Hello everyone.

Been quite a busy day today. I managed to finally sort out the rest of the stock in my room, and managed to get rid of loads of boxes. I’ve got all the stock in three boxes, and it is now under the stairs. Yay – more room in my room!

I’ve cleaned out my hamsters today, and was a bit concerned when I could only find one of three at first! I uncovered the fluff at the bottom and Patsy popped out, and on the bottom was poor Saffy. I don’t know what has happened to her. She seems to have lost weight so suddenly and was just lying there. I’ve given her some water, a bit of bread and some biscuits and put her in a box on her own. I hope she recovers, but looking at her, I just don’t think she will, poor thing. 😦 She is such a sweet little lady.

Umm, well, what else have I done today? I finished watching the last few episodes of ‘Wentworth,’ and bit back any retorts about how dissimilar it is to the actual Prisoner Cell Block:H. It wasn’t too bad really, and I think it was a great ending.

I completed a few more rows on the blanket today. It will one day go on mine and A’s bed. 🙂


I also had a very quick go at making a baby blanket made with star stitch. I found some chunky acrylic in my cupboard, and my largest crochet hook (6.5mm) and got going. I think it was something like 50 chain to start, then hdc across row, next row Star Stitch, next row hdc, and so on. It looks quite nice I think, but I just know I’m going to run out of yarn real soon. I think I should perhaps do it in chunky stripes.


I also knitted a little wash cloth using some dk white cotton I also found in the magical wool cupboard! It’s only small, and it has a pattern of some baby feet, with some bobbles for toes! Soo cute! If anyone wants the pattern I’ll put the link up later 🙂

ETA link!



Right, no more photos seem to be uploading which is annoying! Let me publish this and see if I can edit it somehow. If not, check another post about my adventures with silk hankies this evening.

Have a great evening.

xXx Love Kais xXx