I had something wonderful happen on Monday 21st March. I got some more chickens! As some of you know, I have three beautiful rescue hens. They were rescued by an organisation called ‘Homes4Hens’ and they rescue battery chickens every few months. The main chickens they rehome are Isa Browns and Columbian Blacktails. All of mine, bar one, have been Isa Browns.

As a result of research online and looking after my girls I’ve come to the conclusion that I am always going to rehome chickens that have been rescued and to try my hardest to never buy eggs in the supermarket again.

Here are my three newest ladies. Aren’t they gorgeous??


Germaine is on the right. Her feathers look like they have been bitten or pecked at the ends, either by herself or by other chickens. She is very white and fluffy! She is also very nervous even after being with us for over a week now. It is hard to get her to come close to me but she is getting better.

Aretha is on the front left and I think she has the best feathers out of the three. She lets me stroke her and pick her up now and is one of the first to come running when it is treat time! She also chats away to you which is lovely.

Yoko is just behind Aretha and she is very nervous and shy. It is a real struggle to get near her or to even just stroke her. She is quite small with dark feathers, and VERY fast! She particularly does not like going in at night so it always ends with a chase at night!

In fact, I end up trying to shepherd them all in at night time as they just don’t go in yet. My other three do though, they know exactly what to do.

This is their new home, what do you think??

chicken house

This picture is from eBay, but it is exactly the same house. It is actually pretty big with plenty of room for them all. The perches are quite high up but they much prefer to sleep on the floor or in their nestboxes at the moment. My other girls go in and out for a nosy but they still go straight to their own beds at night. I would love to have a whole row of these in different colours.


And here is my beautiful brood altogether. This was within the first few minutes of them meeting each other. It is quite easy to tell (I think) which ones were already there and the new ones. They are getting on better now but there are still quite a few nips and squabbles. Hopefully they will settle down and learn to share.

I absolutely love it when I go down to the bottom of the garden (where they all free-range) and they spot me and all come running down, squawking and hoping I’ve bought food with me!

Have chickens, it’s the best thing ever!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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