Ok, so… what’s been happening?! 

As you saw from my last post I had rather a disastrous time with our chicken coop. We eventually got a replacement which was supposed to be here on Monday. HA! We waited and waited and waited and I eventually rang them back up only to be told, ‘Sorry, the courier has gone into hospital, you will have to wait until tomorrow.’ Yeah, right. How do I know that is false? Because the next day the courier told me that he had delivered OUR chicken coop to the wrong house because the stupid shop had put the wrong address on it by 3 numbers, delivering it to the house opposite. So, therefore, he HAD been here on Monday, but rather than state that there had been a problem, they decided to lie about it. Real big guys, huh? 

Anyway, we got it all creosoted and built up, which did take a while. Sadly the wood was so cheap in parts that we could push the screws into the wood. The seller did not get good feedback on eBay. They also stated that the recommended that there could be four large birds in the house. No, uh uh, no way. Three SMALL was all we could get in at the most! We only got three anyway, which was fortunate! 

But the exciting moment, after buying all the bits and pieces we needed, was getting them! My parents had gone away for the weekend as they were taking my Nanny back home. She had been here for a week which was lovely. She lives near Worcester, so a bit of a trek! Me and A had tidied the house and garden, and got all the stuff ready for the chickens, so they could go straight inside. 

About half past eleven am, there was a sort of landrover/trailer car pulling into the drive way. The girl got out (26, I think she was. I admire her so much for what she does. Check out homes4hens) and went to the back to get out our three girls. She put them in a cat carry cage and brought them to the back garden for us, and quickly put them into the sleeping part of the coop. She was very friendly and told us that one of the chickens had been with her for a month and would be telling the others what to do pretty soon. She wasn’t wrong! We named our beautiful girls Donna, Rose and Sarah-Jane. Already, they have such distinct personalities. I fell in love with them instantly. 


This beautiful girl is Donna. She is big and brash and knows what she wants! She has all her feathers and seems a very happy madam! She seems to have no fear and is very cheeky. She likes jumping onto high places, e.g. the coop roof! She loves eating the flowers in our yard/garden area, so I have had to move them all before she destroys them. She doesn’t care that our gorgeous dog Freddy wanders in and our, and has even wandered underneath him! She also likes the blue paddling pool we have in the middle, but she hasn’t quite got into it yet! 


This is Sarah-Jane. She is darker in colour and actually has a black tail, which is quite unusual! As we have just found out only half an hour ago, once she gets into a dirt bath you cannot get her out! She loves them. The next photo isn’t so nice… this is what her back looks like. Terrible huh? Her front is the same, but that is covered slightly by the larger feathers. We have to put suncream on her so she doesn’t burn in the sun. 



The next beautiful girl is Rose. She is in a sorry sight, but rest assured she seems very happy and fairly confident. She doesn’t like being held which is normal, but she does love wandering around the yard and lying down every so often with her wings out so she can sun herself. She is missing feathers all down her front, all down her bum area, her tail looks a dreadful sight, and her wings are very poor indeed. 



She doesn’t look as bad in that photo as she does when she is out and about. However, she seems happy and healthy otherwise and I’m very pleased. I adore all of my beautiful girls and they seem to love being here. 

We were very worried about how Freddy would react to them but he was just perfect! At first we kept him in the house, but as that was so unfair, we let him stay in the other bit of the garden where he could still see us, and then as he escaped from that bit and came straight to us without bothering the hens, we realised that he was actually very good with them. He follows them around and sniffs them a bit, but is just curious. The hens don’t seem to be bothered by him, but will give him a dirty look if he comes too close! Only one has seemed to peck at him, but they missed so it was fine, haha. So, I am so very happy that I can sit in the garden with my gorgeous birds and my beautiful dog and family and just be content. 

Just a word to say about battery hens – I’m not going to be horrible and say exactly what happens to them, but if you knew, perhaps you would think differently about buying caged hens eggs. Look at my girls, this is what has happened to them. I dread to think about the life they had before they met us. It’s sickening. (Donna looks so good because she had been rescued four weeks prior so she has grown her feathers back. Rose and Sarah-Jane had very recently been rescued – only a few days before I think). I so admire the husband and wife team that save the chickens as they do such an amazing thing, practically giving up their lives to save others. If you can do a small thing, please don’t buy caged hens eggs. One day in hell for one egg. Is it worth it? If you can do a bit more, please think about rehoming them. I have had my girls for three days and already I’m in love. They haven’t given me eggs, but I don’t care. Chickens are intelligent, funny and confident creatures and I feel fortunate that I am able to give them the home they deserve. 


What do you think? Don’t they look happy? The coop does look lovely, but unfortunately, it’s not quite solid or decent wood. It should do very well in Summer, but we shall see what Winter brings. 

I’m off to make some more spindles as I’ve had a pretty good reaction to selling them! I’ll post some more later about my work, e.g. knitting, crochet, spinning, spindles, etc! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

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