my eyes  are getting a little tired staring at the screen. I’ve washed a fleece this afternoon, a lovely Shetland Shearling X and it’s drying outside in the sunshine now. It was so hot this afternoon! I didn’t spin it out like I should have so it is still a bit drippy. Next time I shall def. spin the water out.

I look forward to carding it on my Classic Carder and then trying to make roving using the new diz I bought from HilltopCloud at Woolfest.

I also bought –

A diz (Hilltop Cloud)

4 x wool tops  (Wingham Wools)

Carded Cotton (Wingham Wools)

Trilobal nylon, both gold and silvery white (Wingham Wools)

Blue alpaca tops, 100g (Wingham Wools)

All in one Easy Dyes (ColourCraft)

Dye squeezy bottles x 2 (Colour Craft)

Extra large syringes for dyeing x 2 (D and T Designs)

Purple dyed silk cocoons (Hilltop Cloud)

Alpaca 250g

Gotland fleece 500g (Eden Gotland)

Alpaca seconds x 3 huge bags (Why Not Alpaca – I think!)

Felting needles, extra fine, size 38 (Karl Hof? or something like that!)

Knitting magazines (Charity Stall)

Wool nepps (Wingham Wools)

I THINK that’s all I bought from Woolfest. We nipped into HobbyCraft on our way home and I bought a gorgeous cream metal container – looks a bit like a bin with handles, but it’s very pretty. I will use it for my washed fleece.


Oooh, I didn’t mention – we got some more chickens! They are called Grace and Martha 😀 They are both beautiful girls with quirky personalities. Grace likes to jump on your arm and sit on your shoulder like a parrot 😀 Martha likes demanding to be let out of the run and is first out on the grass!


Hello, Martha! Rose in the background having a drink of water and Donna striding across the run! Gorgeous Donna 😀

Grace and Martha


Grace at the back and Martha at the front, checking out their surroundings.


An example of Grace sitting comfortably. She roosted happily on top of my hand for ages. They didn’t get on well with Donna and Rose for a while but now they are as thick as thieves and adore each other. 😀

So there we are – just a little peek into what has been happening the last couple of months. I’m going to go now and try and finish as much of this last sleeve as possible.


This is just the front as an example. I’ve finished front, back and one sleeve. I’m only needing to do one last sleeve and I’m done, yay! I’ve never knitted an entire jumper for myself before so I’m very pleased.

Okey dokey then, have a great night everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx


Hello, it’s been a while!

Been pretty busy the last few weeks as you can imagine with school, etc. But anyway, on with the post!

What do you think of this beautiful butterfly?


This cheeky chap was in my bedroom when I came home the other day. He crawled across my school books, and onto the laptop. I managed to pick him up and take this beautiful close up photo. You can see the powder on his wings and the vibrant colours, and every single tiny hair. Just makes me smile. I’m tempted to get a big version of this and pin it up in my classroom.

A couple of weeks ago Mother and I went to the SECC Creative Stitches and HobbyCraft show in Glasgow! 😀 It was soooooooooo much fun. We were there from about 11am ish, and didn’t leave until well after 3pm. It was huge! I was a teeny bit disappointed that there was only one stall on spinning, but it’s not a massive ‘thing’ over here so I’m not really surprised. There was loads of fabric stalls, cross stitching stalls and lots and lots of wool! I remember a lot of the same stalls from last year and a lot of the same faces too. In the HobbyCraft section of the show was lots of fabric and more card-making stalls. And some interesting bits and pieces in between.

What we found amazing was the whole of the knitted and crocheted displays. These were just stunning. I took so many photos but I’m not able to put them all up here. Our favourite was the Craftwell Village.

Craftwell Village

Aren’t all of these so sweet!

These three below are some of my particular favourites.


I’m sure you can see why. There were also displays on seasons, and other things, e.g. dragons, fantasy creatures, withces and wizards, etc.


The Autumn scene looks so beautiful!

This one is another favourite of mine. A completely knitted Mother and Child. Idyllic.

Mother and Baby

You can see a mini leprechaun behind the chair :p Quite apt for St Patricks Day today!

I bought a few things at the craft show and Mum bought some bits and pieces for my birthday. (I’m 24 next week!)

What else has been happening then?


Chickens are doing fine, cheeky and naughty as usual! We have given them some extra space, but for some reason they escape even more! The amount of times I have to go hunting for them in the garden. (Especially Donna, the one on the right!)

I’m sure you’re wanting to know how the puppy is doing!! Freddy and him are getting on very, very well now, if Freddy being a little whingy when Alfie gets too bitey, but you can’t blame him for that really. He is getting naughty however (Freddy) for trying to jump on my lap whenever Alfie tries to bite him! Very naughty when I’m sewing or holding a cup of tea!


Oh, I had such a drama with Freddy last week! I came home at lunch time (just a quick visit to let them out before I went back to work) and he started choking and couldn’t breathe. He sounded like he was being sick, but even worse than normal. He looked pretty distressed and I was hysterical. He stopped after a minute of me trying to calm him down, but everytime he seemed to ‘get back to normal’ he started this choking again. I phoned the vets frantically saying that my dog is choking, what do I do?! They told me to get him to the vets straight away, but thankfully when I got there he had stopped coughing mostly. They gave him a good check over and found out that he had a bit of a throat infection which had caused him to have the hideous choking sounds. He also had a rather uncomfortable temperature check (!) and an injection, as well as being given antibiotics to take home. He has been fine since. One cough the day after and that’s it. He didn’t half scare me though I can tell you. I was panicking. I was on my own too so I had to shove Alfie back in his cage and leave him to take Freddy out. I ended up missing the rest of school but they were very understanding about it and I will make up the time a bit later on.


I made a LEGO house whilst at my brothers and A made a LEGO heart to put on top 😀 How sweet!

I love these carders on the right. Mum picked them up from a car boot sale for £2. £2!!! They are a bit rusty but absolutely fine apart from that. Someone on Ravelry suggested cleaning them with very fine wire wool, and then waste fleece and that should clean them up a bit. I never see anything to do with spinning when out and about and this month I have seen or heard of three pairs of carders! One pair that I have, one very old, very poor condition set in the ‘The Barras’  in Glasgow, and one in the auction. Anyone ever been to the Barras? Very… interesting place, let’s put it that way. Not somewhere I would go on my own, that’s for sure…

I’ve been working on my quilt a little, and put a large border around the wavy lines. The colours don’t quite match but I like them.


The photo on the left shows what I got from the stitch show. Apart from the mini blue bolt one. A bought me that when we went to HobbyCraft a month or so ago. That’s what I used to border the zig zag blanket.

I saw someone online had made a fabulous star quilt. I really wanted to have a go at making one too, so I cut some squares out of old pillow cases I had found in a charity shop. I think it makes quite a pleasing design! I’m not sure what fabric the blue is, but it seems to go fairly well, and I love the green corners matching the brightest star points. Now I need to figure out what to put around the rest of it. Same with the other quilt. I will use the three co-ordinating fabrics in the left picture to make another quilt too, but I’m not too sure yet what it will be like. I do love the look of square quilts, but maybe I should be a little more adventurous…?

The Cath Kidston look alike fabrics at the bottom of the left are made up of lots of little squares. I’m thinking about just sticking them onto some wadding and a backing fabric and simply stitching around each square to make them puff out a little. We shall see! I’m not too have them until my birthday anyway so I have to wait, haha. I ADORE the chicken fabric! Noooooo idea what to make with this though! I also bought a rotary cutter which I sliced my left index finger with almost straight away. Ouchies! Mum bought me a couple of quilting books from the car boot too which I’m going to look at in a minute with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Mmm.

What has everyone else been up?

Anyway, I’d better go just now. It’s almost half past eight and I fancy getting into bed with those books and a cuddle up with Freddy.

xXx Love Kais xXx

Happy New Year everyone!

I finished my quilt! That’s a great way to start off a new year. I’m not too sure how long and wide it is as I haven’t measured it, but it’s a good size for putting over your lap. I’m also thinking it would make a great baby changing mat, or play mat. It’s pretty thick and heavy. I had a bit of a problem with the binding due to the fact that the bias binding I wanted was not wide enough. One inch binding was not thick enough due to the thickness of the wadding. I found some in HobbyCraft a little bit later, but at £2.50 for a couple of metres I wasn’t going to get it. (There is a shop in Glasgow that was selling the SAME product for 20p a pack! I think I’m going to buy soooo much when I’m next there!)In the end I decided that I had JUST enough material around the edges for me to simply fold the edges over the blanket to make a nice edging. And it would suit it perfectly.

Want to see some photos?


I pinned it all around the edges. This was a little bit difficult in places where there was not a lot of material to work with. I even tried sewing it roughly to hold the edges in place, but pins worked just as well. Lots and LOTS of pins. (Talking of pins, I was supposed to get some delivered yesterday, but of course they didn’t arrive).


Here is the back of the quilt. I’m pleased with the squares on the back, they look like a proper quilt should!

And of course, the finished quilt.


(Please excuse the shocking mess in the back of the photo – we are clearing out lots and lots!) The little flowers on the edge of the binding on the back of the blanket is the pattern that was on the white material. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it off. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s a lot better than I thought. I think it would have been quite nice if all the borders had been like that!  (The darkish patch on the middle blue square is where my naughty Freddy jumped up on it after he had been outside in the wet!)


I love the look of it folded up! So thick and warm and comfy!


And the last picture for now. Overall, I’m very, very pleased. For a first quilting project this went amazingly well, and I’m already searching places where I can get nice material from. I just have one major problem though. What happens when I make so many quilts?? And teddies?? Where do I put them all….??

I’m hoping to get a nice new set of box shelves when I’ve sorted my room out.


They are in B and Q, and have a lovely set of coloured material drawers to put in each block. Pink and red and blue and green and yellow and orange and lots of lovely colour. A little expensive, but I’m sure it will be more than worth it. I just think of all the lovely things I can put it them. Sewing material in one, needles and notions in another, WIP’s in another…. so many possibilities!

I have so many things that I have to do in my room. It needs cleared out and I fancy changing my room around completely. I think it could do with a repainting too. I would love to have a wonderful craft room. All of my craft things, and all of my Mums craft items too. She does papercraft and I work with wool. We both like the sewing side of crafts such as cross stitch. (Mums cross stitching is out of this world. I will have to find her Egyptian cross stitch picture).

Anyway, I’m going to go get a cup of tea and watch a few more episodes of ‘Tales of the Unexpected.’ Ever seen it? Wowww…

Have a great night everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (Only 25 weeks and 1 day until Woolfest!)


Well, I can hardly believe it, but I have had a blog for almost a full year. 94 blog posts over 12 months. I’m amazed at the fact I’ve kept going with it, and I haven’t given up. Often, I’ll log on just to read over what I’ve done through the year, just to see what I’ve actually achieved. I used to write diaries a long time ago, but I’d fallen out of that habit when I started University. Having this blog has been amazing and I’ve met some awesome people through it. This last blog post for the year will just be looking at what I’ve achieved through the year and the sort of things I have done.

Thanks for looking, and have a very, very Happy New Year!

Things I have achieved.

  • I can spin
  • I have two spinning wheels
  • I have a drum carder
  • I had a stall selling woollen wares
  • I can create silk hankies
  • I can prep straight from a raw fleece
  • I’ve made lots of baby items
  • I’ve had people asking me for advice for their spinning/knitting/carding/crocheting, etc
  • I’ve taught my crafts in schools.
  • I have a teaching job
  • I have some rescue animals
  • I can now quilt
  • I have a TEFL certificate
  • I can dye using a variety of dyes
  • And lots, lots more!

Things I would like to try/ achieve in 2014.

  • Learn long draw
  • Dye using proper dyes
  • Learn entrelac
  • Crochet a baby garment
  • Knit another pair of socks
  • Get as many of my kits done as possible
  • Finish CAL blanket
  • Do something with Tunisian crochet
  • Sew up my dpn holder
  • Sew the Christmas advent calendar
  • Create my own knitting pattern
  • Make some felt kits
  • Get lots of more sheep fleece prepped
  • Do the following patterns –

Patterns for 2014

These are from the pattern books I received. The socks I will be making LOADS of!

The following photos are sorted into examples from each month and show things that I have been proud of or learnt. Thank you for looking. xXx












June 1

June 2


July 1

July 2


August 1

August 2




October 1

October 2




December 1

December 2


xXx Love Kais xXx

This is just a short blog post today. As many of you know, I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I’ve been busy trying it out.

What I’ve admired for a good long time is quilts. Hand made quilts. The time and effort put into these stunning quilts is phenomenal. I’ve wanted to make one for ages, but lacked the confidence to ‘just get on and do it.’ Since I had such a great time making the teddies, I thought I would challenge myself further.

There is a stunning tutorial online that I read through in great detail. It has a wonderful step by step guide with explicit guidelines on how to do each part of the quilting process. You can find it here –


I found a thick wad of cotton rectangles that we had bought in Blackpool this year. It was £1 for the whole lot and there must have been about 50/60 rectangles in it. It was one of those fabric books, you know, where you flick through the colours and choose which ones you want your curtains/upholstery, etc to be in. I loved the bright colours in it.


I cut out lots and lots of 6″ squares, I wanted the rectangle to fit 4, 4″ squares, but sadly it wouldn’t. I changed it to make them one big 6″ square instead. I made 40 squares. I then laid them out on the floor to check how I wanted the colours to go.


I tried to get the colours going diagonally, if you can see that in the picture? A diagonal line of blue, then reed, then green, etc. It looks like a mixed up colour quilt, with just a teeny bit of co-ordination.

Fred liked it very much!


He kept looking at me, but every time I pointed the camera at him, he turned his head away deliberately. Every time. Naughty boy! Haha. I think it’s his stamp of approval every time he lies on my projects. Does anyone else let their pets do this? I know, I know, I’m too soft!

I then painstakingly pinned all the squares together.


It’s shrunk quite a bit, huh! I had pinned some squares the wrong way before, but only about three, so that was easily fixed. Now, I had to sew it all up! I sewed it with about a 1/4 ” seam allowance, maybe a little less. I followed the little line on my machine, so it was all the same size. It didn’t take me much time at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I had put the pins too close to the top of the material when pinning it for the first time, which meant I had to stop and move the pins down in order to put it through the machine. But I will learn!

I made sure I sewed each strip up carefully, and then sewed one strip to another, long ways.


After sewing up the first couple of rows it got a bit more difficult due to the weight and size. I folded the blanket up on itself and pinned it together to make it easier. It worked.

The back of the sewing looked like this…


Looks like dozens of very flat, tiny boxes. But all the seams were roughly the same length so I was pleased. Wanna see the end result??


Theres a few threads poking through, but that’s fine, they are easily dealt with. It’s also very crumpled, so perhaps I should iron it before I got any further? I’ve decided that instead of making this any bigger, I’m going to leave it this size. I am going to put some wadding at the back and then cover it with a white sheet. My Mum suggested that once all that is sewn on, that I sew diagonally both ways across the quilt, making a simple, but effective pattern. I love the idea, but I think I will create a small padded square to try that out on first! This is going to be a soft baby play mat!

I’m really proud of myself for making this, and I didn’t realise it was so damn easy! Sewing machines used to mystify me and I couldn’t imagine how people seem to use them with such ease. The only thing with quilting is that you need to be slow and accurate with it. But I enjoy it. I am hoping to get the backing done today if I can find an appropriate sheet.

Has anyone else done something this year which changed their attitudes towards something? A new craft perhaps?

I’ll have my last blog post up tomorrow for this year, eeek! Have a great day everyone.

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (Only 25 weeks and 3 days until Woolfest!)

Well, do you want to see? See how the neat pile of material sewed up into a teddy bear?

Well …. I managed to sew up the body….


I turned him the correct way round, stuffed him all up, and with some difficulty, sewed the head half on. The rest of the head I had to hand sew.


He looks like  a proper teddy! I finished sewing him up, and then thought that he needed a little something extra. I thought about buttons for eyes, but there was nothing that suited him. I need to buy some teddy bear eyes I think. I found some ribbon in my sewing bag, and tied it in a neat bow around his neck. I thought it would be really cute if I made his nose match. I took a bit of the ribbon and sewed it round an old button, and firmly sewed it to his nose.

Here is the finished Teddy. What do you think??


He’s got a little fat tummy, and solidly stuffed arms, legs and head. I couldn’t stop cuddling him for AGES.

And you know what? I went straight onto making another one… This pile of material here…


Became this skinny fellow here!


He looks a bit wonky because I am not very good at lining up the limbs properly. They are all the same size though. I think he is sweet, a certain charm about him. I think he needs a proper black teddy nose, so I shall look out for some next time I go into town.

They both sit on the shelf, next to other teddies. They look very cosy together.


The rabbit on the left is a cuddly toy I have had since I was born. Bunny Girl. I’ve taken her on many a holiday with me. The other bear I got this year from A. He is called Benny! The two new bears look like they are holding their paws out for a hug! At a risk of sounding ridiculously soppy, I’ll stop, haha.

I’m not too sure when I’ll make another bear. Perhaps I should buy some new material. It’s lovely working with this material, and no way on Earth did I think I would produce a bear as good as I did, so perhaps I should invest in some other type of material? This was rather expensive at £12 a metre, but it was folded in half, so I basically got 2 metres. I’d also like to try making the paws and soles and inner ears with different material too. Something floral would be quite pretty. This is the start of a WHOLE new hobby. Oh jeez, the expense!!! ( Who am I kidding, I LOVE it!)

Spent a rather quiet day today just tidying up the house basically. The weather was shocking yesterday, but it had calmed right down today. Just quite cold outside, but with beautiful sun. I gathered up all my fleece from under the stairs and had a look at it. I selected the washed and unwashed Poll Dorset fleece to finish sorting it out. Three fleeces (Dorset Down Ewe, Hebridean and Jacobs) were left under the stairs to be sorted another day. I also looked through my stock boxes and selected four batts of Jacobs wool to spin up.

I bought the fleece upstairs and sat it on the carpet on a blanket. With the washed fleece, I was planning on simply picking it and fluffing it up, ready to be put onto the carder. I seemed to get rid of as much as saved which I was a teeny bit disappointed with. But, on the other hand, I’m not as bad as I was, and if I can’t card it, what’s the point of wasting time and energy saving it all? I picked out the long, thick locks and put them into a large bag, and the waste I put into another bag, ready to use for something else, whether it is felting, or stuffing. I tried to get as much done, but Freddy had different ideas!


He jumped head first into the soft pile and lay there, playing with his ball! I love it when he does stuff like that.


And then he fell asleep in it! How adorable is this?? I couldn’t bear to move him, so I just used the bits of fleece that weren’t trapped under him. He must have been there about half an hour quite happily. I didn’t get too much done, as you can imagine, but it was nice starting to get back into it again.

Did I tell you all about the wonderful swap box I got from my Secret Santa swap partner on Ravelry? Oh, it was stunning!


All these beautifully wrapped presents in one big box. I was sooo spoiled! I opened these last on Christmas day, slowly, savouring each one. Want to see what I got?


  • A sheepy cup and saucer.
  • Soya Bean Top
  • A GORGEOUS Falklands dyed roving
  • A ‘fat rolag’
  • Merino and silk mix
  • Merino mix
  • A bookmark
  • Stitch markers
  • A silk brick
  • Some teabags
  • Chocolate sheepy!

It was a fantastic present, and even though I don’t know who you are, thank you! I plan on spinning up the Falkland one when I have a bit of time. I’ve always wanted some roving like that, and the colours are beautiful. I think fractual spinning will suit it perfectly.

Right, that’s me for this evening. I’m off to go have a loooooooong, hot soak in the bath. Shame the bathroom is such a mess as we are in the middle of redecorating it!

Have a great night everyone.

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS ( Only 25 weeks and 5 days until Woolfest! Less than HALF a year!!!) xXx