Well, that’s it for another year. Woolfest has been and gone. I had a great time and I’m sure so did everyone else who went there.

For those who don’t know – Woolfest is an annual event held just outside Cockermouth (don’t laugh!) in Cumbria. I think this is the eleventh year it has been run, but don’t quote me on that. It is held in a giant auction mart and there are so many stalls there, selling all sorts of things, from clothes, to animals, to fibre, to wheels, to tools, to anything woolly you can think of.


I really enjoy seeing the animals here. I now desperately want an angora rabbit, especially an orangy, beige one.


The sheep are a definte bonus too! Here are some Herdwicks, some sheared, some not. (First time I haven’t bought a Herdwick fleece this year, but I have one in the shed ready to be washed).


I think this gorgeous guy is an Exmoor Horn ram. He had a sign on the pen saying ‘I am a lovely boy, but sometimes I can get grumpy, so please don’t put your  hands in the pen!’


My favourite – North Ronaldsay. It’s a fairly coarse fleece but I like it for the history and unusual eating habits of the sheep. They graze on the beaches and eat seaweed. We used to have some when I was little so they make me feel all nostalgic when I use the fleece.


Some photos of inside –

This stall had a lot of X fleeces, including Merino X Shetlands. Quite expensive, so I didn’t buy anything from this stall. It was here when I was looking through a pile of fleece packs that I helped a German lady with understanding the prices here. It was the highlight of my day helping her, in GERMAN. (I love the German language and would LOVE to chat to people in German, but no-one around here speaks it!)


Look at the size of this drum carder!


I was fascinated by this huge loom.


Joe’s Toes – A stall specialising in making slippers out of felt. You could buy the seperate pieces to sew together.




It doesn’t look very busy here, but at some points it was very crowded.


I love the little fat sheep at the bottom of this picture.


So, what did I get?

I think I was maybe a bit more restrained than last year… no… no, I wasn’t. I just spent less at Wingham Wools as I have a massive box filled to the brim full of fibre! I spent a lot less on raw fleece but still seemed to come back with as many huge sacks.


I bought (what I can remember, the fleeces are now in the shed) –

  • North Ronaldsay grey/brown fleece
  • Black badger fleece
  • Shetland X Hebridean fleece
  • Hebridean fleece
  • Soay fleece – (£1!!!!)
  • Jacobs fleece

I think there was another but I can’t recall what it is. I also got loads of bits which you can just about see in the picture.


I’ll explain these soon when I finish this post.

xXx Love Kais xXx


Hello again,

Woolfest is only a day away, I am so excited! Right now it is Wednesday and it is held on the Friday and Saturday. I don’t think I need to tell people who have read this blog before about how excited I get about going to this once-in-a-year-opportunity. My Mum and Dad are coming too, my Mum usually does, but I’ve badgered my Dad into going too, so I’m happy, happy, happy! I don’t get to visit other wool shows (bar the ICHF show in Glasgow, but that is more sewing – something else I adore) so Woolfest is pretty much my once a year buying opportunity for fleece and other related products. I haven’t bought a fleece online in a few years bar an alpaca seconds I got last year. I have been spinning some of it though so at least it is being used. Being seconds it takes a lot of time to prep. It took a while to sort out the decent stuff, then wash it, then sort out the decent stuff once again.

I finally got round to using up my North Ronaldsay wool that I spun up last year. I love this but it infuriated me no end that I had spun it up entirely and not actually done anything with it. My Dad suggested a shawl might be a good idea and I agreed with him. It was too rough and scratchy to go against the skin so a good shawl for poor weather or cold would be great over the shoulders. I decided using the pattern ‘Margarets’ Prayer Shawl’ on Ravelry as a start-off, using a 6mm hook. Instead of changing the last two rows at the end, I simply repeated the same row over and over, using a 3dc stitch per gap.


As you can see, the shawl is pretty tiny. I am going to see if I can buy a nice brown North Ronaldsay fleece to continue it. A nice, two tone shawl in the same fleece breed. I don’t think it will need much blocking as the wool is holding its shape really nicely. But I do need to wash it as the wool is still slightly greasy and a bit itchy.


What a lovely sight!


I had a bit of a spinning binge and managed to spin up quite a few of the batts I had previously prepared. Using the unknown brown fleece I knitted my Dad a thick, warm hat for Winter. I had changed the pattern slightly because I did not like the way the ribbing looked when turned up for the headband. I ribbed as normal, and then when it came to the main part of the hat in st-st, I simply knitted the other way, making the ribbing look ‘right’ when it was turned back up. (Sorry if that makes absolutely no sense at all!).


I also spun up some of the black shearling Hebridean fleece. Why have I not done this before?! It wasn’t very nice to prep, but oh my, what a joy to spin! I got three small skeins of wool and the colour is lustrous. I think the wool would look very nice in a fair-isle type pattern but nothing has caught my eye yet. The Gotland fleece was quite nice to spin too and the different colours were interesting when spun up. I plan on using some of this fleece to make some pin loom squares. I might get some Gotland when I go to Woolfest. (Did I mention I was going to Woolfest?!)

Yes, I quite fancy making another pin loom blanket, this time using natural coloured fleeces, all prepared from raw fleece by me. This will probably be an ongoing project throughout the year, rather than something I sit and work on. I really like the idea of another pin loom blanket. I wonder if I can ask Dad to help me make some more pin loom squares, but a bit bigger. My one is 8”. Maybe a 12” one might be nice.

My brother gave me some interesting sack fleece fabric yesterday when I visited him. (Happy Birthday, Franz! Eldest little brother is 25 now!). I had been thinking for a couple of days how nice it might be to try rug-making. (I can hear my family groaning now – ANOTHER hobby?!) I know a vintage stall at Woolfest sells rug making tools so I’ll have a look and see how much they are. Maybe a nice rug for in front of the TV – as long as A’s cats don’t destroy it.

My list for Woolfest –

North Ronaldsay fleece x 2, hopefully a brown one.

A small, white fleece.

A few interesting coloured fleeces, hopefully a fairly short staple.

Some ‘grab bags’ of fleece from the breeders stalls, maybe some more Hebridean and I would like to try Valais Blacknose. I’ve heard it is really coarse though.

A drop spindle from Spin City. Her spindles are beautiful.

A rug tool or two.

Some wool tops from Wingham Wools.

Silk Hankies from Wingham Wools. (IF they have any! Haven’t had them for a couple of years now).

Cheap magazines.

Alpaca from Wingham Wools.

LOTS of photos! (My Mum is the photographer of the family, she will enjoy doing this!)

Oh, I also designed a tote bag to take to Woolfest. I’m really proud of it. What do you think of it? Finally got around to using those dyed locks!


Sewing the locks onto the penciled drawing.


Backstitching the face of the sheep. I really love the nose. It wasn’t meant to be there, it was a slip of the needle, but it really works!


Have a great day everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hi everyone,

It is now just under five weeks until Woolfest! Sooo excited! I am pretty much only going to buy raw fleece I think, and one extravagent purchase – a new drop spindle. I am hoping to buy one from Spin City. Her spindles are beautiful, pretty, glittery and oh, so many words to use!

I’ve been busy with my fibre again and am happy with what I have done so far. I still have a huge bag of Zwartbles to card and a white Shetland. Maybe if I have a bit of time on the weekend I will try and get it done. A good few hours of carding might build up my arm muscles a bit.

What do you think of this lovely Gotland?


I bought this at Woolfest last year – 500g I think.

It went through the carder twice. Here it is on the first round.


Look how lovely and wavy it is! I opened all the locks out by hand, it took sooooo long! Def. a bit of TV watching whilst that went on. I got five batts out of this fleece.


This is fluffed up lamb Hebridean. I got a small 200g bag from Woolfest last year too. I’ve always been a bit wary of Hebridean but this one was lovely when washed. Unfortunately I got rid of about half of it whilst prepping it due to second cuts, etc. But I have got three batts out of it.



This is the unknown brown fleece that I found tucked under the stairs. It felt VERY dry but carded up really well. I got three batts from this. I’m REALLY looking forward to spinning this one.


Alpaca! Even with the amount I washed I still have been getting rid of about half of what I take out of the bag. In future, I will not cheap out and buy seconds alpaca. As you can see I have made some rolags out of it. I filled the box and when spun it gave me a heavy, packed bobbin on my Bliss. So, I imagine another box will give me a full bobbin again and I can get perhaps two decent skeins out of it. Even with the washing there is so much dirt coming off it! My hands are left black at the end of it, haha. My blending board has been getting some decent use out of it lately.


This picture makes me very happy! I fancy taking some decent photos outside though, this picture is a bit blurry. I imagine this will be a lot bigger when I have carded the rest of the fleeces.

I also fancied doing some more dyeing. I used kool-aid again and used the white Shetland as soon as I finished washing it. I didn’t wait for it to dry, just put it straight in. I also left it all curled up instead of carding it, as I want the fleece to get a mix of colours, not just one solid colour.


I pushed as much fleece into each bowl as possible. Each bowl got several minutes in the microwave, the dark dyes getting longer. The red ones were nearly impossible to get the water to run clear. When I spin it, I will have to give the red skeins an extra rinse. I didn’t rinse these in the washing machine, but left them to dry outside. I loved the colours the pink lemonade dye gave.


My little work station at the side of the kitchen. My lovely dried, dyed fluff. Each colour made a decent sized batt.


They were very easy to card. I decided to use a diz for the first time on my carder and made roving properly. I was so impressed with how easy and effective this is! Why have I not done this before?!


Most of them I managed to get done with just one ball of roving.


I spun up the pink one in the photo. Small skein, but sweet.


Lots and lots of fleece! I still can hardly believe that this was from a manky Shetland fleece!


I got this little machine at a charity shop in Ayr. It looks complete. It is a Simple Frame Knitter, made in the early eighties. It looks brand new! I can’t wait to try it out properly, but I’ve left it at A’s for now. I had too much luggage to carry back this time.

I’ve also done a bit more on my CAL. I have sooo much to catch up on!


Well, the next bit of this post is a bit sad. My lovely Martha died a few weeks ago. She was getting on a bit and not really eating a lot. (Except cucumber, she LOVED it). She had plenty of cuddles towards the end and died in her sleep. I miss her a lot and it’s not the same seeing five chickens when there should be six. Love you, Martha. ❤ This is one of my favourite photos of her. Beautiful girl.


This post is dedicated to my wonderful dog, Ben. On the 11th May this year, it was six years since he has been gone. There is not a day going by where I don’t feel like something is missing from my life. He was a wonderful companion and friend. He was taken far too soon and if he were alive today he would still have many more years to go. I miss you so much, Ben. I hope you are happy with your best friend, Bo, who was also taken almost exactly two years after you. I love you and miss you loads too, Bo. Words can’t really describe how much I want to see and cuddle them again. Maybe one day I will. ❤


Ben – 2004 – 11.5.2010


Bo – 2003 – July 2012

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello everyone, I hope the weekend is going well.

Been really windy here today with rain coming down hard at times. Then hot sun! It’s been a big mix of weather today! I have had a lovely, lazy day and feel quite relaxed. It’s been lovely having a day where I’ve not had to go out or do anything.

Let’s have a look at what has been covered this week then.


I started making a little crochet cardigan I had seen on Ravelry.

Baby Girl Cardigan

I followed most of the pattern but changed it a little to suit what I was doing. Instead of adding sleeves I did some mini ones to just cover the shoulders and the tops of the arms. The pattern wasn’t greatly written for the turning at each end of the shell pattern but I think it was written for people who understood how to crochet fairly well.


This is the top before all the ends were woven in. I thought that it needed a little something extra…


I’m really pleased with it – very dainty and girly. I added an SC border all around the edges.

Then I thought it needed another something extra…


A small hat to match! I’ve been looking at booties to match for ages but nothing has caught my eye so far. I tried it on Baby Doll.


The photo on the doll doesn’t show it up how nicely it actually looks. I’m really pleased with this. I wonder if I can make it in a bigger size? It seems to be a basic shoulder down pattern. I might try it.


I also got out the big box of stuff that has never had the ends sewn in, buttons not sewn on, things not sewn up, etc. I managed to get several cardigans with buttons added on, lots of ends sewn in and an entire hat and booties sewn up!


They are too big for Baby Doll but you get the idea. I love the Aviatrix hat and plan on making another one soon, I have lots of colours I can do it in.

I ordered these amazing labels from an eBay company ‘label-on.’ They were very quick in delivery and the labels are perfect!


The labels had everything I asked for and look and feel like the labels you will get in your clothes. Perfect. I wanted them to go in all of the baby clothes I had made, just to give them a more professional finish. And I loved the idea of ‘Made By Mummy xXx’ being in my babys clothes! (Not that I am having a baby yet, but when I do!)


I really am impressed with how they look. 🙂 I managed to get only five done today but I have been busy doing different things. I plan on doing some more tomorrow.

I have finally gotten round to blocking some of the pin loom squares I have piling up. I counted them and I have 28 so far! I have some skeins of wool lying around for this purpose, so there should be another few to add soon. I haven’t got any blocking boards so thought I would improvise with some thick cardboard and some towels underneath. I measure out 7″ squares and pinned them out. I only got nine done and nearly two small boxes of pins used! Some of the squares needed serious pinning out. My index finger on my right hand is soooo sore from pushing all those tiny pin heads in!


A before and after picture. You can see how crumpled some of the squares were.


So many pins!


I love how uniform they all look now. I am looking forward to putting them together to make a blanket. I would like to make a natural fleece blanket once I have finished my dyed and handspun coloured one. The yellow in the middle of the three on the left is my first hand spun yarn. I knew I would be able to use it for something one day. 🙂 I really like it and it reminds me of how far I have come. The pink one in the middle on the right is also some of my first handspun yarn. Those squares do make me smile and give me such lovely memories 🙂

I must go now. I need my sleep! I have some reports for school to write tomorrow as well as attending my mothers work to help out with one of their events. I also need to keep calm about my P3 school assembly! The children and I have been practicing like crazy and they have been doing so, so well. I am very proud of them all.

I hope everyone has a lovely week!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello again everyone. Just had a nice, relaxing time at A’s for the weekend. Being as it was Valentines day we obviously wanted to spend the time together. I got him a teddy, some aftershave, some sweets and a big card. He got me one of the box cards, a big teddy in a box and he treated me to a nice lunch in an Italian restaurant called ‘Romas’, in Clydebank. I had the chicken and cauliflower soup for starters (Mmmmm!) with the carbonara pasta for the main. I was stuffed! He had the tomato and onion bruschetta and chicken with peppercorn sauce for main. Looked very good. We must have finished about 3pm, but I was so full we didn’t eat anything else all night.

We must have had a movie weekend without even really realising it. We watched the following films –

  • Superman: Man of Steel
  • Dead Silence
  • Silent Hill: Revelation
  • Halloween Resurrection
  • Messenger 2 : The Scarecrow
  • Shanghai Noon
  • Shanghai Nights
  • Tall Man
  • Apartment 143
  • Seed of Chucky
  • Blackadder: A Christmas Carol

Now I have written them down that really is an awful lot! As you can see we like our horror films. :p

On the train down I managed to get quite a bit of my other blue cardigan done and on the way home I finished it. That included sewing in the ends and adding ribbon.


It’s pretty small, so it’s definitely a newborn size. Might try it out on the baby doll later on. I made a start on the hat too. I’m not too sure the pattern will look like it matches the cardigan, so might add some shell stitches around the edge.


I might do some more of this in bed tonight, I’m not too sure. I washed some fleece the other night and it’s been left to dry in the house. It smells a bit bad because of lying in water, so I think once it is dry it needs hung outside in a laundry bag and given a good airing! This is Dorset Down Ewe fleece I think.


Got Freddy there doing quality control!

I bought some new shoes on the weekend. I know I said that I wouldn’t mention shoes on this blog anymore but meh! These are gorgeous. Not what I would usually go for, but I needed some more heels that would be perfect for school. These caught my eye at the very last second before I walked out of the shop. What do you think?


I’ve had a few purchases over the week. I managed to get a photo of the books I mentioned on my previous blog post.


Again, AWESOME books!

I was given some kool-aid by a very generous member of Ravelry. I got 42 odd packets. Look at the lovely bright colours here!


I had a go at drinking one of the lemon and lime ones. I couldn’t believe the amount of sugar that you had to put into the drinks to make it drinkable. I think I only put in half of the sugar. It tasted… ok, but not something I would drink a lot of. I expected the sugar to drop to the bottom and stay there, but nope, it completely mixed in with the drink. Made me feel quite queasy the amount of sugar it contained. So, yep, now I’ve tried it, that’s that over with, haha. Tescos had a new American section, and I’m still hoping very much so that they start stocking kool-aid. I’ll buy it for dyeing, but not for drinking, urgh :p It’s a real shame the UK don’t have anything like this. Only packets similar to this we sell are for mini hot chocolate drinks.

Ooh, I bought some crochet hooks! These arrived on Friday, but since we weren’t in, the postman took them to the Royal Mail delivery depot and they were picked up the next day. I ordered five packets of crochet hooks at 12 per pack. Gorgeous colours!


I plan on making a display at the Kendal Woolgathering using these hooks. I will stick them in some small metal buckets and crochet flowers to go onto the hooks (using the size hook will make different sizes of flowers) which will make them look like a small flower garden 😀 It sounds good in my head, we shall see how it looks in real life! I also ordered some crochet hooks in nice cases, but these are from China so will take about a month to arrive.

Got an amazing picture of Freddy and Alfie only a couple of hours ago. This does NOT happen often so I grabbed the camera as quick as possible!


How cute is this?!

Here is Alfie looking all innocent and ‘I-won’t-bite-you-honest-I-won’t-I-just-want-to-eat-your-fingers’ expression on his face.


He is starting to get a little chunkier and filled out which makes him look so gorgeous and puppyish!

Here is a favourite photo of mine of me and my sweetheart. I love you so much Freddy.


Words can’t express the love I have for my dog. Freddy is my world, my life, my heart. I’d do anything for him.

I’d better go now, we are going to snuggle up and watch some ‘American Dad.’ Maybe do a little bit of crochet. Have a great night everybody!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Hello again everyone. 

Been such a busy couple of weeks, I feel I’ve had hardly any time to myself whatsoever. I’ve worked loads of extra time at the school lately since one of the teachers is off with laryngitis. Hope she feels better soon, I’m exhausted! Haha. Lots of busy time planning and sorting out things, and because it is December very soon, lots of Christmas plans to make! Urgh, I haven’t even had the time to think about what Christmas presents I’d like to get for other people. I won’t even start until next month. 

So, what has been happening lately craft wise? 

I was helping out in the charity shop again last week, and when I walked in, what did I see? 


Oh yes, mine immediately! I was very good however, and only picked them up once I had finished all my school work. There are some good patterns in there, and some I know my Nanny will LOVE. Even a few Alan Dart patterns in there – score! 

I get a little bored sometimes in the shop when it is quiet, so the last few times I have been there I brought my knitting along with me. I started this a few nights ago, using one of the massive Aran balls of wool blend that I had been given. 


It is the ‘Falling Leaves Baby Blanket’ that I found on Ravelry. The designer has used cotton yarn which gives great stitch definition, but I thought wool would be nice, warm, and snuggly. 


It is (the one I’m doing) 100 stitches per row, with a seed stitch border. Normally I hate seed stitch, but it’s working out perfectly fine. I’m worried about it being a little small, but I could always block it to see what it’s like after, and perhaps a nice, little crochet edging. Someone left a comment on the page about doing perhaps six rows of seed stitch to begin and end as it will match the sides better. As I knit on and look at the blanket, I can def. see why they would say that. Good idea. 

I’m using my gorgeous brand new needles for this blanket! I’m still so excited about these needles, they are beautiful. Someone one Ravelry was selling a case of Boyes circular needles in coloured aluminium. You know, the kinds with the detachable cables? I saw it, and just KNEW I had to have it. I messaged the seller immediately and within ten minutes – mine! 


I’m using the 6mm ones at the moment for this lap blanket, the red ones at the bottom left. The cables get loose from the needles occasionally, but not enough to come off. Quick tighten and voila! They are so soft and smooth and I adore them. I love the fact that there are little end caps too (the little pink things in the top middle) that I can screw onto the ends of the cables, so I can use the needles later, or if I want to put them away. Beautiful. I wonder now if I can get dpns in the same mixed colours. Then I will have a case of circulars, a case of crochet hooks, and then some dpns. I’m using my circulars as straights too. 

What else? I started spinning some ‘aubergine’ coloured alpaca the other night and finished it a few hours ago. 


100g of DK dyed alpaca. I got out some more of my own hand dyed stuff from under the stairs and quickly spun up some of that too. 


50g of Cheviot, hand dyed – Lucky Dip! This turned into… 


Slightly thinner than DK. When people say that their fibre decides what kind of thickness it wants to be spun, I used to think, oh, how silly. Now I know that it does happen, it does decide for itself sometimes! 

I am desperate to start dyeing up some of these silk hankies. I have plenty of oranges and reds to dye it with. Not sure if I want to dye them in full lots, or mix the colours up. I have about 100gish of hankies to dye. I might just dye them altogether. 


A few great photos to finish this post off… 

On a cold day, we made some porridge for the chickens. Didn’t they enjoy it! 


We also made some for Freddy. He hasn’t been quite right these past few days 😦 He started coughing the other night, and we thought it was because his collar had been pulled a little too hard once he was out on a walk. At night time he woke up three or four times just coughing, which is heart breaking to hear. He was very coughy through out the day too, but last night he was fine. And he hasn’t coughed again since I’ve been back. But the coughing was very loud, like he was choking almost, and sounded like a ‘honking.’ He wasn’t sick on any of the coughs which is good. We were going to take to him to the vets if the coughing continues but he seems right back to his beautiful, bouncy, adorable, energetic self. He is lying next to me right now, snoozing away, which I adore. 


Right, I’d better go now, I’m so tired. It’s only twenty to nine, but feels sooooo much later! Might watch some TV shows with a cup of tea and the blanket. School tomorrow, so early night too. 

Nighty night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


Hello everyone. 

What’s been happening in my little world then? Well, I’ve just been trying to keep as busy as possible these past few days. It’s been hard, super hard, but I’m trying my best. 

I managed to clean up my room as best as I could, heck, I even hoovered! Haha, you can tell I’m a fiberholic, my room looks like the floor of a shearing shed! Anyway, I tidied up the best I could and I’m loving the neatness. Contrary to what most people see, I do like a nice, neat tidy room. I will have to put some photos up of my fiber/yarn/wooly stuff stash areas. 

Whilst I was tidying up the cupboards I found a piece of clothing; one of the first items of clothing I ever made for myself. I tried it on, and it fitted quite well. A little stretched, but then again, I have put on a little (!) weight since I made it a few years ago. 


It sort of rolls up at the bottom which is super annoying. I have use a rib stitched edging, but obviously not enough. Ah well, it was my first attempt so I’m still happy with it. The one thing I did notice was that was my first time also of making stitches to make the edging on the arm and neck holes. I didn’t add them properly, but sort of stuck my needle under any bit of wool I could get it under, and knitted them off somehow. Of course, I know better now…


I bought the first wool in agges the other day. The local yarn shop was having a small sale and I picked up each ball of wool for £2 eac. I ADORE the colours. 


I really fancy making some cute baby cardigans with them, I think something with a lacy pattern would bring out the colours beautifully. 

I’ve also done some spinning on my gorgeous Bliss.


EmpressFibres hand dyed roving (Kool-Aid) in ‘Juicy Fruits.’ ( 😀 ) 50g. This was turned into… 


Again, this is me trying out fractual spinning.  The long strands are where it has been tied up, and are not part of the finished wool. 

I also had a go at spinning this – 


I called it Pretty Princess, because of the pinks and purples in it, but looking at this picture I should have named it ‘bruise!’ I don’t have a picture of it finished at the moment, but will try and add it later. 

I’d like to process some more of my own fleece and dye it with some more kool-aid. That way I could spin a lot, lot more than just 50g at a time. I mean, I have plenty of plain roving, and I could dye it with the kool-aid, but how awesome would it be if I did my own fleece, from scratch?? 😀 You never know though, I have plenty of kool-aid left over, that could be my fun thing to do tomorrow. 

Yesterday I had a go at making rolags. I have been desperate to do these for ages, and decided to have a go using the Louet Carders that I now own. I found out some of my coloured merino and had a go. 


The lighter fibres next to the carder, near the top right are dyed rovings by me. Not sure what type of roving though. The blue was dyed with Dylon, and the two pink shades are with food colouring. I started off by tearing strips off and putting them onto the carder. I then brushed down the fibre to pack it onto the brushes. 


I did this for a few more layers, and then, using the paintbrush, I rolled them off into a neat cylinder. The first rolag I did wasn’t as neat as I would have liked, but the second one was great. I then did a blue one, and it was… ok. 


I tried spinning with the first rolag, and … yeah… it’s not something I plan on doing again soon. They look great fun, and so pretty, but spinning them isn’t as fun as I thought. It’s probably because I’m more used to spinning the fibers all aligned the same way, but with rolags they are sort of the opposite way – quite a challenge for me! 

Yesterday I found some fat quarters in my cupboard also. Some really, really pretty squares of material I had forgotten I had. I measured one out, and thought about making a knitting needle cover for my bamboo double pointed needles. I am pretty sure I thought about making this at the start of the year (see very much earlier blog posts!) but nothing had been done about it. So, I thought, why not? 



I’ve managed to sew some bias binding onto it – well, some of it. It’s slow going because I’m doing it all by hand. I have got a sewing machine, but I find it a hassle to get it all out and set it up. Ah well, we shall see. I might get it out when I get fed up with sewing by hand. 

Talking of sewing, I’ve found out that I want to start learning to sew properly. It started with working on the needle case, and then looking at some beautiful quilts people have been making. Mum and I went to HobbyCraft today and I found some material there, for an advent calendar. It was £8, but reduced to £6 as the material was apparently cut incorrectly. I had a good look at it and it didn’t seem too bad. I think the material was just trimmed a little too close to the edges of the calendar, but Mum and I thought we could just put some bias binding or something over it to keep it holding together and looking nice. 

What do you think? 


The left side is the calendar and the right side are the pieces that need to be sewn up to make some cute little pockets! I think this would look awesome in time for Christmas – there’s another challenge for me to complete! 

I also bought something else I had been wanting to try for ages – a mini mosaic coaster kit! This cost £2.99 and I thought it was so cute!


It had everything needed inside. 


I thought that it would be more child friendly actually, and have the actual sized pieces for the shaping, but no! All it had were the mini squares so I had to work out how to cut them down. In the end I used a glass nail file and some sharp scissors. There were plenty of squares left over, but not enough to make the same thing again though. 


It worked up slowly, bit by bit. 


Until I was finished! 


It looks a bit of a mess, but I’m pleased with it, and it shall do very well for my cup of tea I inevitably have by my side. I had a tiny packet of grout to go with it, but I’m afraid I mixed it up too watery. The grout just did not thicken up 😦 Ah well. I put it on anyway, wiped it with a cloth, and it’s currently drying. 


It looks really bubbly 😦 I hope it works out! 

Right, I’m off now – got this to look forward to! Mum’s meringue pie – MMMMMMMMMMMMM! 


Have a great night everyone! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Post 2 – continued due to photos not uploading on other post!

I read a little e-book today about spinning silk. Well, I skim read it, and decided to have a go. Last time I spun silk it was so thin, it was just not enjoyable. And it was plain white. A while ago, I dyed some of my silk hankies and thought that these would be nice to try tonight. I tried to spin them as fairly thin singles, to play into a dk weight.

First of all, I checked out what colour of hanky I would like to try…


I decided on the ones in the middle, the darkish ones. I split these up into the thinnest hankies I could.


You should be able to see right through them. (I dyed these with kool-aid too, if anyone is wondering). They looked super dark together, but when they are split up, they become paler. You then take one hanky, and tear a hole in the middle. You then pull this hole wider, until you reach the edges of the hanky. Then you pull it a bit more, until it is as thin as you want to spin it, just like drafting wool. You can then pull the hanky apart, so you have one long, continuous piece of roving. (Warning, if you have even the slightest bit of dry skin on your hands, or a pulled bit of you nail, the silk WILL catch onto it – guaranteed!)


I really like how the colours thin themselves out, but merge so beautifully together. This produced a really gorgeous candy cane striped yarn. Once you have predrafted it, attach it to the spindle, just as you would with any normal wool.


Then happy spinning!



I love the effect of the colours twisting together.


One full spindle. I then Andean plyed it quickly, and skeined it up using my board.



Voila! Sorry about the horrible photo quality, but I just do not seem to be able to take nice photos using lamp light. I will try and get a better one tomorrow. But I can tell you that it is soft, squishy and sooo smooth! I just love the colours. This photo doesn’t give it justice.

Anyway, I might go try out some more silk spinning before I go to bed.

Night night all,

xXx Love Kais xXx