Hello everyone.

Well, it feels a bit weird lately. I’m on school holidays at the moment (two weeks off!) and I’m feeling a bit bleurgh. What to do with myself? I have lessons that need planning, certainly, but I’m not quite in the mood to dive headfirst into that pile just yet.

It’s taken up so much of my time to get stuff made for Kendal and my stall that I feel like I’ve nothing much to do. In the past three days I have done some more knitting though, which I have certainly missed doing! I sort of felt that I needed to spend every bit of my time doing stuff for Kendal, so doing stuff I wanted to do made me feel a bit better.

I went to A’s on Tuesday, which meant a two hour train journey. What to make?!

I grabbed five balls of wool from the wool cupboard. All were real wool, but I can’t quite remember what they are. When I went to Annan to catch the train, I had a couple of hours to wait. (I always go in in the morning with my parents and then wait until 11.34 for the train). I decided to go hunt for some buttons for my spinning and this wool.

The shop keeper is very nice, very chatty and we had a good chat whilst checking out the buttons on offer. There wasn’t a massive selection, but the ones I did get I was happy with. I choose some metal ones to go with the reddish brown type of wool, some pastel shiny buttons for the other ball and some purple ones for the other.

When on the train I decided to use my crochet skills and quickly made up some purple mitts. These had a crocheted cuff and a knitted body, with a top of crocheted edging. I wanted them to fit snugly around my hand, as I dislike things that flap around.


I enjoyed this as it was a quick make up. Four children (three boys and a girl) sat at the table in front of mine on the train and it was quite a weird feeling when I looked up and all four of them had their heads to the gap in the seats, watching me! They didn’t even blink when I looked up at them. I held up the mitten and one little boy asked, ‘Is it a sock?’ But he didn’t pronounce it ‘sock’ but ‘soak.’ (Glaswegian accents for you!) I showed them how it worked as a mitten, and they must have been mystified as I heard one of them mutter, ‘How does she get the hole for the thumb??’ It gave me a giggle.

Anyway, I met up with A, and we went to Clydebank to get some stuff for dinner, etc, and then got a taxi back to his. I feel so utterly lazy when getting a taxi!

We didn’t do too much those couple of days really. We went to Geek Retreat in Glasgow, right by Central Station. It was ok I think. I sat and knitted and we had a cup of tea and met up with my brother, F. I just didn’t understand how it took sooo long to make a cup of tea and a milkshake. No matter. It was quite expensive though, and I’d rather go to a normal cafe next time. A loved it though. Went straight to the Batman comics and didn’t take his nose out of it until time to leave! I drew him this tattoo later on… I can’t think WHY he wasn’t amused by it…


I started knitting a little cardigan whilst I was at his. It is a baby one, using a pattern I have used twice before. (I ADORE this cardigan!) Here is the pattern in case you are interested.


I used two 50g balls of wool for this, and 5.5mm needles. I had very little wool left over at the end.


It is so warm and squishy! I haven’t blocked it or anything. It’s folded up on my shelf, ready for when I have kids! The buttons are real metal ones, and are sort of… well, I don’t know how to describe it. Iron age, viking type metal pattern. (Ok, I know they are not the same times, but you know what I mean!)


I think they go pretty well with the wool. I’ve realised lately how much I enjoy working with real wool. I’ve been so used to acrylic it’s such a nice change to feel real wool when I work. Cotton is good too, but I think I may try buying some more wool in future, to treat myself now and again. I’ve been using what’s in the stash lately, and it is shrinking! I’m not sure what to knit next, I might just knit another cardigan!

I’ve also had a bit of spinning time too. I grabbed a few of my hand dyed wool rovings and spun them. Why not? I’m thrilled with the colours. What do you think?


The second from the left is red and green mixed, which I called ‘Rosy Apples.’ I spun this on my drop spindle, half at my Dad’s shop, the other half at A’s. I then plyed it together at home, and this is what resulted. Lovely and squishy. The middle one is ‘Fiery Glow.’ I adore the mix of colours in it, and it does make me feel warm just looking at it. The next one is ‘Halloween.’ A mix of purples, oranges and greens. They are all 50g’s each. Not sure what I plan on doing with them though. Each is about a DK weight, perhaps slightly thicker.

The one on the right is a memento of what people had spun at Kendal Woolgathering. People were allowed to go on the spinning wheel, and this is a result of what they and I had spun. I thought it would make a lovely skein (not to make anything with) to have a different way of preserving the memories of my first craft fair.

The one on the left is the first spinning attempt of using my own hand made batts, using my own hand prepared fleece. This is Shetland cross and is soooooooooo soft! I’m unsure of what to make here too! Sometime, some pattern will pop out and the wool will just match beautifully. Maybe I could make some squares with it to make my own, completely from scratch, blanket. We shall see.

Anyway, I think I must go now. A cup of tea calls. I have cleaned out the chickens, chinchillas and tidied the kitchen. I think I must get back to my blanket CAL sometime soon. Perhaps that will be what I can do now. I hope to get it finished by Christmas anyway. I think that will be wonderful on the bed.

Have a great day everyone. And please, do comment. I do enjoy hearing what other people have to say. 🙂

xXx Love Kais xXx